6 The Role of AI in Corporations and in the Media

Mother’s Little Helpers

A significant part of the AI presentation in the media is to promote its practicality in our everyday lives. What can relieve stress in people? What in their daily life can robots do to be helpful to the average Joe?

Such practicalities are mostly directed toward the household. Japan has always been one of the forerunners when it comes to AI and robotic helpers. The British news media, The Telegraph, Oct. 9, 2015 World’s first laundry-folding robot unveiled in Japan,” op. cit., wrote:

Households around the world are likely to breath [sic] a sigh of relief with the invention of a Japanese robot that will not only wash and dry clothes, but also sort them out, fold them up and put them away neatly in the cupboard.

The world’s first laundry bot – dubbed “the laundroid” – has been created by a team of Japanese technology companies in a bid to eliminate the tedium of carrying out one of the least popular household chores.

This is something that will appeal to many people, if not to most people, who have this robot demonstrated to them. Just as the dishwasher and the washing and drying machines were considered a modern marvel when they first arrived, a laundroid would be a desirable addition to the household of the future.

Of course, robot-helpers are not restricted to handling laundry; they can also do other household chores, such as vacuuming, putting things away that are in the way, sweeping floors, and taking care of other time-consuming tasks. Gizmodo.com., Jan. 15. 2016, Researchers Are Teaching ATLAS To Do Household Chores Like Rosey from The Jetsons

What they show us now at public exhibitions are just prototypes of much more sophisticated robots that look more humanlike and are more flexible; both in their movements and in their cognitive capabilities. However, there is an agreement amongst CEOs of Multinational Corporations (all AIF owned) and spokespersons for the Controllers not to overwhelm the market with too much sophisticated hardware and software at once; it’s important to observe people’s reactions. If their reactions are mainly positive, the companies can then TO take the next step and move up another level.

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