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The Breakdown of the Family Unit

The family unit has been a threat to the Cosmic Outlaws for centuries, because it creates a strong bond between people. In the middle ages, the family unit was kept under control by having people live in poverty, filth, and starvation, while the rich were wallowing in money, luxury, and delicious food. Families stuck together but had little time to do anything, except trying to cope with a situation where they lived from day to day struggling to survive.

With the Industrial Revolution and the new technological era, things changed. Regular people eventually received higher education, in order to be able to understand and work with technology and the society that emerged from it. Also, the living standard slowly increased in the Western World, and real poverty became rarer.

The backside of this, viewed from the Outlaws’ perspective, was that the family unit also became stronger and healthier. People had more time to talk about things of concern, and it became harder for the manipulators to control families. The Controllers had no idea what was happening behind locked doors. Consequently, something had to be done.

One of the ideas was to introduce television. The goal became one TV in every home. This was the fourth of many future steps to seduce the population with nonsense, so that they, instead of sitting around the table discussing subjects that could challenge the status quo, would be distracted and separated by watching TV (the first step to distract people was silent movies, the second step was radio and the third step was movies that included audio).

As a result, people who did not go to the theater or listen to the radio could bring the theater into their own homes. By distracting people, often with nonsense programs, such as dubious western movies that distorted the actual history of the Wild West, TV series, subtle propaganda films, and biased and controlled news programs, they could more easily dumb down both the individual and the family unit.

This worked like a charm for many years (and still does to an extent), but the AIF still felt threatened. Therefore, they wanted to create an experiment to see how solid their manipulation and mind control of the masses really was. Hence, they created the counter-culture movement, which originated at the Tavistock Institute in the U.K. [See, John Coleman CONSPIRATORS' HIERARCHY: THE COMMITTEE OF 300]

The Vietnam War had started, and now the Controllers and their Minions thought it might be a good idea to target the kids. Hence, the hippie movement was created. It all started with Elvis Presley, who was succeeded by The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, upon whom a large number of other pop and rock groups, as well as individual singers and songwriters, followed. The entire purpose with pop and rock music was (and still is) to manipulate the teenagers. [Ibid.]

Part of the agenda, in the 1960s, was to alienate the children from their families, by indoctrinating them and introducing them to drugs. Woodstock and other huge rock concerts had one major purpose—to drug down the hippie generation. At Woodstock, drugs were used openly, and the police were instructed not to intervene.

What a stunningly great number of the musicians of the hippie generation had in common was that they were children of high ranking military families. Many of these young musicians had been subjected to trauma-based mind control and had developed multiple personalities. Jim Morrison of The Doors is just one of many examples.

I advise you to read the entire series of excellent and very well researched articles written by the late David McGowan, “Inside The LC: The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation.” The link will take you to Part 1.

Charles Manson, another mind-controlled puppet, together with his equally mind-controlled gang of fanatic murderers, put a nail in the coffin of the hippie movement, and from then on society became more violent and unstable, while heavy metal bands, such as Alice Cooper and Black Sabbath with their tuned down guitar music, being examples of forerunners of music groups, who are spreading music with dark and often violent messages.

These new bands now became the role models for a new generation. Alice Cooper (his real name is Vincent Furnier) said in an interview that he and his band were those who actually put the final nail in the coffin of the hippie movement. Most hippies were now in their late twenties or early thirties, and some of them succumbed to drugs while others cut their hair, married and got a job.

The Tavistock/Woodstock experiment had been successful, and the previous stability of the family unit began to show some serious instability, after having lost almost an entire generation to war, rock music, drugs, and promiscuous sex. Nonetheless, something more had to be done to once and for all break families apart, and the Rockefeller Foundation was put in charge to accomplish this.

They came up with a brilliant solution that also looked humane and fair on the surface, but its real purpose was to split the “dangerous” family unit and to more or less pull it up by its roots. The Rockefellers instigated and sponsored the Women’s Liberation Movement (Women’s Lib) in the early 1970s.

They planted some mind-controlled charismatic women on the stage, and these puppets were proponents for women to have equal rights to men. This, of course, was a new concept in this male-dominate world and could have been a good thing, if it wasn’t for the real purpose behind the movement. The idea was that women should have an equal right to fulltime jobs as men and to have equal opportunities to advance within the societal structure.

This agenda was a success! Women entered the job market in much larger numbers than ever before, and they now had their own careers to think about. Then, of course, they also wanted to marry and have children. This became a problem to a certain degree because how would they be able to combine their careers with raising children?

