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Smart Cities

Smart cities are something I covered extensively in the Wes Penre Papers, but I still want to bring the subject up in this book, because it has now become mainstream. Smart cities are the new kind of cities, that are going to be constructed for us. The reader could see an example of this in the Venus Project in Chapter 3. Although it is currently presented as a utopia — but an achievable one — the Venus Project is quite similar to what the Overlords, with our help, are going to build. These cities will be very clean and apparently very beautiful.

However, even if the outcasts, who refuse to take the Mark of the Beast 666 — the Mark of Saturn would have access to these cities, which is unlikely, they wouldn’t fit in. These are the cities of the hive-minded, allegedly a billion times more intelligent than the outcast human, who will possibly be considered no higher in rank than any “lower” type of animal species. We will be the species of the past, just as historians now look at the Neanderthals as "stupid apes".

David Icke - Saturn Isn't What You Think It Is Either (AI and the Singularity)

In the previous section, we discussed smart apartments, with their embedded sensors that will be capable of spying on residents, and able to read the habits of the residents (and in the Singularity, of course, also their minds). Networked sensors will be everywhere in these smart cities, and albeit, they will read people’s minds through the SBC, the sensor will assist in controlling each individual and track him or her wherever he or she is located within the city.

Hence, there are obviously not going to be any rebels, and even if a few Posthumans manage to break out of the trap, they would be traced in a moment and dealt with. The question is whether anybody would be allowed to leave a smart city at all, except on selected missions, and if they were allowed to leave, would they be under high surveillance? It’s not probable that the Overlords would take any chances that somebody might break out (more so at first, probably, before the SBC has synchronized with each and every part of the hive-mind). If outcasts were allowed to live, they would be referred to the abandoned cities, which will be the ones we live in now, or they would take refuge in nature.

The hive-mind, infested with AI, will probably let the outcasts live at first, until AI decides that the surviving Homo sapiens sapiens are useless and therefore need to be hunted down and terminated. AI is “rational” and lacks emotions, empathy, love, and compassion. There won’t be any manhunts because all of the surviving humans will already have nanobots in their bloodstream, and those work as antennas. Hence, our whereabouts will be known at all times. The alternative might be that the Administrators activate dormant nanobots in our systems, making it impossible to reproduce; thus, the last Homo sapiens sapiens will not live to see the next generation. This would be the final nail in the coffin of our species. This is a dire outlook, but there are soulutions that I will present by the end of the book for those who refuse to take the Mark of Saturn. (Instead of “solutions” I spell it “soulution” when it has to do with spiritual solutions.}

Activist Post June 15, 2015 ['Smart Cities’ Are The Next Phase In The 21st Century Surveillance Grid op. cit.] writes,

Today, more than half the world’s population lives in urban areas – a trend that is set to accelerate into the future – meaning the smart city concept is going to affect the lives of billions of people around the world. India is at the forefront of this push as it plans to build 100 smart cities in the coming years, with Singapore set to become the world’s first smart nation. Smart cities are not just confined to Asia, however, as Glasgow (where I’m writing from), Rio de Janeiro, New Orleans and Cape Town are just a handful of cities involved in IBM’s “smarter cities challenge”.


Furthermore, many of the supporters and proponents of smart initiatives are multinational corporations and notorious foundations; including IBM, Siemens, Cisco and the Rockefeller Foundation. The notion of corporate giants managing a smarter planet becomes even more troubling when you consider the history of companies such as IBM, which played a pivotal role in the holocaust and worked closely with Nazi Germany. Given IBM’s dark history, should we trust it with the power to regulate and manage numerous cities around the world? [More on Singapore and smart cities here: Singapore is taking the 'Smart City' to a Whole New Level]

Something that will supposedly be obsolete, once the Singularity becomes a reality, is crime. By crime, I mean individually instigated crime and crimes committed by any individual or group of regular Posthumans. The only crime that will exist are the crimes that the Warlords instigate and use Posthumans to execute. In order to have all their ducks in a row, it’s important to the ones in power to be capable of predicting crimes before they happen, and this is exactly what is in the process of being done. In Australia, the federal crime commission has now set up gigantic data systems that can predict criminal activities before they occur.[Ibid.] It seems as if the movie, The Minority Report, starring Tom Cruise, was a preview of this control system.

Australia is not the only place where such a system is set up, or is being set up. The Activist Post continues;

…the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has a division called the Real-Time Analysis and Critical Response Division (RACR). The RACR uses cutting-edge algorithmic systems and analytics in an attempt to predict future crime. British police in Kent have also been using a pre-crime software program called Predpol for two years, which analyses crimes based on date, place and category of offence, in order to assist police in making decisions on patrol routes.

The ethical and moral questions of the move towards predictive policing are obvious, leading many to fear a potential ‘tyranny of the algorithm’ in the future. With big data being used in the field of law enforcement to surveil and attempt to predict criminal behaviour, you can be assured that intelligence agencies and corporations will be using big data in the futuristic smart city to monitor and predict the behaviour of the city’s population.[Ibid. op. cit.]

What we see here is just the beginning. After being responsible for escalating the crime rate (which is the case in this phase of the agenda), the Controllers need to have a way to more or less eliminate crime soon, preventing it from becoming an issue after the SBC is up and running. Criminals are rebels and are therefore less controllable than the ordinary population. By being capable of predicting crime beforehand, it will be easier in the Post Singularity to target individuals with criminal minds and reprogram them. After that, we have Utopia — a One World without crime and with World peace. This is the New Golden Age that New Agers and others are naively pushing for.

In September 2015, the White House announced $160 million in new funding and research grants to develop smart cities in the U.S. [The Motley Fool, Sep. 20, 2015, AT&T Inc. Is Teaming Up With the U.S. Government to Expand Smart Cities]. This way, they are hoping to help companies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) to become more of a priority, both on local and federal levels. Although the White House funding may seem minor, AT&T has promised to help the Government set up smart cities around the country. AT&T has also joined together with 136 companies for new IoT projects. [Ibid.]

Smart cities will be one of the backbones in the upcoming hive-mind society.

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