21 Are there Solutions?

“Great is the mind that can imagine,
For nothing is more pure
Than that which reality cannot touch.”

Current Naïveté of Mankind

BEFORE WE discuss THE Ultimate Solutions, I’d like to address a few points that I believe are important to understand. Some of them are significant enough to keep in mind at all times and to practice on a daily basis.

Much of what has been exposed in this book is already covered to a certain degree by mainstream media, science, and the scientists’ spokespersons, and it’s from there that I’ve taken much of my source material. The reason I did that was because I noticed that even though the information is often easy available, no one had, thus far, assembled everything in one place to make it easier for people to access in a comprehensible manner and see the implications for our future.

Also, subtler, but in-your-face methods are being used in Hollywood movies, songs, and in popular books, broadly promoted by the Minions. When the truth is exposed in plain sight by the Controllers or the Minions, it’s called the Revelation of the Method, and this means that they want us to see what they are doing, but at the same time, to protect themselves, they show their agenda through symbolism, and the same method is used in fantasy and science fiction literature and in movies. In other words, no one can intervene with what’s going on behind our backs so long as we humans don’t protest against our oppressors in enough numbers - to really become an issue for the Overlords. In order to accomplish this, we need to understand our current role here on Earth, as human beings, and then we need to make a decision what it is we want to do with our immediate future.Not until this is done by enough people and help is asked for, can someone intervene and actually assist us to exit’s matrix. No one will come here and save us from the AIF agenda, unless we make a common statement that we need assistance. If we do, we show the rest of the Universe that we no longer agree to work for the Overlords, and then the Overlords can be judged for the cosmic crimes they have and are committing and be penalized by benevolent interdimensional beings.

Before something of that nature can happen, humanity needs to do their homework and come to a decision. So long as we hide our heads in the sand, we are indirectly agreeing to our AIF-designed fate. This doesn’t mean that we need to meet somewhere and come to a common decision; it happens energetically as we wake up. When we reach a level of consciousness on a global scale, help could potentially arrive.

However, if we use violence, or if we think protesting in the streets will do it, we are deceiving ourselves. Such actions will only make things worse because it’s more divide and conquer.

Remember how we discussed that there was no separation before the Warlords invaded. The trap we’re sitting in is because of separation; when we are no longer separated, entrapment can no longer be sustained. Therefore, the first step toward climbing out of imprisonment is to ignore the oppressors and regain our wholeness. We need to learn how to use our imagination and our intuition! Daydreaming, which has been looked upon for a long time as an escape, is often anything but. Daydreaming is imagining! If we use daydreaming to imagine the reality that we want, we are already on our way. The 3-D reality is not our realm—it’s the Overlords’ realm. It’s a master-slave dimension, and who in their right mind wants to remain a slave when they can be free?

We are trapped here because of our bodies, regardless if they are biological machines or cyborgs—what kind of technology is being used to maintain our bodies is just a matter of what magnitude of control is being used on us here in the Third Dimension. It’s still separation because it is of no consequence what type of bodies we inhabit in 3-D; the body is still separated from the soul/mind. Everything in 3-D will perish, whither, and die. So long as we think that our bodies are separate from ourselves, we will never be free. I wrote about this earlier, but I need to mention it again because it’s the most important thing I’ve ever written. When our physical bodies perish and we go into the astral, we have been manipulated into thinking that in order to become alive again, we need to incarnate in a new physical body because we think that a part of us was separated when we died. It’s all an illusion because we carry our spirit body with us after death! When we leave our bodies, we are finally alive! We are whole again; we are soul/mind/spirit-body in one, and we don’t even recognize it. We suddenly become immortal! This is the true Tree of Life. Instead, we think we need assistance from somebody who can help us, so we eventually can get a new physical body and be fulfilled again. Of course, the Overlords and their AI helpers are happy to assist with their technology to get us back to Earth again.

We think that physical reality is life and non-physical reality is death, when the exact opposite is true: in reality, the non-physical reality is life and the physical reality is death! When I sit here, writing to people who will read this, I write this from the realm of the dead, and I am trying to resurrect as many people as I can. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to play Jesus, thanks goodness! Marduk/Jesus used the same principle I’m using here, but his soulution to our problems was to instruct us to go through him to get to his father,, not to Freedom.

