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Population Control and Transhumanism

At the time of this writing, there are more than seven billion people on this planet, and the Western governments are not willing to pay the cost to feed all the people, who are sick and starving in the Third World countries. Also, seven billion individuals are far more than it’s possible to control; the Singularity goal would probably have to be postponed to another time if all these people had to be kept in the fold, but the Administrators are receiving pressure from the Overlords to have the Singularity in place approximately by 2045.

The best, and perhaps only way, to accomplish this is to reduce the population drastically; some researchers say that the goal is to reduce the world population to 500 million people, and others have suggested that the reduction will be even more drastic.

In Chapter 8, we will discuss what is being done to accomplish a population reduction, and it’s not a matter of dropping bombs over our cities to kill us off (although this happens, as well); it’s more sophisticated than that. By poisoning our food with GMO, destroying our environment, spraying chemtrails, giving people vaccines, giving us poisonous “medications”, and so on, they weaken our immune system, and even make us infertile.

We also get prone to heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, and other potentially fatal illnesses that will both control population growth and reduce the number of people in the next generation. There are many other measures taken as well; many of them are unknown to the general public, and also to those of us who are working on exposing the agenda.

More details will most certainly emerge in the near future by those digging into the population reduction issue. The above measures are only the tip of the iceberg; those behind the scenes have it well planned out, and they hope to accomplish this in quite a covert way, so that people in general won’t notice. Besides, very few people think that their Government would do all this to them.

Then, when the population is reduced to a more manageable number, the next preset target, leading to the Singularity, can be set into motion.

Part of the agenda is to purposely make people sick and dysfunctional. When people don’t feel well, and very little seems to be done about it, it’s convenient to introduce AI and the Singularity as a solution. Once again, it will be emphasized that with the Singularity in place, there will be no more death and diseases—in fact, this is what Dr. Kurzweil was discussing in his books.

After the Singularity, the population, by then heavily infested with Artificial Intelligence in the form of nanobots, can be increased to a new, desired number. Lucifer’s Legions need human cyborg soldiers (so-called super soldiers) to assist them in their quest, and they probably need more than half a million soldiers, one would think.

Eventually, the Outlaws might want to create a massive military base, covering most of Planet Earth. Hence, in order to have total control over population growth, the puppet scientists are well on their way to making robots that are capable of reproducing. This is not science-fiction. It is being exposed in mainstream media, which we will look into in a future chapter.

Then, I can imagine, when the AIF decides that they have just the right number of cyborgs, controlled by a Super Brain Computer (SBC), they can stop the cyborg bodies from being able to reproduce. No one will probably protest because a little change in the “chemistry” of the SBC will affect and transform the neurological pathways in the world population, and everybody will think that whatever idea the Overlords come up with is brilliant.

Also, by controlling our neurological system via nanobots (antennas), they can easily manipulate us into thinking that we came up with the idea ourselves. When the population ceiling is reached, very few new souls will probably be able to incarnate in this 3-D reality (who would want to incarnate under these circumstances, anyway?).

Now I would like to show you an interesting dialogue on the subject of life and death, quoted from Ray Kurzweil’s website,

Questioner: If people stop dying, isn’t that going to lead to overpopulation?

Ray Kurzweil: A common mistake that people make when considering the future is to envision a major change to today’s world, such as radical life extension, as if nothing else were going to change. The GNR revolutions will result in other transformations that address this issue.

For example, nanotechnology will enable us to create virtually any physical product from information and very inexpensive raw materials, leading to radical wealth creation. We’ll have the means to meet the material needs of any conceivable size population of biological humans. Nanotechnology will also provide the means of cleaning up environmental damage from earlier stages of industrialization .

Kurzweil is absolutely right; there is technology that can clean up our environment. The oceans that have been destroyed by litter and oil, the atmosphere, the forests and cities, radiation, and virtually everything else can be cleaned up. It’s not human technology that can do this, but ET technology in the hands of humans. The Controllers and the Minions rely on this, and therefore they believe that they can create any disaster they want because it’s reversible.

According to Kurzweil, in the above excerpt, no population reduction is needed. We can create offspring around the planet more or less unhindered, he claims—even as biological beings—and will still have enough resources to spread them out equally to everybody.

This, of course, contradicts Bill Gates’ agenda to reduce the population with vaccines and by other means, but that’s just how the game is played; Gates is pretending to sit on the fence because that’s what he’s supposed to do. He represents the indecisive population that can see both the pros and cons of the AI Movement and the Singularity.

In perspective; what are we actually dealing with? Are we dealing with designed population control or won’t there be any population control at all? We need to understand that there are agendas within agendas within agendas and that the AIF’s (Alien Invading Force’s) propaganda is full of oxymorons and doublespeak, but population control is already being implemented.

The overall population is still growing, but the next generation will be less in numbers because of all the anti-fertility programs that are being run in the background.

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