4 Ray Kurzweil’s Singularity

When Do Humans Cease to be Human?

As described in the Wes Penre Papers, and by other researchers and authors, humankind has been genetically engineered and manipulated quite often during the course of time, but the changes have always been in the biological body. Now, we’re facing something totally different—an entirely new species, built as a biomechanical merge, where consciousness will be more or less substituted by super-intelligent brain-power. Every time these cyborgs think a thought or try to solve a problem, they will get different options and probabilities available to them, directly from the SBC, in a personal “brain upload.” Twenty-four hours a day, Posthumans will give their power away to a super brain, controlled by a Wizard of Oz behind the curtain.

On the other hand, could it just be me and others, advocating against the Movement, being paranoid, and this is all for the best of mankind? Are we just “conspiracy nuts, after all?”

Let’s first see if Kurzweil has an answer to the important question, “when do humans cease to be human?”

If we regard a human modified with technology as no longer human, where would we draw the defining line? Is a human with a bionic heart still human? How about someone with a neurological implant? What about two neurological implants? How about someone with ten nanobots in his brain? How about 500 million nanobots? Should we establish a boundary at 650 million nanobots: under that, you're still human and over that, you're posthuman? [The Singularity is Near (abbr. SIN), e-book version, p. 272, op. cit.].

When someone is using rhetoric logic, such as in the above quote, to indirectly promote his or her agenda, we should automatically question the motives. It is not a question of whether we should transplant an artificial heart in order to save a human being; it’s about creating an entirely new slave race, based on technology funded by a Black Budget, which is secret to the public, as well as to most politicians. We have no real idea how much Black Budget money is funneled into these projects, but it is a substantial amount. The real motive is not to save a person in need, but to create cyborgs out of an entire species. Hence, his logic goes out the window. Moreover, a species, Homo sapiens sapiens, is taken off its path of freeing themselves from a locked-in frequency band, which we call 3-D, doing so by using spiritual powers, not brain powers, and put under the overpowering influence of a super-computer that will do its data collection and its thinking for them. The information shared will be whatever is programmed into this computer, and how and what is being shared can still be controlled, and propaganda can be even more effective.

This is not, contrary to Kurzweil’s statement, rhetoric logic; it’s just common sense. It’s not enough to be “optimistic,” Mr. Kurzweil; it’s a matter of seeing the future from a holistic viewpoint and not with tunnel vision. It’s elementary logic, once we open our eyes, that we see not only potential dangers, but a new kind of slave species emerging, which will be under total, collective control by whomever sits behind the curtain in Oz. To be optimistic about it does not change the fact that power-hungry, warlike beings are behind this agenda. Even if we would be totally unaware of who is operating behind the scenes, it’s easy to see that the Movement is the most dangerous threat to our spiritual freedom that has ever been developed on this planet. We don’t even need to add the alien influence to see that.

I can’t help quoting from Kurzweil repeatedly because what he is saying and writing is absolutely stunning and revealing. Here he is again, writing more about Transhumanism in a very blunt manner:

Some observers refer to this merger as creating a new "species." But the whole idea of a species is a biological concept, and what we are doing is transcending biology. The transformation underlying the Singularity is not just another in a long line of steps in biological evolution. We are upending biological evolution altogether [The Singularity is Near , e-book version, p. 272, op. cit.].

It can hardly be blacker on white than the above statement, taken from his book. He wants to change the entire concept of what a species is; he wants us to forget the concept of a species necessarily being biological at all. It is true that our biological bodies are, in a sense, robots or machines as well, reengineered by En.ki and his team to be trapped in the material universe, but in biological bodies we have the capacity of some free thinking—not so when humanity has transformed into cyborgs.