KJV John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

Marduk died on a cross; please remember that. What does the cross stand for? The cross is a symbol of the Planet of the Crossing, i.e. Nibiru. Foremost, this reality is not based on words; it’s based on symbolism. Letters and words, by all means, are symbols, too, and each word has a symbolic meaning, but largely, the important communication in this reality happens through visible symbols that have secret meanings. Here in 3-D, the Overlords and their Controllers and Minions communicate with each other via symbols. Although these symbols are everywhere around us, usually only the initiated know what these symbols really mean. The symbols can be anything from the Pyramid with the All-Seeing Eye to universal geometric symbols the average man doesn’t even recognize.

From what I hear, by raising their mass consciousness other civilizations on other worlds became free because it breaks down their AIF Grid, and in the process the gate to freedom swings open. However, it requires a combined effort - from a trapped soul group for this to happen. In the current state of affairs, we here on Earth have managed to punch holes in the AIF Grid by raising our consciousness, but consciousness without knowledge is not enough. If more people do not begin to figure out how this trap is set up, humanity does not stand a chance. We only have a few more years beyond 2016 to wake up, which is much less than I thought we had just a couple of years ago, and this fact shocked me! Ray Kurzweil is certainly correct in his book title: The Singularity is Near. It might be only a few decades away. When I look around or browse the Internet, I see people who are beginning to wake up, but the process is much too slow. If we continue at this speed—or even twice this speed—we won’t have enough time to avoid the Singularity.

Fig. 20-1: The Great Seal; symbolism on the back of the U.S. One Dollar Bill. Few people even reflect on what this means. The Eye is the All-Seeing Eye of Lucifer, and the Pyramid is his Imperial Hierarchy, while the ocean (which surrounds the pyramid/island) is humanity, over whom those within the Hierarchy reign. This symbol is also a call for a New Order of the Ages; latin: Novus Ordo Seclorum. Annuit Coeptis means “[he/she/it] favors our undertakings”.[492] Who is “he/she/it?” Well, go to the top of the pyramid and the capstone that is separated from the pyramid— is “God” over the physical realm, and he is the one who “favors the Agenda.” Now that this has been interpreted, can it be any clearer?

In fact, it seems as if the majority of people around the world are going in the wrong direction, if we have concluded that the right direction means going against the Singularity. People are becoming more and more caught up in their electronic devices, without comprehending what they are doing to themselves and others. It has nothing to do with just being distracted; instead, it has everything to do with letting our consciousness disappear into a virtual reality that will be dominated by AI. This AI will unite humanity in a virtual reality environment via smartphones and their much more sophisticated, smarter successors that will be on the market before we know it. People will rush to get this new technology, and they will gladly disappear into a deeper dungeon than the one they are already sitting in. When we watch movies, in general, and the bad guy is put in prison, he is usually makes great efforts to escape. Humans are doing the opposite; they are in prison, but instead of making great efforts to escape, they beg their prison wardens to reserve a place for them deeper down in the dungeon. This is how dumbed down humanity has become.

This is alarming. It is almost embarrassing to realize that the reason the Controllers let most of the truth movement continue trying to figure things out is because they know that the Singularity will happen regardless; therefore, they have nothing to be concerned about.

As a matter of fact, people are even more ignorant than one would think. Social activist, Mark Dice, decided to do an experiment.[493] He went out on the street as a regular guy with a clipboard in his hand. He then stopped people in the street and bluntly asked them to give him their names, street addresses, phone numbers, and their age. The only thing people refused to give out to this stranger was their social security number. Few of these people even asked him who he was and why he wanted this very sensitive information—they just gave him the data. Mark said thank you and continued to the next person. Some people asked why he wanted the information, but Mark just responded with something unintelligible, upon which the person gave the info, probably thinking, “At least I asked. That’s what I’m supposed to do.” People obey when they hear an authoritative voice.

Here is a video that was filmed while Mark Dice was doing his project:

Multimedia 21-1: Mark Dice out in the street, asking people for their personal information.

You might suggest that people give this personal information away because as a species we are overly trusting, but with all the information that is out there—both in mainstream media and in alternative media—people need to learn to set boundaries and not automatically be submissive to anyone with an authoritative voice. I understand that we have forced to obey the AIF’s authority figures for many thousands of years, but refusing to be blindly obedient is crucial in these times (except under circumstances when we want to do it for specific reasons). If we don’t learn to stand our ground and declare our sovereignty, we will never be free. This book is a crash course in Freedom 101. You are you, and you don’t need to bow or be submissive to anybody; you are your own authority, and you’re a sovereign being, worthy of respect, love, and acceptance.

