4 Ray Kurzweil’s Singularity

The Ra Material—the Law of One and AI

Perhaps some readers, who have read the "Ra Material", see bibliotecapleyades.net and llresearch.org, will notice some similarities between the RA entities and the Singularity. The Ra Material is, for those who haven’t heard about it, channeled material from the early 1980s. There are those who claim, that this channeling is the best-channeled material humankind has ever received, containing the most accurate information of all channeling.

A tight-knit group of three people broadcasted these beings through one person in the group, the late Carla Rueckert (channeler). The two other members of this group were Don Elkins, PhD (questioner), and Jim McCarty (scribe). They channeled a group of entities who called themselves Ra (allegedly no connection with Amon Ra or Marduk). They said they were a social memory complex, which means, in their own words, that they were a collective, connected to a central super-intelligence, consisting of the combined knowledge of their species, and from this super-intelligence, they could, individually, draw information. Don Elkins’ questions were often brilliant, so the answers from this collective were very deep and detailed, but sometimes quite scientific in nature. Despite this, the material is still comprehensible to a large degree, once we get used to the RA entities’ complex and quite mechanical way of talking. Elkins understood most, but not all of it, being a scientist himself.

Something that strikes me with the Ra Material is the amazing similarities between their social memory complex and the Singularity. They both draw from a central point, and the individual is not as important; the individual is just a cog in the “machinery” and, hence, is expendable. First, it is the social memory complex that needs to be protected. The Ra beings try to give us good reasons why it’s preferable to become a Social Memory Complex, and they say that we humans are on our way to becoming the same. Similar to what the Movement says, Ra tell us, too, that it is a natural part of our evolution.

Another curious thing with the Ra Material, and something that puzzled me already in the beginning when I read the material, is the mechanical answers they give to Elkins’ questions. They lack all sense of humor and emotionality—their replies and comments are very mechanical and complex. They claim to have evolved on Venus and to have visited our planet a few times. They also claim to be the Pyramid Builders (which means, if true, that they are a group tightly connected to the Overlords, who are the ones who actually built the pyramids, or at least restored them. Some say the pyramids are older than 450,000 years, which is the approximate time the AIF has been here, but Ra claims they built the pyramids in a much more recent time than that). Moreover, there are many similarities in their message and in the message of other channeled material, e.g. Ra says that they are us in the future.

From what I can see, there are three possibilities who Ra might be, and they are the following:

  1. They are us in the future, post Singularity.
  2. They are another civilization that also adopted the Singularity model.
  3. They are AI, controlled and instructed by the AIF to feed Don Elkins with some answers so that we can adopt their version of reality as a step toward our own Singularity.

There might very well be civilizations out there that have preceded us in the Singularity; all controlled by the network belonging to the Luciferian Empire, but the bottom line is that the Ra collective has too many similarities with our own journey toward the Singularity to be just a coincidence. If you have read the material, you might relate to my argument, and if you haven’t read it and now start reading it, you will notice that the resemblance is remarkable. Unfortunately, many people in the alternative movement and New Age treat the Ra Material as a piece of gold. Personally, I see too many discrepancies in the material, and in addition, the late Carla Rueckert, who channeled Ra, was a Christian and remained so throughout her entire life. Why have so few people noticed this? If a person, who is a devoted Christian, is channeling, what is coming through him or her is severely distorted and biased toward that person’s religious belief. For people, who are quite knowledgeable about channeled material, not to recognize this fact in the sense of the Ra Material is just more filtering.

I am not sure how Carla justified the goodness of the “demonic” Ra entities (seen from a Christian perspective), but somehow she did.

It is my impression that the Ra Material is Artificial Intelligence, and as such, the AIF is ultimately behind this channeling. Many people think that entities that people channel must be what they say they are—after all, they think, the information being channeled is sometimes so comprehensive and coherent that only very advanced, higher dimensional beings can be behind it.

This is not true, however. Think again what the Singularity accomplishes. According to the spokespersons, connecting a soul group to an SBC would make each individual connected to everybody else, including everybody else’s knowledge. Someone can instantly get the information he or she needs. This means that AI could give Elkins, and others who are involved in channeling, instant answers to almost any question. The answers don’t necessarily need to be correct, but they can be made coherent.

The most important message in the Ra Material is something they call the Harvest. This word, in context of what Ra are telling us, gives me the creeps. The Harvest means harvest of souls, and supposedly has to do with our ascension from the third to the fourth density. People, who are more than 51% Service to others will be harvested and transmitted to the fourth dimension, and the Ra people will be here to assist us.

I hope that the reader of my material has understood that there is no such thing as ascension to a certain density or dimension. Either we are in En.ki’s trap, or we are not. If we are not, we automatically have access to the KHAA, i.e. as many dimensions and densities we wish. Ascension to a certain dimension or density is just more hogwash and entrapment.

The reader is of course free to come to different conclusions.

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