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A Pledge to all Mothers!

Here is a pledge to all the mothers in the world, who now have relatively small children or babies, and to those who are to become mothers in the near future: don’t let your little toddlers play with electronic devices of any kind! Some of you mothers will notice that your child of two years old can unlock and navigate touch screens almost as well as you can. At first, you may think it’s cute and say to your husband that your toddler is a genius, and you might even encourage your child. In fact, this phenomenon is becoming more and more of the norm, according to a report from Reuters. [Lisa Rapaport, CA News, Dec. 22, 2015, By two, most kids can navigate touch screens].

(Reuters Health) - By age two, many kids can unlock and navigate touch screens with ease, swiping their way through apps much like their parents do, a small Irish study suggests.

That’s because regular use of smartphones and tablets appears widespread – even among children as young as one – and most parents who have touch-screen devices download apps and games specifically for their toddlers to use, the study found. [Ibid. op. cit.]

This is alarming but not surprising, and it will be interesting to see whether being capable of navigating a smartphone at the age of two will be a measuring item on the Pediatric Cognition Form at the Pediatricians’ offices soon. The generation that is being born now is very different from previous generations in that these children come here to Earth with a different goal; a goal they more or less all have in common; they are here for the Machine Kingdom! The generations that went through the nano-second (1987-2012), when time sped up a million fold and the spiritual learning curve was enormous, are now being replaced by a generation that wants to incarnate in our time because of AI and the Singularity.

These children are very technically savvy; they are like little technological Mozarts, but they are not primarily here to play piano and compose music (save electronic music) — they are here to become cyborgs and to become parts of the Singularity.

What the parents will notice is that these children are more or less driven by what can best be described as an obsession. At an age when previous generations of babies played with plastic toys, this generation masters electronic devices. Many of these children will grow up and become important components of the new society to usher in the Singularity, but I still encourage parents not to let their children have electronic devices at their disposal when they are toddlers.

These devices will be around them in every walk of life when they grow older, but by not giving them these destructive tools while they are babies and children, at least you are doing your best to save your children. Although, it might seem almost impossible to create a meaningful future for the new generation, with such a destructive goal as the Singularity being close, it’s not an impossible task to educate some of the Machine Riders (a term coined by the Pleiadians). Instead, take them out in nature, show them the Sun, creeks, grass, squirrels, have them listen to the birds, and have them feel the breeze. Go somewhere remote, away from the cities, and enjoy the silence of nature with your children. Be a real family. If you’re lucky, your children will convert themselves to nature instead of being absorbed by their devices. This is what it actually boils down to: making a choice between nature and machine at an early age. By investing in achieving this with your child, you may help save another soul from eternal entrapment — you will get an awakened child instead of a child trapped in virtual realities.

Parents, who really love their children and care for them with all their might, cannot let them get lost in electronics. If the parents do let them grow up with electronic devices, they will send their children into something where death would not only be a relief, but the only release from bondage! However, once in the trap, there is no release because there is hardly any death, and even if death would occur in certain situations (such as in very severe accidents), the mind would have been so programmed that it would only know of one place to go after death — back to a new cyborg, even if it would have to wait a long time for a new cyborg to be created.

Letting our kids play with touch screens and Swipe as toddlers will have a very damaging effect on them. It will be very hard for them to build intimate relationships with friends and eventually, the opposite sex, except through devices; there will be very little face-to-face interactions. Children and adolescents have already started texting their friends, who walk beside them, instead of talking directly to them.

We are creatures of nature, but these days, when everybody is stressed and overworked, many people only commute between home and work and seldom get the chance to connect with the Earth Mother. The new generation will do so even less; in fact, nature will not excite them at all. They will spend all their time on electronics, which is the definition of virtual reality. What is around them will no longer be real — the reality will be (and often already is) inside their devices, and that’s where their minds will dwell, too. They get sucked into these digital devices and prefer that reality over nature. The last few steps toward Singularity after that are a piece of cake.

As parents, don’t feel as if you’re failing if you can’t “convert” your child into being part of nature; you can only do so much. Remember that these children came here with a purpose, and if they are determined and passionate about it, you may not be able to help them; their destiny is then to become Posthumans. We need to remember that children are adult souls in a small body. This is going to be a tough lesson for many parents, you may be powerless to deal with this challenge, but after all, as parents, we can only guide. What the children then do with their lives is entirely up to them; we have no right to force our will on them.

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