Significantly Reduce Use of AIF Technology!

Edward Snowden recently showed evidence in a video interview that you are surveilled through your smartphone twenty-four hours a day even if it is powered off.[494] The various Three-Letter Agencies (also casually called the Alphabet Agencies) working for the AIF can remotely turn your phone on even after you have turned it off. There are also cameras that the agencies can use inside the phone without your knowledge. In other words, if you own a smartphone and keep it with you, you’re surveilled whether you have it on or off (-Apple’s iPhone does not even permit to remove the battery). They always know where you are, who you’re texting and talking to, your patterns, and which friends or which people you talk to when you’re not on the phone. They also have access to everything you store on your phone, and they can very easily track your Internet browsing. This goes for every single smartphone on the market, regardless if it’s an Android or an iPhone! There are no exceptions from this. As has been shown in Snowden’s videos, Intelligence agencies—including their senior managers—lie under oath before Congress, saying that they do not surveil citizens who are not suspected of crimes. In reality, there is proof that they actually surveil every citizen who carries or owns a smartphone. There is no assigned person sitting there watching you all the time, but everything is recorded and stored in giant searchable databases, and when, or if, authorities need the information, they can get it with a few clicks on their keyboards. Much of this surveillance technology is now also used by different police departments; something that is also admitted to in the Snowden video.[495]

It’s time to unplug from AIF technology as much as possible, starting right now!

After I wrote the above, I found the following article on Zen Gardner’s website, “Stop Being a Slave to Technology: Here’s How to Unplug.” In some regard, I may be preaching to the choir, but even the choir needs a little pep talk at times. I recommend that you read that article. It puts everything that has to do with ET technology into perspective.

When I was in my teens and early twenties, I went to rock concerts, and it was a big deal; my friends and I were tuning into the music with all our might. Now we know that rock music and the energy it produces is used against us, but nevertheless, when young people go to concerts today, they don’t concentrate on the band and the music anymore, but are often on their smart phones instead of watching and listening to the band.[496] Some are engaged in “face-timing” the concert to a friend, which means that the friend got more out of the concert than the person who was actually there. This is just another example of how addicted people are to these devices.

Fig. 21-1: NSA Whistle-blower Edward Snowden

The Nature of Man

When we look at all the evil man has done over the millennia, it’s easy to buy into the Christian view that man is born in sin and needs to repent. It is true that when we are born, we inherit the genes of our ancestors—good and bad. However, when we look at a newborn or a little toddler, we see pure love and innocence—we don’t see evil. After that, it is the environment that forms the personality to a large degree, and the toddler takes in what he or she learns and experiences. These experiences will then be important for the choices the toddler makes later in life.

We have the genes of the Overlords, which give us an inherited violent streak; something most humans do their best not to show in daily life. Fortunately, compassion, love, and empathy are still dominant in a majority of the human population, and when most people are forced to choose between good and evil, they choose good. This speaks volumes about the basic foundation of humanity’s psyche/spirit.

However, if the above is true, how come there are cannibals in the jungle and tribes that eat their newborn or let their oldest child eat the newborn to give the living child more strength? This happens within tribes in New Guinea and among Australian Aborigines. I am sure something similar is also practiced in other tribes deep in the jungle—places the white man has yet to discover.

Many of the sacrifices and the absurd routines these tribes are practicing are usually sacrifices to their gods—or something they do because the gods told them to. The “gods” would be the AIF paying a visit, wanting to do an experiment on a certain tribe, far away from the rest of the human soul group’s scrutiny, or it could have been humans, who did the same kind of experiment, in order to see how “primitive” humans, untouched by civilization, would react. Tribe or no tribe; mankind, by default, chooses to live peacefully together in communities, unless triggered and manipulated from the outside.

