6 AI in Corporations and in the Media

Rudolph the Reindeer becomes Robo the Artificial Braindeer

There are no lack of ideas how to seduce children into accepting the new AI environment. The most exciting time of the year for children is, of course, Christmas. This is when they are all held in suspense, waiting for Santa to show up, and for presents to be opened. It’s a very magical time for the young ones. However, now they have created robots that will take the role of Santa’s reindeers. Again, many parents will see this as something cute and exciting, but it is just another step to introduce robotics to the new generation. As I mentioned earlier, the Controllers will infiltrate everything in life, trying to win over people to AI and the Singularity. [Daily Mail, Dec. 22, 2015, “Santa's terrifying little helpers: The military robots transformed into sleigh-pulling reindeer after being developed to carry heavy equipment on the battlefield”]

The mechanical reindeer, as well as all new technology, has first been tested by the military — I just want to emphasize this. These reindeers are made by the company Boston Dynamics, which develops products for the military. They rose to fame after the development of BigDog in 2005 that worked as a gigantic packhorse for the troops. Now they have started developing robots. Did I mention that Boston Dynamics is owned by Google? [Ibid.]

When possible, always give your children an educated choice! Our species depends on it, and even if it would be too late to save humankind, your child can only escape the trap if he or she is being properly educated. How to escape the trap will be further discussed in the final sections of this book.

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