5 The Race for Immortality

Funding Immortality

Funding for these projects is not difficult to get; multi-billionaires are happily spending millions of dollars to support technology that can expand their lives for eternity. Few seem to care whether it’s a life as a cyborg or not. After all, these super-rich people expect to remain at the top of the pyramid anyway. Bill Maris, for example, who is the President and managing partner of Google Ventures, spent, or was planning to spend, $425 million on the project in 2015, according to Bloomberg Business March 8, 2015 Google Ventures and the Search for Immortality.

This may seem as a considerable amount, but is still a drop in the ocean; there are investors who are willing to spend much more. Nevertheless, it won’t be enough in the long term; no private companies will be able to fund it all. Therefore, it was allegedly decided that the United Nations should be the credible world organization to introduce Transhumanism and the Singularity on a global scale. [See, James Mahu of the WingMakers, 1998, The Fifth Interview of Dr. Neruda, p. 19]. The expanded plan includes for the free market to make new technology irresistible to the masses, and then allow government subsidies to bring down the costs substantially in order to enable distribution of these same technologies.

The Administrators have already implanted into the New Age community the concept that we are all One, and albeit, we are separated now, the idea is that we need to move toward Oneness. The Law of One — the RA Material we discussed earlier — has also contributed to spreading the message of Oneness, by telling us that evolving into a social memory complex, where we all are “connected” and share each other’s thoughts, is a natural evolutional process; without it, we can’t evolve past “6th Density,” according to Ra. After the 7th Density we are all going to merge into Oneness, according to this same channeled material.

This is far from the Oneness humankind should strive for, in my opinion. Our goal should be to regain the power of our original bodies from 250,000 years ago and further back and not buy into the propaganda anymore that spirit and mind are something that is separate from the body. We must stop participating in Lucifer’s Agenda! In fact, the New Age movement with its slogan, We Are All One, suggests that we should go back and remerge with Source. In New Age nomenclature, “going back to Source” means that we all should work toward ceasing to be individuals and merge into One Being, i.e. Source or All That Is (God). It makes little sense that this is the Oneness we should concentrate on — after all, why would we “merge with Source” if “Source” created us to become individuals? We are here, in this Universe, to live and to explore it as separate smaller units of the Goddess and not to remerge with Her (the Divine Feminine). Therefore, the so-called New Age Movement has assisted the AI Movement in that they have helped them promote Oneness in a way that better assists Transhumanism as opposed to the real Oneness, which is the realization that spirit/mind/body is “One” as in “Oneness.”

Transhumanism is also promoting Oneness, where all people are equal and share the same database (the SBC). However, in reality, the Singularity is not Oneness at all; it’s Separation to the extreme, where all of mankind will be separated from the Multiverse — much more so than we are now. The SBC assists humanity in creating a new virtual reality within the physical universe; a virtual reality distinct from the real Multiverse, or the KHAA, where there are no limits to what we can potentially create. Transhumanism is what the Ra Material seems to be promoting rather than freedom for mankind. They themselves, who claim to be us in the future, are seemingly nothing more and nothing less than a sophisticated AI program. I know this will not sit well with Ra Material enthusiasts, but sometimes we must reevaluate our beliefs in order to move forward.

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