The problem, as I see it, is not to make mankind peaceful; the problem is that we are ignorant and don’t even know who we are—we need education! It would be accurate to say that humankind has been sleepwalking in a trance for many thousands of years. Extraordinary measures on behalf of each individual need to be taken in order to wake us up, and in most cases, I, unfortunately, don’t see this happening, in spite of what other researchers enthusiastically are suggesting. Waking up doesn’t count if a person is becoming aware that there is a force above the government who makes sure we are constantly monitored and that there are aliens in charge of all this insanity. It is one thing to become aware of this on an intellectual level, and a totally different ballgame to have it sink in on a soul level. Not until the latter is done can a person begin doing something about it. I see people that aware of some of the major problems, but they still let their old life/habits control them, because they are unwilling to confront the situation head on and prefer to live in denial. Many still think that the solution is to fight the Controllers or the Overlords. I want the reader to forget that; it won’t solve anything. We wouldn’t stand a chance against them, and violence is not the answer anyway. It actually makes them stronger and us weaker.

The human soul group needs to understand that we have perhaps the greatest potentials of most star beings out there because of the way the Queen created us—we are a royal species and part of a unique Experiment. If we clean up our act and prove our merit, the Queen may be willing to let other star beings become like us, too. However, for this to even be an option, we need to show who we are and what we can do. No more infighting, no more talking behind each other’s back, no more bullying, wars, and senseless killing. We need to become our true selves again the way we were as Namlú’u, eons ago. If and when we have done this, we will have shown other star beings that we are strong enough to break out of solid oppression, and that we are able to turn the manipulation around. That will regain respect in the star race community, and the core of the Orion Empire, for us. This is not just about us—we have a responsibility to all the other star races out there. Many envied us when we became part of the original Experiment and wanted to be able to do the same thing that we could do, i.e. live on a beautiful planet in specially designed spirit bodies that could stay on the planet and experience its wonders but at the same time be able to travel across the many dimensions instead of either or. If we fail, the Queen will most likely choose not to expand her divinely-designed Experiment.

The Human Mind and our Personality

Something many people are afraid to lose when they die is their personality because that’s how they define themselves. I can reassure the reader that you will keep your current personality once you leave this life and go into the ether. So long as you stay within the trap, you will remain who you are, personality-wise.

However, if you think of it from a bigger perspective, your personality is not you. The personality who reads this book has developed by learning from his or her environment since their day of birth. You brought a personality with you down to your current body, but that personality was created by experiences in previous lives, and the personality you have now, compared to what it was minutes before you were born, is quite different, since you’ve had new experiences that have added to your total being and affected you for good or ill. You still consider this being you and your personality, whether you like yourself or not. At least, it’s a safe haven.

However, recalling what we’ve discussed earlier, the part of you that reads this is a splinter of a bigger unit of fire or soul energy, and there are many other splinters of you as well. These splinters have their own personalities and they are spread out over the linear timeline here on Earth. What makes you who read this more “you” than Mr. Jones who simultaneously lives in the 19th Century? He is also you, but if you were to meet him, you wouldn’t think so. Mr. Jones has had several lifetimes with many different unique experiences that you haven’t had, and vice versa. Add up all other splinters of your soul/spirit/composite fire (many call this the Oversoul, and for simplicity, I will use that word from hereon), and we have an array of personalities.

Once out of the trap, a soul becomes whole again, and the splinters merge with the Oversoul and can thus leave the prison behind and start exploring the Universe.

I’m sure at this point many readers are wondering which of all these splinters’ personality are the real “me.” The logical answer to this is; the one you choose, a mix of what you choose, or none of the above. Once you let all splinters merge with the Oversoul, you become whole, and what will most possibly occur is that you become who you want to be—in that sense, you may start from scratch, taking all your experiences into consideration because the Oversoul is the composite of all your experiences as soul splinters. This time you are consciously being yourself, only drawing from experiences without being negatively affected by them. This is, of course, nothing to fear—you don’t lose your personality, you only make it stronger, fully aware of what you’re doing, and you’re doing it by choice. You will become a part of the larger real multi-dimensional you—the Oversoul.

Ending the Experiment

There have been ongoing discussions, not only between various star races, but also between star races and the Queen of the Stars, whether the Queen should terminate the human experience on Earth once and for all by “pulling the plug” on the entire Living Library. At one time, the Queen was apparently very close to doing so, but there were other star beings who asked Her to please wait a little longer. These star beings thought that it would only be fair to give humanity a chance to create their own destiny, with the rest of the star communities watching which choices we would make. Are we strong enough to break our chains? Can we stand up against Lucifer and the Fallen Angels?

