The Nazis and AI

As mentioned earlier in this prologue, 2015 was the year of AI exposure of great magnitude in the mainstream media. Dr. Ray Kurzweil’s books have been out for decades now, but the general public hasn’t paid too much attention to them, being one thing too many to deal with. TV Reality Shows have been far more important for most people than learning about what the Controllers have planned for us. Hence, the population has had little knowledge about what is really coming down the pike, although it’s been revealed to us for many years in one form or another. Of course, Kurzweil and his ilk knew this would happen and it’s been part of the plan to let us know what they are planning, without having us interfering.

However, not until this year has the media got the go-ahead by those in charge to expose the plans in public; on Internet sites, such as CNN, ABC, NBC, and other channels with a large number of international viewers. Online newspapers around the world are also bringing this up on a large scale, as we shall see. Also, most of us have noticed that there is a huge increase in Hollywood movies on this theme. None of this is by chance, of course, and they are eager to prepare us for the future; they do not want any shock reactions, but want to introduce this successively. After all, the plan is to have most of the Machine Kingdom established by 2045. People who are young today will still be alive when the time comes. Ray Kurzweil makes a good case, when he says that this goal is attainable. Those who will not live to see the Singularity may have children and grandchildren who will experience this upcoming event. Finally, those who don’t have any children and therefore think this does not apply to them are incorrect. Much of it is happening right now before our eyes, and the majority of people don’t notice. This is how powerful the propaganda is and it works in at least two ways: it manipulates us into accepting the Singularity by making it interesting and exciting while it shows us the agenda in plain sight, so we can’t say we weren’t told beforehand.

Some might wonder how the ones in control know so much about us and how we think, but it’s actually quite obvious if we know our history. The intense research into the human mind began on a large scale during World War II when Nazi scientists, such as Dr. Josef Mengele, looked into the human psyche and the human brain on deeper levels. These criminal scientists experimented on twins, war prisoners, Jews, Gypsies, and others, who for them were unwanted minorities, and the experiments were often unimaginably cruel. They started compartmentalizing the brain by using trauma-based mind control. They could then program these traumatized parts of the brain with new personalities that could be triggered by words, certain hand signals, a phone call, etc. This research was then brought to America after the war in something called Project Paperclip. Nazi scientists were smuggled into the U.S. to start working for what was later to become the CIA, NSA, FBI, NASA, and other key organizations within and above U.S. Government levels. The experiments on the human brain and mind then became known in the U.S. as MK-ULTRA (MK stands for Mind Kontrolle, where Kontrolle is the German word for 'control.' The CIA cryptonym MK probably originates from the joint efforts between the U.S. and Germany to create a totally mind-controlled, easy-to-manage population).

However, this is not the only reason they started researching the depth of the brain and the mind; it had everything to do with AI and the Singularity. I want to make it totally clear; what people call the New World Order and the One World Government is nothing but the Singularity; i.e. the goal to create a super-brain that will control all other brains (and minds) on this planet. Other branches of MK-ULTRA were later established, such as the infamous Project Monarch and more. All these branches of mind control had one thing in common: to learn everything about the human brain and mind in order to later create the Super Brain Computer (SBC), which is a term for a super-controlled collective consciousness.

The astute reader might now wonder why the Overlords would need to study the human brain when, after all, they were the ones who manipulated our DNA in the first place. Wouldn’t they already know how it works? Yes, they knew how the human brain worked when they created it many millennia ago, but human consciousness constantly changes the neuro-pathways in the brain by creating new ones as we learn new things; and the pathways in the brain get rearranged into new patterns to adapt to new versions of reality. For the Overlords, it’s not just a matter of cloning the human brain, it also has to be compatible with the human soul; the way the soul is interacting with the brain in present time - not in some distant past. The mass consciousness is not vibrating within the exact same frequency band as it did when Homo Sapiens were first created. Nevertheless, the complete cloning of the brain I suspect was already achieved decades ago. The only job left is to convince the majority of mankind that what is to come is 'good for us.' This is where puppets such as Ray Kurzweil come into the picture; Kurzweil sees himself as a visionary.

Fig x-1: Lineup of 104 rocket scientists of Operation Paperclip at Ft. Bliss. Wernher von Braun, the famous NASA rocket scientist involved in developing the Apollo Project, stands in the first row (seventh person from the right).

