Fire, Avatar and our Place in the Universe

Although there are beings living on planets throughout the Universe, this is not always the norm; many beings live in what we call space or in the stars (hence star beings). The KHAA is teaming with life, and beings living there are creating their reality by using the formula, thought-imagination-manifestation — in that order. When we’re in our natural state, things manifest instantly (think 'Q' in Star Trek; he could create anything by using this formula; one could say he was creating something out of nothing).

When we are free from manipulation, we will see the Universe as it really is, whereas we are currently manipulated into only perceiving 4% of it; and even that 4% is compromised. The communication between star beings is done by exchanging thoughts. This means that everything that’s manifested and shared by others will be observable and can also be experienced by us; once we are free from our boundaries and we decide to see it. It’s up to each being to block and unblock frequencies — we humans do this all the time without even being aware of what we’re doing (albeit we are more often unblocking than we are blocking under current circumstances).

During the creation of our Milky Way galaxy, stars were created to form this galaxy. Stars are known to have their own consciousness and a galaxy would function as the mass consciousness of the stars contained within it. The stars/suns give birth to souls/star beings — thus the term fire — which is a large group of fires gathering together to create a composite of fires, which we call the soul. The soul can then split itself in even smaller groups of fires, which can be 'sent out' in the Universe to explore and learn on behalf of the Creatrix — the feminine force of the Universe. These splinters are the minds of the soul, but they are all connected and share experiences with each other throughout the different dimensions. All these experiences are then absorbed by the soul. By the way, some schools of thought call this the Oversoul (which can be confusing), who, in turn, adds to the learning experiences of the Creatrix.

The group of fires that make up the mind make up an etheric body, which we have many names for; one such name being the spiritual body. This is the body that leaves the physical body when the physical body expires. In the Wes Penre Papers, I call this spiritual body the avatar.

The avatar can shapeshift into anything on a spiritual level by rearranging the fires at will, if the fires (mind) that form the avatar wish to do so. We humans usually form our avatar after the shape of the physical body we currently possess; and we also reshape our physical body to a certain extent to mirror how we feel 'inside.'

After the death of the physical body, the avatar usually keeps the shape and form from the last incarnation. Some minds shape their avatars to look the way they did when their physical body was in its prime rather than when it was old and sick — mainly 'impress' other avatars, or to feel better about themselves in general.

Before the soul was created we were pure consciousness, being One with the Universal Consciousness — the Divine Feminine, as I call it in the Wes Penre Papers. Being born from star dust made us individually aware and from there we could create minds by splitting our soul fires; and then go out and create. A number of avatars can be created from the same composite of fires (the soul). Thus, the soul can be in many places at the same time. As in a hologram, each fire contains a picture of the whole.

This is how star beings operate, and this is how we humans have the potential to operate as well. Our problem, however, is not that we can’t split our fires (we actually are split already), but when a small group of fires (minds) are getting disconnected from our fire composite (the soul), the new unit (mind/body or fires/avatar) is being manipulated into incarnating into another space/time here on Earth; which is different to where a previous unit is located. Add amnesia to this, and one unit no longer knows about the other, separated as they are in space and time. Thus, each of us lives several lifetimes simultaneously on Earth. Then augment death as well with yet another incarnation following upon that, and you will have the human condition. Each of us is unaware of our other-selves, living in other times and places on the planet. These other-selves have had totally different experiences than you have had, and therefore they have developed different personae. You wouldn’t even recognize your other-selves as being parts of you, even if you met them.

This is how spirit/mind/body work in coordination with each other — all three being part of the same spiritual structure. In summary, the composite of fires is the soul, who gathers experiences from the fragments or fire splinters that it (the soul) is sending out. Similarly as to how we usually perceive the Sun sending out different beams of light in all directions; the Sun being the soul in this allegory and the beams being the soul splinters. The small fires, grouping together, become one mind, and the shape that this group of fires makes up becomes the avatar — the spiritual body. Thus, one soul can have a number of different minds (fire splinters) living different lives.

Each person is a splinter of his or her soul, and depending on how many splinters of that soul were trapped by (a.k.a. Lucifer) long ago, the same number of minds are not 'retrievable' by the soul so long as they’re trapped here. All these minds (including other souls’ minds) together become the human soul group, although it could just as well be called the human mind group. These minds are captured in this 3-D reality until they are able to release themselves. Fortuneately, there is a way to do this and I will bring that up in the end part of this book.

This may be an entirely new concept to most readers and might seem difficult to grasp at first. If so, a second and third review of this section is advisable, until this important model is totally grasped. Once it 'clicks,' it should create an 'aha' moment.

Because time technically does not exist, every present moment has to be recreated constantly on a level of existence that some quantum physicists call the subquantum. Unlike here on Earth, where the illusion of time creates a linear timeline concept, it’s different for other star beings. They too can create a chain of events that may seem linear while they are happening, but when an event is over it’s a present time memory, happening in parallel with any new event that’s occurring — we locate ourselves where we have our focus. The past and the future, however, can always be recreated in the present by a soul who can focus enough to do so. In a way, animals are much better at this than humans are, as animals are more in the present; where it’s the moment that counts. They are not as stuck in linear time as we are. Hence, we can see a dog recreating the same excitement every time mom or dad comes home, as if it was the first time it happened.

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