The answer was simple: Daycare! These Daycare Centers took care of (and raised) the children, while both their parents were busy working long hours. Also, society now had the opportunity to indoctrinate the children at an early age by taking charge of their early “education” (read indoctrination).

Now, finally, the family unit was split up. The societal structure the Rockefeller Foundation created and sponsored has now become the norm. Before Women’s Lib, parents usually raised children who were happy and who, because their childhood was peaceful, had a stable ground on which they could go out and face the world as young adults.

This was entirely based on the father, who could support his entire family with his income, while the mother could be a stay-at-home mom, taking care of the children and working around the house. This is the best environment for children to grow up in.

This became next to impossible after the breakdown of the family unit. Suddenly, the father (in general) couldn’t financially support his family anymore, when inflation made commodities much more expensive and income did not increase to match this upsurge in costs. Hence, regardless whether the mother wanted to work or not, she was forced to, in order to be able to contribute to the overall finances of the family.

In summary, the Administrators and the Overlords do not want us to unify on a spiritual level by our own means: a process that otherwise happens quite automatically when two or more people are able to connect on a deeper level, such as within solid and stable families. Since time immemorial, the Outlaws have worked hard to keep us separated from each other on a spiritual level.

Today, it is worse than ever; both parents work, the children are brought up by strangers, when what they actually need are their real parents, who can give them solid guidelines on how to behave as children and how to best succeed as adults. Instead, the children are being purposely indoctrinated by society from a very early age.

Then, when the real parents pick up their children from Daycare after work, they are usually so exhausted after a stressful work day that they have little energy left to take care of their children’s needs. What this creates are unstable children with anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem.

When these children grow up, they are easily further manipulated by society, and they often become obedient workers for the system. It’s utterly important to have a stable and loving childhood to fall back upon, when challenges in life are getting the best of us.

Note also that I don’t imply that women should be exempted from having a career if they want to, but I think the setup of the original family unit is the ideal. Moreover, I think it’s important that a couple contemplate this important issue with the above in mind, before they dedicate themselves mindlessly to a very stressful job market, leaving the main responsibility of childcare to others, who have no connection to the family.

I know it’s hard to manage on one person’s wages these days, but we don’t need fancy houses, expensive cars, and increasing credit card debt in order to have a good life; less can sometimes be sufficient to survive and maintain a healthy work/life balance.

It’s important for the Overlords to program us from our early childhood because that will format our way of thinking later in life. Instead, if sound and intuitive parents educate their children from the beginning, by giving them their love and their time, great moral and ethical values, and teach them how to survive on their own, but also teach them how to problem solve, to help out at home in order for them to learn how to function in a family, and have them learn different skills—based on the parents’ experience and common sense—the children will become much more stable as adults.

They will also be capable of critical thinking, rather than being subjected to the indoctrination given in Daycare Centers and elsewhere, which only creates obedient slaves. Of course, there is always a chance that the parents are flawed and will teach their children destructive behaviors that they are passing forward from their parents, or they might abuse their children in different ways, but in general, the old way of raising children creates more capable and compassionate individuals.

Separation makes people unhappy; we are a social species, and the Controllers know this, of course. It’s imperative for the Controllers to separate us in order to unite us. The unification that the Controllers want is unification through technology, and to make that happen, they must make humanity feel, that it is in need of change.

If a need for change is not created, no one wants to change. Having a sound family unit in place, few people would like the changes proposed by those in charge. However, after having separated us from each other and made us overstressed and unhappy, we are crying out for a change that offers protection and guidance. It’s the Controllers’ formula all over again: problem-reaction-solution.

Transhumanism is a way to further tighten the ropes around our necks, while presenting it as something positive by pointing out key things that are desirable to people, such as immortality, because most people are afraid to die. They are afraid of the unknown, and they don’t want to leave their loved ones behind. With the Singularity in place, that won’t happen; or deaths will at least be very rare and far between.

People get what they want (unity) and the Overlords get what they want (synthetic/artificial unity, created with technology). Then the new trap closes around people, who are turning into immortal cyborgs who can’t escape. They are stuck with rejuvenating artificial bodies, that never die or deteriorate because everything in their bodies can be replaced and eventually be self-healing.

It’s just a matter of reorganizing the manufactured cells/nanobots in the body, and new limbs and organs can easily heal, or rather self-rejuvenate. People will be stuck for an eternity, figuratively speaking, in cyborg bodies, in service to, and as part of, Lucifer’s Legions. If this is not threating to us, I don’t know what is. It is the same as the definition of “nightmare” or “Hell” to me. Fortunately, there is a “soulution”, which I will get to later.

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