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How Transhumanism will Affect the Human Soul Group

James Mahu of the wingmakers made a very distinct statement in the essay, The Fifth Interview of Dr. Neruda, where Dr. Neruda says:

Technology will evolve from external-impersonal, to external-personal, to integrated-personal, to internal-personal. Transhumanism is the last phase, and it is the phase that the elite are moving to. [The WingMakers, The Fifth Interview of Dr. Neruda, p. 25, op. cit.]

This is the agenda in two sentences. The Administrators are indeed merging technology with biology and are then transforming technology to become internal and part of the personal; the inner self. These cyborg bodies will become just as natural to people as our current biological bodies; the technology is going to be impeccable in that sense.

Nothing will be released to the public without first having been tested in the military; soldiers are the guinea pigs for all major projects, as they have always been. If you sign up for the military, they own you; once you put your signature on the line you become military property and you need to follow orders.

You cease being treated as a soverign human being and can be legally experimented on. This is obvious even to those who have never been in the military, when we look at, how war veterans with PTSD are mistreated, if treated at all. The great majority of homeless males are veterans.

Some of them are so compartmentalized, that they only have vague memories from their military service. Their trauma does not always develop in war situations; it can also come from cruel experiments. When the experiments are over, the victim is given amnesia and will not remember anything, until perhaps several decades later, when horrific memory flashes surface.

Once the tests have passed the military criteria, it’s time to release the new technology to the public. Although the technology has been there all the time within the Luciferian Empire, not all of it has been tested satisfactorily on humans.

Before and after the Singularity, robots and humans will be living side by side, as we already are. However, there’s going to be much more of that in the very near future. I know that many readers are quite concerned about the robots taking over the job market, and that’s a valid concern.

Robots will take over most of the job market, and they are successively doing so already now, as we will see. This, too, is part of the plan to instigate more fear in humanity. The machines are cost-effective, and therefore, the industries feel justified having humans replaced.

Humans We need restbreaks and lunchbreaks, which is time consuming and costly for corporations. Also, humans make errors and are slow, in comparison to their robotic partners, and people get sick, need time off, need sleep, have a family life, private time, a forty hour workweek, vacations, and often expect free weekends.

They also need to be paid. A robot can work twenty hours of the day with few needs, besides occasional repairs and tune-ups. However, this is only temporary because self-repairing robots are now being tested on the market.

Of course, there needs to be some kind of equilibrium in the world of business. If most of the population is unemployed, they can’t feed the corporations with money to buy their products, so the constant money flow will stop, and everything will crash.

The Administrators have thought of that, too. The robots, with their artificial intelligence, will not totally take over the market; there will still be workers, although they will be forced to work more and more, side-by-side with robots. However, the fear of having a totally robot-controlled market is a part of the initiation into the AI agenda.

When Kurzweil was asked about robots taking over the job market, he admitted that this might be a problem in the beginning, but as soon as the world is under serious reconstruction to serve the Singularity, there will be work for everybody. In the meantime, to hold us over, we might need Government aid, he says.

Well, with all the current and future financial crises, this does not seem feasible, but then again, the Administrators are busy working on crashing the world economy so they can create a new form of world currency that will supposedly work in the post Singularity world. Whatever happens in this regard, I sense tough times ahead.

Fig 3-2: Eric Schmidt, former Google CEO.

The big corporations are important players when it comes to making the Singularity a reality. They are also blatantly telling us about their agenda in the media. No one can say they didn’t warn us. A typical example of this type of arrogant behavior is Google’s former CEO, Eric Schmidt.

Google is one of a number of mammoth corporations that is in partnership with the government. In this 2 minute video, Eric Schmidt reveals, that Google is currently gathering all the information it can on each individual on the planet, who is using Google’s search engine. He adds, that a person does not have to type something in; the company still knows what we’re doing. He is also quick to add, that it is done with our permission, of course.

As I’ve mentioned previously, it’s very important that they have our consent; even if we are not aware that we are giving it and what we are giving our consent to. Well, in this interview Schmidt gives it all away. Not only does he tell us that Google is learning everything about our habits. It’s also been publically announced that Google has been caught and fined for hacking the passwords of its users.

Fig 3-3: Google hacking passwords from Google users.

As if this wasn’t enough, Schmidt gladly gives away another secret. The interviewer gets into the subject of implanting our brain, and the CEO laughs and says, that there is something he calls “the creepy line” that Google is not crossing; therefore, he wouldn’t consider implants, at least not until they have the technology to do so! [“Don’t be evil” is Google’s motto], whether the reader believes it or not.

That’s quite an amazing statement, in my opinion. He can’t commit to not having plans to implanting people because he would be lying on record. By adding this disclaimer, he thinks, that he has protected himself. I advise you to listen to him at the above link. The Controllers are getting much more arrogant about their agendas now.

These days, the Controllers don’t mind being much more open with their plans. It is part of the partial disclosure I wrote about earlier. These people know that even if a certain number of people get the message and understand the agenda behind it, most will still remain in denial, afraid to take action, because if they do, their lives might change, and their current material status will be threatened.

At the time of this writing, 2016, the YouTube video with Eric Schmidt has more than 24,000 visitors, not including all those who actually saw the interview on television, and life still goes on as usual. The arrogant Administrators and their Minions have very little to fear from the general public at this time, and they know it.

The only real threat against them would be a mass awakening. One way to counteract such an awakening would be to increase their level of manipulation, in order to keep the lid on as tight as possible until the Singularity takes care of the control issue once and for all. Also, with the afterlife recycling center making sure that deceased humans are properly “taken care of,” they don’t believe that anyone can really escape or do any real harm to them.

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