6 AI in Corporations and in the Media


The new high-tech devices, and the new type of architecture now being promoted all around the world, are smart products. We need to keep this term in mind because the Controllers are using it all the time in order for it to sink into the mass consciousness, and on an individual scale — the subconscious mind. The Controllers, apparently, want to keep these highly significant products designated as being smart because they supposedly do “smart things.” However, the opposite is true, and they should have called them dumb products instead. Without hesitation, I claim that devices, such as smartphones, iPhones, iPads, iPods, etc., are making people dumber and dumber. When two or three people decide to go to a restaurant to have a nice meal together but just sit in their own world, typing and reading on their smart devices, without saying hardly anything to each other, then we know that humankind has been successfully dumbed down. Moreover, when an entire group of students is walking down the street, and 100% of them are on their smartphones while they are walking, almost unaware of each other, then we know that people are losing one of their most important traits — the ability to have direct interaction with each other. Cows, being led to the slaughterhouse, have more insight than humans who are led to their extinction; cows are usually resisting, but humans go willingly.

We could rightfully say that the Overlords have planned this for a long time, and we could say that it’s their fault, but it’s our responsibility, too. We are doing this to ourselves; we are gladly letting ourselves becoming extinct, and we are gladly giving up our freedoms and our free will. Moreover, Wi-Fi is probably the most destructive thing that has ever been released on humanity. I mean this in so many ways. The frequencies used in Wi-Fi are destructive to both the human body and the human mind; they create “brain fog” and attack the cellular structure of the body creating cancer. Wi-Fi also severely affects the neurological system in the body, which leads to different neurological diseases that can be quite serious. Wi-Fi can also make people sterile and create infertility in women.[Miscellaneous Pleiadian lectures (Barbara Marciniak); particularly those held in the Autumn Season of 2015 available as CD Set on request]

In addition, Wi-Fi devices are excellent spy tools for the Controllers. Controllers want everyone in the entire world to have a smartphone of some kind so that they can track you every millisecond of the day. This becomes obvious when two regular people with smartphones can install and use software in which they can track each other wherever they are, e.g. they know when the other one is in the store, when he or she is in the house, at work, or is sleeping, etc. When the other person is driving, the first person knows exactly at which intersection he or she might be. If we can do this, friend to friend, what do you think the Overlords can do? It’s quite obvious. Even those who know this still keep their smartphones by their side 24/7.

These digital devices of the gods have become a part of society, and quite literally, large numbers of the population are addicted to electronics that stimulate the same areas of the brain as heroin does. Try to take a smartphone or some other device away from a teenager, for example, and you’ll see his or her reaction; the adolescent does everything in his or her power to get that phone back — regardless of consequences. You may see your otherwise mellow-minded teenager turn into a monster .

I’m sure the reader remembers the days when we had to purchase a new computer or a new operating system every time Microsoft came out with an upgrade — not so anymore. From Windows 10 and on, Microsoft has decided to give their Operating Systems away for free. The official rationale is that Apple is doing it and Linux is doing it, so Microsoft needs to follow. This is an acceptable reason for people in general, albeit this is not the main reason at all. Here we have one of the greediest companies in the world — Microsoft — giving away its Operating System for free even though it cost them a fortune to develop. Why? It is because Windows 10 is a very sophisticated spy device, in line with smartphones. Everything you do on that computer is going to be tracked and logged. If you examine Microsoft Edge, which is the new version of Internet Explorer, it’s easy to see what I mean. It is openly a spy device. The reader may say that similar things were done with previous operating systems, and that is true, but not with the sophistication of Windows 10.[Ibid.] Microsoft wants as many people around the world as possible to use Windows 10 and its successors; this is the reason why they give it away free and offer free downloads if you have Windows 7 or Windows 8 (and compatible hardware).

I advise people who read this to stay away from cellphones and smartphones as much as possible — they are deadly. I understand that some companies require their employees to carry with them these devices at all times while at work (and sometimes even at home in order to be reached), and then, of course, it’s difficult to do anything about it. If you’re in a position where you need to carry your smartphone with you at all times, try to keep it away from pockets. The best thing (although not entire safe either) is to carry the phone in a metal box in a bag, or similar, unattached from your immediate body, and when you speak on the phone, use headphones. Be creative, and always keep in mind that this device is slowly killing you if you don’t take precautions. I know that the era of landlines is something of the past by now, but there are still landlines sometimes in workplaces when we need to call somebody. This worked in the past with no problem, but by now we’re conditioned to always being able to reach each other anywhere and at any time. However, why do we need to be reached all the time? We did just fine before cellphones flooded our society.

New information is coming out, hinting that smartphones might soon be obsolete. A new study says that 100,000 consumers, included in this study, believe that within five years, smartphones will “die out” and be replaced by Artificial Intelligence, according to a recent article in The Telegraph, Dec. 8, 2015, Smartphones to die out 'within five years', says new study. The year that they have in mind is 2021. Rebecca Ångström of Ericsson ConsumerLab agrees,

Rebecka Cedering Ångström of Ericsson ConsumerLab said: "A smartphone in the hand, it's really not that practical. For example, not when one is driving a car or cooking. And there are many situations where display screens are not so good. Therefore, one in two think that smartphones will belong to the past within five years."


