3 Transhumanism

The United Nations’ Role in Transhumanism

Only by looking at the name, United Nations, it’s easy to see that at least one of the goals for this organization is to unify all countries in the world into becoming one single Nation under “God” a One World Government. This is not a secret; the UN freely admits to this. More specifically, they are the linking and negotiating body between countries, in order to unite them—they are the intermediary.

However, what they don’t tell us, but is known to many who work there, is that they are also involved in preparing for the Second Coming: a religious leader who will sit upon the World Throne. [See the Wes Penre Paper, The Fifth Level of Learning, Paper #14: “The End of Kali Yuga; When the World Religions Become as One, Section VI. Maitreya—the World Leader. Bogus or the Real Thing?”]. The UN supports the AI movement, as well.

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