Disclosure of the ET Phenomenon

For a long time many people in the UFO community have anticipated that there will soon be a disclosure of the ET presence on our planet. It is believed, generally speaking, that the governments of the world (with the U.S. government being the forerunner) will come clean on the subject.

I believe this is naïve thinking; the governments have too much to lose because of all the crimes that must be revealed in the same breath. The spokespersons for Disclosure emphasize that we need to give the criminals in the Government amnesty, for those certain individuals in power who believe they have much more to lose than to gain from a disclosure. A drastic thing such as disclosure would otherwise be out of the question. Many people would probably agree to give them amnesty in exchange for disclosure, but when everything is said and done, there would be so many angry people who would go berserk when they figure out that they have been deceived and lied to through their entire lives and how children have been tortured under the umbrella of 'National Security.' A large number of citizens would probably make use of the weapons that are normally locked in their gun cabinets and people would go out and buy ropes to hang the criminals. This is exactly what those in the government fear will happen. Also, those in power would lose their wealth when alternative technologies would be exposed; technologies that have been suppressed for decades — all in the name of greed and power. One such technology would be free energy to everybody on the planet.

The fact is that none of the above is the real reason why a full disclosure will not happen. The real reason is because it’s not up to the Government to decide when, or if, a disclosure will take place — it’s up to the Overlords who control the Government and the rest of the world. Those familiar with my previous work know quite well that the Overlords only want partial, incremental disclosure; which will probably eventually culminate in their appearance before us. However, even when the gods reappear in the open, we will not be told the truth about them — only the cover story.

The cover story, and a part of the partial disclosure, is the propaganda about the good ETs who want to make contact. The cover story tells us there are only good ETs in Earth’s vicinity at this time; the bad ETs have all left our planet and our solar system, or so it is claimed. This is promoted by different UFO researchers and is, of course, a very dangerous message; taking into consideration that these spokespersons reach millions of people, they have a huge responsibility not to be gullible, or to give information they guarantee is true, when it’s actually not. Some of the spokespersons are just that — gullible — and just parrot more prominent spokespersons who seem to intentionally give the wrong information. Added to this, these spokespersons might not at all be who people think they are; some of them may be on the Military Industrial Complex's (MIC) and the Intelligence Community's payroll.

Convincing us that the ETs who want to make themselves known are all benevolent, and that we should embrace all of them without discernment, is what disclosure (or partial disclosure) involves. Of course, free energy and other benefits that come with partial disclosure are on the Overlords’ agenda anyway — it’s all needed for the Singularity to take effect. What these Disclosure and Free Energy Projects won’t say, or perhaps in certain case - dont know, is that when it’s commonly believed that these 'grass root projects' are gaining results, it’s not because of their genuine involvement of freeing mankind; it’s because such a 'disclosure' was already planned by the AIF. I think this is quite obvious. We humans are easily duped because that’s how it’s always been and always will be so long as the Overlords are in charge.

This book will build up to a quite disturbing 'climax,' and this information is not for everybody but it is for those who are brave enough to confront the ultimate purpose with AI and the Singularity.

However, we will start out lightly by getting familiar with one of the AI Movement’s greatest spokespersons — Dr. Raymond Kurzweil.

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