What is Intuition?

Some schools of thought teach that you are a soul/spirit in a body, and that’s all there is to it. The soul, supposedly, is the part of you who thinks, solves problems, and is in charge of things in your own universe. After you’re dead, the soul moves on and only the body succumbs. Because the body is mortal it is not of any great significance — at least this is what we are taught.

However, to believe this is a mistake! Your body is phenomenal in more than just a few ways. You can talk to your body, you can think (to and with) your body, and you can give your body compliments and love. If you do so, you’re going to have a wonderful relationship with it, and you and your body will work together to learn about new things and to raise your vibrations into higher states of consciousness. Look at yourself in the mirror, regardless of what your body looks like according to the norm, and tell it that you love it and that it is a wonderful companion. If you’ve never done this before and continue doing this for a while, your body will not only become healthier, but it will also connect with you on an emotional level. There’s also going to be a telepathic communication between the two of you (if you train yourself to be sensitive and open enough to recognize it).

This will help you in your discernment when it comes to deciding what is real and what is not. You will be able to better distinguish between 'what will work' for you in the long run and 'what will not.' For example, if you read something that sounds as if it could be true, and then you read something else on the same subject that is very different but also sounds true, you’ll probably get confused. Someone is apparently seeding disinformation, or is misinformed, or perhaps both sources are. Therefore, how can you discern what is what; when in theory both pieces of information could potentially be true? This is when you consult your body. You can use the following formula; think, feel, and act. First, you are evidently going to think about what you’re reading, watching and hearing. The feeling part has to do with the body, which is also a connection with your inner self; a gateway to the different inner dimensions. In the Wes Penre Papers, I called these dimensions the VOID or the KHAA. [4] When you turn inward, you will discover where the real Multiverse is located.

[4] The word KHAA is an Orion term, denoting an “outbreath.” In the Orion version of the creation of this universe, the Creatrix — the Great Dragon — is said to have breathed out in order to create the Universe.

The society calls a person who does this introverted and often considers this to be a weakness or even brands it escapism. However, many turn inward because they feel that this is a more natural state of existence than having to follow the strict norms; what most of them have in common is that we are not supposed to look inside but instead focus on what is outside i.e. in the physical realm.

The body is like an intermediary between your spiritual world and the third dimensional (3-D) personality. If you acknowledge your body as something more than 'meat and bones', you will get a response when you ask or tell it something. Sometimes you might get an instant reaction from your body and other times it will take a while; you just need to be patient. Often it will take some practice to build a good relationship with your body, but once it is established it will be very rewarding.

Your body is also your antenna to other dimensions. It filters what comes in and when a good relationship is established, after you’ve learned to trust your body instead of fearing it, it will give you good information.

The more we pay attention to our inner selves, the faster we will be able to break down the prison walls and let our fire free. Fire in this case refers to the 'Real Self', which is different from how we are used to perceiving the soul. We will discuss the fire more extensively in this book, but you can also learn much more about the fire in The Wes Penre Papers—The Multiverse Series. Occasionally, for the sake of convenience, I may use fire and soul interchangeably. In the spiritual world, our bodies are part of the ticket to get there, contrary to what many claim.

You can, by now, probably see how important the body is for us in order to connect with the Spirit Universe whence we came from.

In summary, love your body unconditionally and start listening to it. It is far cleverer than you and I with our egos getting in the way. You can’t reach above a certain state of consciousness on this planet unless you use the psychic abilities that exist inside of you; inside your body. 'Go inside for answers' is an excellent idiom.

In order to learn more; that the physical body is one with the spirit and the mind — being part of the Spiritual Universe (the KHAA) rather than the physical universe, and that there was no separation before the AIF came, please read the following very important sections of The Wes Penre Papers, the Fourth Level of Learning: The Ongoing Battle over the Material and the Spiritual Realms.

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