Queen Nin has agreed to this suggestion for now.

In a manner of speaking, it is we humans who need to decide the future of this Universe. If we succeed, the Universe will become very different, after the Queen has created more of Earth-like worlds, but if we fail (which seems to be the case), these paradise worlds will probably never be created. Sadly, the majority of mankind currently does not even know what’s at stake, which is one of the reasons why I wrote this book and the Wes Penre Papers.

What does it mean if the Queen decides to terminate Her Experiment? She has been reluctant to doing so because it would mean an end to the entire human experiment once and for all, and She will retract Her spirit from Gaia. Gaia will dissolve and cease to exist—Gaia is merely a “dream;” a project created in the Queen’s imagination and that was then made manifest in the KHAA. Once Gaia is dissolved, so too will everything that lives on it. Humans, who are still alive on the planet at that time will most likely find themselves floating in space, in their soul splinters (soul splinter/mind/spirit-body). There will be no pain or suffering, but rather a relief, as the AIF Grid will be lifted as well. Souls who wish to do so and are ready for it will be called home to Orion again, where they once were born, while others, who not yet qualify, will be shown places where they can live and think things through until they one day want to apply for citizenship in Orion again, or choose another route. No one will judge our decisions; we have free will, and that will be truly respected and accepted.

Will the Queen pull the plug before the Singularity happens? I don’t know. I wouldn’t wait for it to happen; I am taking action now, and those who are likeminded may do the same. In my humble opinion, I don’t think She will terminate the Experiment until we, as a human soul group, decide that we’ve had enough of the Overlord’s oppression. So long as we are AIF allies—wittingly or unwittingly—we are stuck in their 3-D domain, which has locked the solar system into a solid “overlay” of the original spiritual version of our solar system.

The help we are wishing for would not be a space war, in which the Queen’s armada of space warriors will invade Earth to flesh out the Overlords and their Minions; it would be the termination of the Experiment!

I believe the 3-D trap will remain for now. The fifth Homo sapiens[497] will become extinct and will possibly branch out into two new species entirely; Posthumans and Homo Nova, where the latter are those who refuse to be part of the Singularity and break out of the Luciferian trap, but still want to remain here on Earth and reincarnate into new bodies. Regardless of which choice people make, Homo sapiens sapiens will be extinct the day the Singularity is reached, and it’s just a matter of a few decades. Most of those who are young or middle-aged today will see it happen in their current lifetime. Homo sapiens sapiens have existed since shortly after the biblical Deluge, which happened about 13,000 years ago. The lifespan of Homo sapiens sapiens as a species is therefore approximately 12,000-13,000 years.

How to Stay Focused in these Difficult Times

It’s sometimes hard to cope with everything that is happening around us. Many people think that just because they have raised their awareness through meditation, by learning from others, and from finding answers within, we should be some kind of supermen or superwomen. That’s a difficult task to put on ourselves, and by doing so, we express ourselves with guilt and fear. We feel guilty when we’re not always in a good mood and can be an example for others, and when we are influencing others in a positive way by just being who we are, we might fear that in an instant this will change, when the circumstances change around us and we get affected by them, albeit we don’t want to.

Don’t be concerned or worry if you’re feeling down and even depressed at times. Being more aware than the average person is difficult and can be quite lonesome, with few, if any, people to talk to about it. Friends or relatives may be oblivious and already think you’re strange, so you keep your emotions to yourself. Don’t feel guilty because you can’t always be happy and carefree; it’s normal, and it happens to all of us. When this happens, don’t pretend you don’t feel that way; make sure you acknowledge how you feel, e.g. “I am depressed today because I feel lonely and I don’t want to be in this world.” Then, if you need to, go through the emotions, but do your best to lift yourself up again as soon as possible by being positive. Although it’s hard to do when feeling down, it’s a good idea to start doing something you enjoy; it could be listening to certain music, going out in nature, or doing whatever you usually enjoy. The most difficult part is to take the step and start doing it, but once you get going, the dark clouds in your mind will lift and disperse. Also, make sure to thoroughly ground yourself and put a mental shield all around for protection. How to do that is extensively described in my e-book, Beyond 2012—A Handbook for the New Eraand in the Wes Penre Papers, the Fifth Level of Learning. Make sure you learn these simple exercises, but first learn what I wrote in the Wes Penre Papers in the Fifth Level of Learning.

