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Nanotechnology and Fertility

In a separate chapter, we are going to delve deeper into how the media are promoting nanotechnology and AI to the public with the purpose to give us the impression that this technology can benefit us in major ways. Nonetheless, I want to give the reader some examples of how nanotechnology already now is going to be used in the medical field to enhance our standard of living. They make it all sound good, and indeed, some of this technology will have beneficial effects on people who suffer and in other ways have issues they want to resolve, such as infertility. Much of this information will appeal to people who either have the conditions themselves or know somebody else who does.

Because of different factors, such as chemicals, GMO food, chemtrails, and radiation from nuclear “accidents,” secret testing of nuclear weapons, poisoning of the planet, and other secret projects that the Administrators and their minions in the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) are conducting on the planet and on mankind, fertility in both men and women has been affected. Couples who wish to have children sometimes spend a fortune trying everything possible in the medical field in order for the woman to become pregnant. At times it works, other times it does not. Fewer and fewer people can have children of their own; men’s sperms are becoming useless in more and more cases, and women in their most fertile age can’t make the sperm stick to the egg, or they have miscarriages.

We are told that research has been done in this field, and people are holding their breath, hoping a breakthrough is on the horizon. Lo and behold! In spite of many skeptics’ pessimistic predictions that something revolutionary will develop anytime soon in this field, a breakthrough may now be just around the corner; at least, if the infertility is on the male’s end.

If the woman is fertile, but the man has slow-swimming sperms (which is the most common reason for infertility [see article excerpt below]), what may be one solution is now presented in the media. The Daily Mail published an article from January 13, 2006 that read:

"Microscopic machines propel slow swimming sperm toward the egg

One of five men have been diagnosed with slow swimmers, which makes low sperm motility a leading cause of infertility.

Artificial insemination and reproduction technologies are options, but the average success rate is under 30 percent.

In order to beat the odds, a group of researchers are developing spermbots, which could act as a motor that pushes the sperm towards the egg.

Researchers from the Institute for Integrative Nanosciences at IFW Dresden used a tiny magnet, made of titanium and nickel, to create the metal helices.

The coil is just big enough to wrap around the tail of the sperm and mimics a microscopicmotor by propelling the sperm to the egg with the use of a rotating magnetic field.

After the sperm makes contact with an egg, it wiggles itself inside and out of the spermbot.

Researchers have reported success during testing, as the spermbots have shown they can be directed to slide one the sperm's tail and travel to the egg in a petri dish.

Even though the devices are in early stages, researchers have noted they ‘are not overly harmful to sperm'.

But ultimately further testing has to be done to determine how safe they are for human subjects and how effective it will be for patients.

During this process, a women's [sic] eggs are removed from her ovaries with a needled [sic], then fertilized in a petri dish and then transferred back to the uterus or a surrogate's a few days later."

My point with this is not to show the current success rate, despite many people’s excitement about this, but to expose where science in general is heading these days, which is toward robotic solutions to human problems. Nanotechnology is the cornerstone of what will become the Singularity in about thirty years, if Kurzweil’s prediction is correct. Kurzweil claims that the Singularity will be accomplished by 2045.

In the meantime, they have to put hope in the general population for the future of this generation and the next. People in general want a world without disease, with vitality and a long life (some would even vote for immortality, if possible). I know this, the reader knows this, and of course, the Overlords know this. An imperative part of the propaganda machine is to convince people that science has the answers to their problems.

Although spokespersons for the AI Movement (Kurzweil being my example of choice out of many other spokespersons) suggest a balanced discussion, fear of death and long-term painful diseases will make many people blind to the negative side of the Singularity and embrace an eternal, vital life in the physical plane to avoid death and not being sure what is going to happen afterward—if anything. The Controllers want the population to believe that the Utopia that has almost forever been the Holy Grail of the oppressed masses will now come true. To make people believe that we are about to achieve health and eternal life, a huge propaganda machine needs to be set up, while the real planning is taking place in secret, behind locked doors. Besides promoting a solution that people want, they also have to make things worse in the world in order to win over the fence-sitters. This is one of the reasons why authorities create severe environmental issues, mind-controlled people to do school and mall shootings in random places, instigate wars and viral diseases, create cancer or enhance cancer risk, in addition to taking other undesirable and fearmongering actions. The general population has a difficult time grasping how the government they think they have voted in can commit such destructive and insane acts, when these acts are obviously putting the entire future of mankind in jeopardy. Most people, however, just wonder about these issues in silence, or briefly discuss them with family and friends. Then it stops there. When people mention it to others, the fear mechanism is triggered in the others, and a snowball effect sometimes takes place. This is, of course, part of the plan. The goal with a propaganda program is typically to create fear, but after the initial fearmongering , they want us to do the main job, which is to spread the fear amongst each other; it works better than a fast-spreading virus.

When enough fear and chaos has been purposely perpetrated, it’s time to come up with the solution, which in the long term is the Singularity.

Many readers have probably heard of the following formula, applied on the masses by the Controllers, but I’ll repeat it here because it’s so important to understand; it works on us like a charm. The formula looks like this: problem-reaction-solution.

The authorities (the Emissaries) create a problem that people don’t know was purposely created by them (e.g. the environmental issues mentioned above); then there is a reaction from the public that the authorities must do something about it. Finally, the authorities come up with the solution to the problem that they themselves initiated.

The solution is always a further push toward the Global Agenda—a step in the progress that would have been hard to accomplish if the fear button in the population hadn’t been pushed first. This formula is brilliant because it has more than one application. By demanding that the government or some other authority solves the problem, we also give our power away, which makes themstronger and us weaker; they draw energy/life force from the rest of us, which is the definition of vampirism.

For those who want to read more extensively about nanotechnology and the agenda from a scientific viewpoint, just to know how they think, there is a great 400-page summary in something titled The NBIC Report (which stands for Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Information Technology and Cognitive Science).

It comes out of the Netherland and is a compilation of many authors writing on these subjects and was written in 2003. It can be downloaded as NBIC report.pdf

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