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Nanotechnology in the Media

In a report from RT (Russia Today) at the beginning of 2015, in an article titled Enter the Matrix, two scientists were interviewed, explaining what allegedly are the latest results from their research into how hair-thin fiber optic cables—each thin cable having seven different channels and functions—can be inserted into the brain and interact with the neurological system in humans - youtube. The application of this, claims a female scientist, is to, for example, cure neurological diseases, such as Alzheimer’s. By inserting fiber cables into the brain and have those interact with the neurological pathways, it will be possible either to cure Alzheimer’s, or, at the least, make such persons much more functional.

This sounds as if it is a good idea, but the reporter is clever and asks some good questions. The first thing that came to his mind, apparently, was the similarities to The Matrix Series, where cables were inserted into peoples’ brains, upon which they could experience a virtual reality where anything is possible—even to bypass the laws of physics, as we know them from modern science. He asks the scientist if this technique can be used for mind-control. The scientist laughs it off and says that the technique they are developing is too simplistic to be used for mind control, but in the future we will probably be able to do it! Is she implying that science is going in that direction? If it was a slip of the tongue or not is difficult to say, but either way, she is acknowledging that in the future we will have the ability to mind control people with nanotechnology.

The main reason I am bringing up this particular report is because it was released in the early part of 2015, and in comparison to what would be exposed just about five to six months later in mainstream media, this report was quite premature, although not insignificant.

As a side note; I don’t know who was starting to use the word Matrix as a term for the physical universe, when the word actually means “Mother,” as in the Creatrix of the Universe. Ma stands for Mother and trix can perhaps easiest be explained as a female suffix, as in Creatrix. Matrix has now become such a common term for En.ki’s physical universe that everybody has adopted it.

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