The Rapid Expansion of the AI Movement

In the Wes Penre Papers I gave some predictions of what is going to happen in the near future concerning the Machine Kingdom, i.e. the new world of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Unfortunately, a majority of these predictions have already been fulfilled since I finished the papers in April-May of 2015, and there are now open discussions about Artificial Intelligence all over the media. The Controllers want us to get used to the idea that AI is the new reality for mankind. In the Wes Penre Papers, I wrote that in the very near future, people will have sex with robots instead of having sex with human partners because with robots people can drop the responsibility part that goes with having sex with a human. Robots have no demands or feelings. I wrote that people will even marry their robots (more about that later in this book). Little did I know at the time that I was writing about something that would be discussed in the open just a few months later.

The last part of 2015 was the time when a wide exposure of the Artificial Intelligence agenda was being made in the media. The idea was to prepare people for what is to come. In the first few chapters of this book we will put Dr. Raymond Kurzweil under scrutiny. He has been a spokesman for Artificial Intelligence since he was a teenager, and he is now in his sixties; he has held innumerable lectures, possibly been giving just as many interviews and written a number of books on the subject. He is overtly discussing all the details about the plans for a united humanity in what he calls the Singularity. His most detailed and bestselling book is his latest, The Singularity is Near, which was released in 2005. In one of his video presentations he says, and I quote him directly from one of his video monologues;

The term, Singularity, is a metaphor borrowed from physics. Physics dictates that in a [sic] the gravity of a black hole, which also increases exponentially as it is approached, there is a threshold distance away from the center, the Event Horizon, past which nothing can return.
[“Ray Kurzweil: The Coming Singularity” - scroll down to the video].

As if this doesn’t sound eerie enough, he further says that the goal of Artificial Intelligence is the Singularity, and he expands on this term by saying that it means in layman’s term that, by 2045, we will have cloned the human brain into its smallest details. [Ibid] This brain template will then be used as an artificial computer system that will connect all other human brains on this planet (including yours and mine, if he gets his way). From there, we will all be as one mind in many bodies. Which, by the way, will become part machine and part biological, centrally controlled from this Super Brain. Kurzweil is quick to add that we all will have our own personality intact, but we will also be telepathically connected in this global, electronic network.

After that (and this will be stunning for the readers of the Wes Penre Papers, as it is mentioned there over and over), the intention is to let this new cyborg hybrid race travel out in space. Although Kurzweil says that he does not believe that there are any aliens out there, he for some reason uses the word 'conquer' in this context. He says that the new human hybrids will go out and 'conquer space.' Note that in his circles, the choice of words is crucial and it’s very rare that mistakes are made by these levels of Insiders. The word conquer is most certainly consciously chosen in order to hide the real agenda in plain sight. The cyborg human conquering space is exactly what I wrote about in the Wes Penre Papers.

Those who don’t want to mentally face this subject may call it 'impossible,' or they will call it 'science-fiction,' although it’s evidently anything but. Some might even say that this is Kurzweil’s delusional agenda which has nothing to do with the real world. This is incorrect. Kurzweil is, as mentioned above, only one spokesman of many on this subject (as we will see). Moreover, mainstream media, in all their different formats, are all over this right now and the topic is being openly discussed; we can even see it happening around us. Kurzweil writes in The Singularity is Near that they can’t do this without our consent, so they need to inform us about both the advantages and disadvantages (which he admits exist) for humanity to make an informed decision. Hence, he welcomes an open discussion on the subject. This, however, is a contradiction to what is actually being played out. Kurzweil is playing the role of a scientist of great integrity, who only wants to inform us so we can make a balanced decision, but in the next breath he boasts about how quickly this whole scientific movement is progressing. Why do they let the movement progress if people haven’t yet made up their minds about it? If he wants our consent, shouldn’t it all be kept on hold until everybody is informed and have made a democratic decision? No, they don’t care (and besides, we don’t live in a democracy); it’s just a dog-and-pony show and they think we won’t notice that we basically have no vote on the matter.

In fact, our silence is our consent; we let it happen and therefore, we indirectly agree to the agenda.

We humans are responsible for our own evolution and should be left alone while evolving and not be interfered with by other star races. However, we all know how it is here on Earth; if we create a law, the intelligent criminal finds ways to bypass the law and sometimes gets away with it.

This can be exemplified by looking back at the Old West (and the same thing would apply today). If someone was on trial for a serious crime such as murder, and the same defendant made sure the witness, or witnesses, to the crime were killed; there would be nobody who could testify against him or her, and the case would be dismissed. This happened quite often back then. When there were no eyewitnesses left to the murder nothing could be proven and the criminals were acquitted, although it was commonly understood that they were guilty.

In a similar way, the Law of Free Will can be bypassed by cosmic criminals such as the Alien Invader Force (AIF). They don’t need us to say 'yes, we want what you offer us;' all they need is our indirect consent.

There are three basic ways to react to a crime: one can either openly participate in it being fully aware of what one is doing; one can indirectly participate by not objecting, or by being blissfully and conveniently ignorant about the crime; or, one can openly speak up against it and silently decide not to participate.

In humanity’s case, the second way is most common. It has gone so far that most people are not even aware that they are manipulated into an agreement with the criminals. Still, the effect would be the same, we are adjusting to whatever the Administrators and the AIF are manipulating us into. The Cosmic Outlaws and their Emissaries are well aware of this but continue to proceed with their agenda anyway, knowing they will get our indirect consent on a continuing basis because the game is rigged. On the other hand, they have already informed us — again indirectly — by creating all these new movies about AI and killer robots. Thus far, very few people have protested thinking it is all science-fiction because it’s presented as such. However, indirectly the Minions have properly informed us about the danger of AI, and for all they care, we gave our consent by not protesting against their propaganda in any large numbers. Those who protest are just 'conspiracy nuts' anyway. This is how it is being done. Their defense before a higher Galactic Court would be for them to say, 'No one can seriously propose that we didn’t warn them,' speaking in terms of humanity.

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