"Just imagine watching football and being able to choose from where you want to see the game from different places in the stands, or perhaps even from the pitch. Shopping is also an area where you could [virtually] try on shoes and see how they fit on your own feet."[Ibid. op. cit.]


Ericsson ConsumerLab's new report, 10 Hot Consumer Trends for 2016, claims to represent the views of 1.1 billion people across 24 countries.

Michael Björn, Head of Research at Ericsson ConsumerLab, said: "Some of these trends may seem futuristic. But consumer interest in new interaction paradigms, such as AI and virtual reality (VR), as well as in embedding the internet in the walls of homes or even in our bodies, is quite strong."

"This means we could soon see new consumer product categories appearing - and whole industries transforming - to accommodate this development."[Ibid. op. cit.]

Just to get an idea how badly the Controllers want everybody to have a smartphone (despite their possibly becoming obsolete), they have now started distributing smartphones to tribes living in the Brazilian rainforests. These people still don’t have toilets and other necessities that we in the “modern world” take for granted, but they now have smartphones! It sounds as if it were a joke, but it’s not. These tribes are forced to quickly go from living off hunting with bows and arrows to being integrated with the new AI technology.

The Controllers understand that it sounds strange to people to give smartphones to these tribes, so the reason they came up with for doing this is to prevent the tribes from being massacred by ranchers. Whether people buy into that unlikely story or not, it is up to them. When reading an article about it on International Business Times, Aug. 9, 2015, Brazilian rainforest: Remote tribes given smartphones to prevent 'being massacred by ranchers', it seems to be a benevolent gesture, because the war between tribes and farmers has been ongoing for quite a while, with consequent murders, but when we understand the bigger picture, we can see another agenda unfolding.

It’s one thing to seduce the “civilized” world into accepting smartphones, but the Controllers need to cover the entire world population in this project, unless they want to terminate all “savages.” It seems as if the tribes in the jungles and dwindling nature preserves are apparently included in the plan. However, in order to include this technologically “undeveloped” part of the world, new ideas had to emerge. How would the Controllers reach these tribes when the jungles are quite difficult to penetrate? How could the Controllers teach these tribes how to use these “godly” devices? What about hostile tribes, who have not seen a white man yet? Are they included in the smartphone project, too?

Actually, the biggest reason they want a smartphone in each person’s hand or pocket is that it sucks the user into the virtual AI reality.

It’s elementary to understand that smartphones are not the end of the line; they are the beginning. In many of today’s schools, students don’t even learn how to write on a piece of paper anymore; everything is electronic — some kids can’t even write their names.[New York Post, Jan. 27, 2016, Many NYC students so tech-oriented they can’t even sign their own names | New York Post] Just keep in mind that virtually all new technology that is released on the market these days is a cog in the machinery that will be gradually assisting us into becoming hive-minded cyborgs. The Controllers don’t waste time on nonsense — everything they do has a purpose according to a preconceived plan.

Multimedia 6-1: A tribal voice about how happy they are about the “Smartphones from Heaven.”

To show the reader that tracking and surveillance are actually done on smartphones, the proof is exposed in Observer.com, Jan. 15, 2016, How Did the ‘Netflix Reality Check’ Gather Its Data?, op. cit.:

TV news was abuzz Thursday morning after Variety reported on a presentation by Alan Wurtzel, a president at NBC Universal, who said that streaming shows weren’t cutting into broadcast television viewership to the degree that much of the press seems to believe. Mr. Wurtzel used numbers that estimated viewership using data gathered by mobile devices that listened to what people were watching and extrapolating viewership across the country.


Symphony asks those who 'Opt In' to load Symphony-branded apps onto their personal devices, apps that use microphones to listen to what’s going on in the background. With technology from Gracenote, the app can hear the show playing and identify it using its unique sound signature (the same way Shazam identifies a song playing over someone else’s speakers). Doing it that way allows the company to gather data on viewing of sites like Netflix and Hulu, whether the companies like it or not. (Netflix likes data)


Still, at least they aren’t sneaking a microphone into your Bitmoji app, right? (which is effectively what a bunch of Chrome extensions recently did)


“We want to track individuals,” Mr. Buchwalter — a Nielsen alum — explained, because they want to compose a digital day in the life of Americans, all their cross platform activities, from websites to social to media viewing and reading. The problem with existing metrics companies, he argues, is they measure one media category at a time. That’s outdated.


Here’s another reality: more and more electronic devices are able to listen to what we do all the time and glean insights. Mobile phones have to always be kind of listening so they can hear it when users give the activation command. Amazon Echo is listening, too, and it’s getting hard to tell just how much data gear gathers.

Like we’ve said: we are being watched.

Symphony may not be sneaking its surveillance model into innocuous looking apps with wildly different purposes, but that doesn’t mean some other company isn’t [Google Chrome being one example].

The punch line is the last paragraph; the rest of this quote speaks for itself — if you have a microphone on your smartphone (which everybody does), you can be listened to and/or recorded — no more private calls. It’s no longer a question about whether this is happening or not; the question is; what people are going to do about it? In more and more cases, the Administrators - controlled media - are getting bolder and bolder by the day in exposing what is really going on. This means that the AIF is getting much more confident that the world population is actually not going to do much about it.

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