9 Humanity’s War on Humanity

The Global Warzone

Behind the scenes, there is so much going on that regular people have no clue about. They go on with their day-to-day life thinking that everything that’s happening around them is just the way life is supposed to be. In the meantime, humans who don’t have other humans’ best interest in mind are creating silent wars against their own species, which is the height of insanity, and they think they are doing it “for our own good.” Above our heads we have the chemtrails, beneath our feet we have secret underground bases, on the ground level we have nuclear power stations that blow up and slowly kill us with radiation, we have pollution, we have those who purposely turn man against man, and in space, we have satellites that can zoom in on each one of us and watch every move. Moreover, we have weapons in space that could easily destroy the entire planet.

This seems too much to handle, but the solution is still the same: we need to raise our consciousness and awareness and not go into battle with any of those forces. Even if we would consider such a thing to be justified, we wouldn’t stand a chance against them. The only way to defeat them is with peaceful means. These beings are warlords, and real peace is something they can’t comprehend. Those who do things to hurt others as a means to reaching their goals will eventually meet their own fate; we don’t need to worry about that; “let the dead bury the dead…”

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