The Pleiadians have always said that because this is a Living Library, genetic experimentation has been done, and is being done, on a regular basis, in one form or another, and by that, genetic engineering is to some degree acceptable. I disagree with this because such argument only applies to En.ki’s logic. This is not his planet to begin with, so he has no right to remodel or transform anything. If it were not for us humans, continuously giving him our direct or indirect consent, En.ki and his cohorts would have long since been out of here and put on trial.

This means, in spite of what En.ki did, it was, and still is, our responsibility to make our own decisions, and we chose (albeit under manipulation) to be part of En.ki’s Experiment, setup by a conquering species who needed us for their own selfish purposes. However, I also strongly advocate for total disclosure—not from our governments, but from the Overlords themselves—of what their real Agenda is, and what happened in the past, so many eons ago. If they won’t give us full disclosure (and they won’t), we will not be able to examine all the options we have as a human soul group. On the other hand, if we would beallowed to look at all the potentials and possibilities, and the majority of the human population still would choose to go for the Singularity alternative, I’ll rest my case—humanity would have made their choice and would have to take full responsibility and face the consequences of their actions.

As it is now, the debate is biased, and the information shared is not complete; thus, there is a need for books such as this one.

Kurzweil is also writing that “we need a new religion.” [Ibid., op. cit.]. What he means by this is that we must reach a point where the best in our current religions, such as the Golden Rule, will integrate with contemporary science; i.e. a merger of science and religion should take place. An interesting point is that this is precisely what the WingMakers’ spokesperson, James Mahu, is discussing on his website, Wingmakers.com; in order to find the Grand Portal—a metaphor for when we can become sovereign beings—we need to merge science and religion. I wrote extensively about the WingMakersin Wes Penre Papers, The First Level of Learning.

The following dialogue between Bill Gates (BILL) and Ray Kurzweil (RAY) contain some very disturbing ideas, such as the following,

BILL: Ten computers—or one million computers—can become one faster, bigger computer. As humans, we can't do that. We each have a distinct individuality that cannot be bridged.

RAY: That's just a limitation of biological intelligence. The unbridgeable distinctness of biological intelligence is not a plus. "Silicon" intelligence can have it both ways. Computers don't have to pool their intelligence and resources.

They can remain "individuals" if they wish. Silicon intelligence can even have it both ways by merging and retaining individuality—at the same time. As humans, we try to merge with others also, but our ability to accomplish this is fleeting [SIN, p. 273, op. cit.].

This is exactly what will tip many humans over toward Kurzweil’s goal; a promise of individuality in the midst of the Singularity. In the beginning, Posthumans may very well be allowed to keep their individuality, but this is why it’s so important for us humans to be aware of our real history and not the false history we learn in school. If we don’t know our past, it’s bound to reoccur, which is exactly what’s about to happen. Even if some individual thinking may be allowed, it will be very limited, and soon enough, only objective, calculative thinking will be possible, with AI infested in their brain and the rest of their body; the ability to experience real emotions will be very restricted.

The Primordial Womankind (the Namlú’u) were trusting toward others and did not expect being deceived by the Overlords, and over the eons, we haven’t learned much—we still generally trust “authorities” who don’t have any of our interests in mind.

You may have asked yourself how the Namlú’u could be trapped in human bodies that were created by their oppressors, who had chased Namlú’u’s creators away and trapped the Primordial Womankind in a locked-in dimension. Although a long time had passed between the War of the Titans and the moment the Namlú’u were trapped in En.ki’s bodies, shouldn’t the Namlú’u still have been suspicious enough not to trust the Overlords?

I don’t have the information about what exactly made the Namlú’u cooperate with the Overlords, but I can imagine that En.ki disguised himself as somebody else. Those who have read the Wes Penre Papersknow that En.ki is an expert in shapeshifting. He might even have disguised himself as Queen Nin, deceiving womankind by presenting a way out of the trap if they took these new bodies. We know En.ki can be very convincing, even to an extent that he can deceive his own people. Something as drastic as that must have happened for the Namlú’u to fall into this trap, that we’re still sitting in.

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