3 Transhumanism

Chemtrails and Nanobots

As I wrote earlier, Transhumanism can be seen as the process necessary to achieve what scientists call the Singularity. In fact, we are in the middle of the Transhumanism process right now.

Thus far, we haven’t discussed in depth how the establishment is going to create this bridge, but we will. However, it’s too much for one chapter, so I’m going to break it down, after I have presented the basics of the Artificial Intelligence idea.

There are many small and big steps that need to be taken in order for the agenda to progress. One important step is to make certain that we all have nanobots in our blood stream. Unfortunatley, it seems that everyone who’s been subjected to chemtrails has them in their system [66]—including me. The city, in which I live, is being heavily sprayed on a regular basis. There is not much we can do to avoid this; after all, we need to breathe, and when we do, we are likely to breathe them in.

I know this might come as a big shock to people, and many will doubt that it’s true. This is understandable, but the Controllers will see to it that everybody on the planet gets these nanobots in their blood, one way or another, and the proof of this is coming from the horse’s mouth, which I will show the reader in the next chapter.

After all, if you were to decide how to best infest as many people as possible with these nanobots, without their knowledge, wouldn’t it be a good idea to include them in chemtrails? Also, as I wrote in the Prologue, nanobots are supposedly embedded in many medications.[67]

It’s been suggested[68] that it all started with pain medications (opiates), such as Vicodin/Norco, Oxycodone/Percocet, MS Contin (long acting morphine), and OxyContin (long acting Oxycodone/Percocet). Since then, it’s allegedly been added to most medications on the market.

What effect will these nanobots have on the individual? Are we now doomed to turn into machines? At the moment, nothing drastic will happen, and what will occur in the near future depends on the individual and the person’s level of consciousness, i.e. vibration. Those, who are totally ignorant, will respond exactly the way the Controllers anticipate, and the nanobots will, when activated, with time, replace the human immune system.

The nanobots contain artificial intelligence on the nano-level that will respond to outside stimuli. The idea is that by replacing the human immune system, diseases can be cured remotely, by stimulating the bots in a desired way, in order to cure an illness.

This potentially paves the road to immortality, induced by technology, the ultimate question would be, why do we want immortality in the physical world when we all are entirely spiritual and could have full access to the eternal spiritual realm instead? No one needs technology to live forever; we are all immortal by default.

When we realize this to the fullest, we no longer have any doubt that we are in a prison, and our sentence, in spite of the fact that we didn’t commit any crime, is to live in it for an eternity, in service to the prison guards and their Masters.

Nanobots work in such a way that once we have them activated, those in control can stimulate any of these nanobots in the entire population simultaneously, or each individual can be stimulated in isolation without affecting those around them; all in the name of health, security and immortality, of course.

However, what we are not being told is that the Controllers can change our personalities remotely, as well, by manipulating the nanobots any way they want. In an instant, they will be able to program us all at once, and no one will protest because protests will not be an option when we’re connected to the SBC.

Exactly the same way it’s done with robots, cyborgs can be reprogrammed, too, until they respond in accordance to the overall unified system. Many researchers have exposed how the Controllers are using Extra Low Frequency (ELF) to affect the human mind, and this has been done for quite a while. It is one way to keep us within the frequency band that is our mental and physical prison.

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid the profoundly negative implications of this nanotechnology, which is something we will discuss in the last chapter.

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