4 Ray Kurzweil’s Singularity

A Brave New World of Nanobots

Wouldn’t it be nice to jump into a temperature-regulated pool when the Sun above emanates so much heat that you’re about to jump out of your skin? Wouldn’t it be double-nice if you, with some help from nanobots, could sink to the bottom and sit there for hours without drowning?

Sold yet?

Maybe not, but this is actually one of the sales techniques for us to accept AI. These are Kurzweil’s exact words [my emphasis],

Our interneuronal connections compute at about 200 transactions per second, at least a million times slower than electronics. As another example, a nanotechnology theorist, Rob Freitas, has a conceptual design for nanobots that replace our red blood cells. A conservative analysis shows that if you replaced 10 percent of your red blood cells with Freitas’ “respirocytes,” you could sit at the bottom of a pool for four hours without taking a breath. [singularity.com].

Thus, after the Singularity (and perhaps even before), humans will be capable of going back to being amphibians again; back to the element whence we came—water (although not in the sense Darwin misinformed us). Next step is space; interested in going into space without having to breathe? No, now my imagination is getting the better of me—or is it?

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