4 Ray Kurzweil’s Singularity

Hopelessly Behind?

It’s important for the AI movement (from now on I will interchangeably call it the Movement, with a capital M) that we all understand what the implications of the Singularity are. Dr. Kurzweil makes it clear that if we are not on the bandwagon, we’ll be an inferior species; indeed, a very inferior species, according to their norms. In a Q&A session, he writes the following:

Nonbiological intelligence will have access to its own design and will be able to improve itself in an increasingly rapid redesign cycle. We’ll get to a point where technical progress will be so fast that unenhanced human intelligence will be unable to follow it. That will mark the Singularity. [singularity.com].

This will be shocking for people once this sinks into their minds; it will make them think that there is no choice. Do they want to live amongst cyborgs that can redesign and improve themselves in such unimaginable speed that those who are opting out of the Singularity can’t even fathom it? Most people will be scared, and after having thought it through a few times, many will voluntarily join the Movement, or otherwise be left behind.

People need to learn how to see through this silly propaganda and refuse to participate in the AIF programs. Contrary to what the Movement says, we are not mechanical, and we are not machines; we are spiritual beings, and the Singularity is not a natural process in our evolution—unless we are manipulated into believing that we are.

The evolution from being genetically manipulated slaves to becoming free spiritual beings again will only take as long as we let it. We are only trapped so long as we decide we want to remain trapped. On the other side of this entrapment is freedom—freedom of thought, freedom of imagination, freedom of intention, and freedom of action—no technology and no SBC needed! These freedoms are paramount in order for us to be able to explore the dimensions, using our free will. Once again, we will be aware that we are spirit/mind/body in unity, and there will be no death or separation between spirit/mind and the body—death does not exist outside En.ki’s trap because the spirit/mind/body is eternal! We are all capable of going from entrapment to freedom faster than the blink of an eye, but only if we wish to. I will expand on this in the end section of the book.

If we, on the other hand, buy into Kurzweil’s propaganda, we will never achieve individual freedom on any level; everything will be very physical (in the sense we usually perceive the word “physical” in this 3-D “reality”). In an artificial way, we will be able to do things that we can’t even dream of now, but under very strict control, and always on the AIF’s conditions. Eventually, we will end up as their foot soldiers in a galactic war (more about this later). We will be able to travel in space, but in a very mechanical way (through Einstein-Rosen Bridges, wormholes, and stargates, etc., in a very physical manner), and the spiritual part of the Universe will forever be excluded from us. Why would we want to do all that when we naturally can achieve the same thing and so much more?

As others and I have reported repeatedly, the answers lie within. Here in 3-D, we can go inside our bodies and minds to find answers and to explore the Multiverse. How can we possibly do so in an artificial, mechanical body? The more mechanical, the more difficult to access our real selves. Those with such bodies need to rely totally on the SBC to feed them censored ideas and thoughts. However, all the Movement is doing is cloning the brain, and you know as well as I do that the brain is not remotely the same thing as consciousness.

The late David Bowie showed us the potential future in his last few videos from the album he made while he was dying. If you decide to watch them, you will be able to see the symbolism after having read this book. The message is all in Bowie’s symbolism. He was quite knowledgeable on the subject from being a lifelong reader of Aleister Crowley’s material.

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