5 The Race for Immortality

Artificial Consciousness

In October 27, 2015, The Telegraph.co.uk ran an article called Family members could be kept alive forever using social media history — dead family members could be brought back to life using their history on social media to power virtual avatars.

Simon McKeown is a Reader in Animation and Post Production at Teeside University. One of his projects is to “reawaken” our dead relatives in the future, by creating “synthetic digital life” with something called photogrammetry. Using this technique, scientists will be able to create an “accurate reconstruct of a virtual 3D shape of a human being from existing photographs and video. Computer voice synthesis, will take account local and regional accents to deliver a more accurate representation of what they sounded like.” [Ibid., op. cit.] People would then be able to construct a reality where they never had to say goodbye to those they love. McKeown continues,

“Using emotion-sensitive human-computer interaction our artificially intelligent participants continue to acquire ongoing knowledge long after their death - they evolve digitally and do not die.” [Ibid., op. cit.]

As soon as this technique is implemented, the real human consciousness will more and more be replaced with artificial consciousness. As we can see, there are many slightly different outlooks into the future by those who have the technological means to solidify their visions, but all of them have one thing in common; they want to replace Homo sapiens sapiens as the center of creation and evolution. To the uninformed, the information McKeown just gave us is meant to trigger hope in the readers, wishfully making them think that they can live with their loved ones forever in a digital but very real-appearing synthetic version of “reality;” this being the next best thing to having the original person there in the first place. Also, it gets people used to the idea that once the SBC is in place, nothing that was once programmed into its memory bank will ever be erased. Everything a person ever thought and learned will be stored — including their entire personality. Thus, it is therefore a given that even if an accident happened to a cyborg — an accident bad enough to destroy it (forcing the soul, mind, and spirit body finally to leave the cyborg trap) — that person’s mind is still cloned into the SBC, is forever activated, and can be enlivened. We also need to keep in mind here that the Overlords want us to merge our minds in virtual realities that the collective mind of Posthuman is creating continuously (and I would add, with not-so-little-help from the Overlords and the Emissaries).

As strange as it may seem to some readers, I am convinced that the average scientist who works on bringing about the Singularity has humankind’s best interests in mind. However, those higher up the ladder certainly don’t, and these shady people know much more than we do about consciousness and metaphysics, and they can successfully use it against us.

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