7 Holly Wood and the Music Industry

Hollywood, or Holly Wood, was set up for the entire purpose of feeding us with truths in plain sight and truth encoded in messages—most of it in the form of fiction and science fiction. This is called Revelation of the Method, and it is practiced so frequently, that most of the public does not believe, that what’s revealed to them under the guise of entertainment, is anything but fictional. Its real intent is entrainment of their brain waves. Hollywood is the most successful center of magic and manipulation of the masses in the world, and the actors and producers are their mind-controlled and/or manipulated puppets. On the chessboard, they would perhaps be the Knights.

Jordan Maxwell is a well-known researcher into the symbolism, that has been used by the Controllers and the Minions for thousands of years, and from his research, we have learned much about how symbolism, more or less, runs our lives, unbeknownst to the average person.

Maxwell tells us the real story behind Hollywood and the origins of this name in a short video clip. Back in time, there was a European Priesthood dominating the European Elite, and this Priesthood contained the religious leaders, the judges, and the political leaders, etc. This Priesthood was called the Druids (The Druids are still the top of the food chain in Europe—they have never dominated in numbers but in power). For example, the British Prime Minister during WW II, Sir Winston Churchill, was a Notable member of the Ancient Order of the Druids, as was Byron Brainard, City Council Member of Los Angeles, California, in the early part of the 20th century. It’s hardly a coincidence that Brainard was a council member in the midst of the rise of Hollywood. The Druids run America as well, says Maxwell; both Britain and America are “druidic countries.”

One of the symbols in the druidic system is the magic wand, Maxwell tells us. We can, for example, see this magic wand used by conductors, who decide how to play their music, when to play and when to stop playing; “…you’d better play the tune of the Master,” as Maxwell says. We are dancing to his music. The reader can further use his or her imagination to find more occasions where a “stick” or a magic wand is used in society. Real magic wands were always made out of the wood of the holly tree; i.e. holly wood, and Hollywood is a druidic establishment.[200] It has its own directors, conducting the actors how to play; usually not with a magic wand, except symbolically. Thus, Hollywood is a place of magic, stemming from druidism, which originates in Atlantis, before the Great Deluge. Hollywood’s purpose is not to entertain, but to conduct (pun intended) behavior modification, mind-control, and conformation of the masses; it doesn’t matter if it’s a “cute” children’s movie (such as The Lion King—fully packed with AIF symbolism), a love story, fantasy, an action movie, or science fiction.

If we look at the trend of the Hollywood movies, we can see that they more often than not go hand in hand with what happens in society at the time or what is bound to happen in the near future. Now, for example, Hollywood is packed with movies about Artificial Intelligence, robots, cyborgs, cloning, and genetic manipulation. As we can easily imagine, this is not by coincidence; it’s rather a successful attempt to prepare us for what is to come, presenting both sides of the story—pro and con—in order to make sure they have informed us properly before they hammer the final nail into the coffin. Again, we see the Revelation of the Method applied on us.

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