These scientists, in conjunction with other researchers/scientists, such as the child torturer Dr. Josef Mengele (standing in the middle of the second row with raven-dark hair and face half covered), were smuggled out of Nazi Germany to the U.S. after WW II. Some of them thus avoided prosecution in the Nuremburg Tribunal for crimes against humanity as, if convicted, they would have been executed. A number of these war criminals were now receiving leading positions in the American Government and in various Black Budget projects, living long lives under U.S. Government protection. Many of these people operated from secret bases in Argentina, which up to this date is a haven for Nazis and war criminals. Pope_Francis being the first Jesuit in that position, was born in Argentina.

Other ways in which we have been tricked are via the Internet and other electronic devices, such as smartphones and Plasma TVs, which all have spy devices embedded in them, so that certain organizations can spy on the viewer even when the device is off. TV, in fact, was a forerunner to the computer and the Internet. The 3-letter agencies and the Overlords wanted to observe human behavior and which choices we are most likely to make in any given situation. The motto was: one TV in every home. That turned into a similar motto a few decades later; the goal is at least one PC in every home. [Freely quoted from Microsoft’s founder, Bill Gates]. Then the Internet came down upon us. Most people think this was an enormous achievement, as so much more could be studied and learned so much quicker. The Administrators and the AIF don’t care what you put out on the Internet or what you learn from there, as long as you don’t step on the toes of their most current secret programs that they don’t want to be exposed for any given reason. As long as you don’t do that, you’re relatively safe to say whatever you want on the 'Net without any serious retribution. After all, the Internet is there to study human behavior in present time and to monitor and store all data we so voluntarily put out on the Net.

The Internet was released as the World Wide Web from having been a scientific, later military network, before it was implemented for the public. Virtually everything is tested in the military before we get to see it. The Internet is (on a grander scale) an attempt to understand human unpredictability and to determine how to get people on the same page. I would imagine that the Controllers have asked themselves; how much do the humans know? How much do they care about important issues, and how much do they care about trivial things? How social are they? How alike are they in all their uniqueness? The AIF wants these questions answered. Some of these beings are quite psychic and can read the mass consciousness without machines, but the Internet was still important because they wanted to see how easily we are distracted from a focus point. The fact that humans are easily distracted becomes embarrassingly apparent in the different discussion forums, where someone starts a topic of relevance and others comment on it. By so-called trolling, the letter agencies then make comments on the forum thread that have nothing to do with the original subject, and almost immediately peoples' attention goes from the focal point to the distraction; thus, the discussion of the original topic is lost. This is specifically true when the troll begins to insult one or more people responding to a thread; people become easily reactive and divert from the topic in order to defend themselves. Others then fill in to defend the person who is attacked.

Those in charge must have learned much about us from the Internet over the years. We are telling the entire world about ourselves and our intimate thoughts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, in other social media, and on personal websites and blogs. The Controllers couldn’t be more pleased. We are helping them to create our own destruction as a human species by falling right into their hands!

The smartphones are even worse than computers. At least people know that they are exposing themselves on the Internet, but many who use smartphones think that it’s relatively private when it’s anything but. Just as with the Internet, every keystroke is traceable. As if this wasn’t enough, people are taking their smartphones with them wherever they go, are texting from them continuously and browse the now highly monitored Internet. Landlines have become almost obsolete and when did you last see a phone booth? Now the agencies can collect information on almost everybody twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Wi-Fi makes it possible to spy on people through the phone even when it is turned off. George Orwell’s classic book, 1984, has since long been surpassed in many ways. We don’t have big cameras set up by the Government in our houses and apartments, instead we have much more sophisticated surveillance systems via the Internet and the smart products. I wrote about Smart Cities in the Wes Penre Papers (another thing that mainstream media began to discuss in the open after the papers were released), but why do you think they name them Smart Cities? If smart stands for control and surveillance, then you have the answer right there. They are cities where surveillance of their citizens is going on day and night. We are almost there already. Via satellites, any person walking down the street — even in the big cities — can be zoomed in on and Big Brother will know exactly where you are, where you’re going, with whom you’re talking, and what you’re doing. It’s a piece of cake.

It is obvious to me that the Overlords, who are the equivalent of the old Sumerian gods, are already here in great numbers. I also believe that Lord is already back as well; and of course, his son Marduk - the 'Lord of this World' - has been here for centuries, after he supposedly had left the planet for a while before then. It is soon time for to regain his leading position here on Earth, but the question is whether Marduk will let him - more about this later.

What the AIF is waiting for is the Singularity, i.e. when the biological human body is fully integrated with the machine and the Super Brain Computer (SBC) is in an operating mode. CERN in Switzerland is playing a role in accomplishing this goal as we will discuss in this book.

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