Moreover, I strongly recommend this great breathing exercise that would be most beneficial to practice on a daily basis—because the more you do it, the more aware you become. This exercise takes you to a place between the atoms in the quantum field—in other words, it takes you to the KHAA. If you pay attention, you will notice that while you are consciously doing deep breathing, and with every breath you take, you will tap into a stillness where all thoughts and troubles are non-existent—you go into a vacuum that will release stress and negative thoughts.

A meditation of choice that works for you is also a crucial part of your healthy daily life.

Humanity’s Three Options

No one is the ultimate authority on providing soulotions to the dire situation we are currently in, and I certainly have no monopoly on insightful answers either, but I can at least present the soulutions that appear logical to me based on years of extensive research and analysis. At this time, I see three obvious options, and of these three options, I see only two viable soulutions for our salvation (no, soulution is not misspelled; it’s a word that I invented to signify a solution for the soul). To be more concise, I’d like to call all the three possibilities options, because it’s not up to me to favor one over the other; people have the right to freely choose any of the three alternatives I am presenting.

The first option I will present is the one I personally perceive as the least attractive. The other two options both require higher awareness than the first option, and from there, it’s just a matter of making a conscious choice.

Option #1: The Singularity

This is the option most people will choose because that is the way it appears when we look at the world situation as of this writing. There are many who willingly will run to the Singularity with open arms, without first thoroughly scrutinizing it. The temptation to live almost forever, to live healthy, and to live in peace will drive the masses to the slaughterhouse. Few among them will realize their mistake before it’s too late because once they are hooked up to the SBC, that mistake is irreversible. Soon enough, however, these people will forget about their mistake, when AI assumes control of their major thinking processes, while letting Posthumans believe that these ideas come from themselves.

This is nothing new, as we have discussed previously. Many geniuses in different fields such as music and quantum physics have had “divine inspiration” that they think came from their own minds, when indeed the ideas were implanted into the person, either by AI or the AIF Overlords themselves. In the Singularity it’s similar, but the ideas will come from the SBC, which is said to contain the entire knowledge—past and present—of humankind, instantly uploaded into any person’s brain. The SBC will be equal to what the human mass consciousness will be at the time of the Singularity, with the exception that the SBC will be run by advanced nanotechnology and AI, in general. With the use of the same kind of technology, the Overlords and their AI can then distribute knowledge to everybody in quantum speed. No one needs to go to school anymore; “students” only need to download the information they need from the SBC. At first, people will be thrilled having the Internet inside their heads, which leads us to a moral question. We all know that most of the Internet contains falsehoods and/or flawed information and data. Obviously, the Overlords don’t want humanity’s silly conclusions that were contrived by huge egos who didn’t care if the conclusions were right or wrong, which means that the human mass consciousness included in the SBC most certainly will be biased. My point is—who will decide what is garbage and who will decide what is valid information, worth safekeeping? Will metaphysics be included? “Conspiracy theories?” How to easily create a nuclear bomb? All about killing without being caught? In other words, who is going to decide what has to be censored, or should nothing be censored and rapists and child molesters also should be allowed in the Singularity?

These are of course important questions, but in the long term they don’t even matter. Once AI is King, AI’s morals and ethics are what’s important; not what the individual thinks. We can rest assured that AI morals and ethics, when at all present, will be much different from basic human morals and ethics currently.

This may all sound quite negative and biased, but in all honesty, being a spiritual person, I can’t see any benefits from becoming part of the Singularity. To many, the Singularity is a road to eternal life, but to me, it’s the road to eternal death—speaking of polarity.

There is a very real chance that the SBC will not be directly supervised by the Overlords themselves, but by their AI assistants. If so, the AIF can instead attend to business elsewhere. There is no reason that they should have a guardian of mankind that is not AI; from the Overlords’ perspective, it would be a waste of time.

Imagine the SBC being supervised by the Grays—that’s what I think will happen.

Option #2: Assisting by Reincarnating

I know there are many aware people, who want to come back to Earth for another lifetime or more, once they have completed the current lifetime, in order to help humanity out and assist them in making more conscious decisions than to walk blindly into the Singularity.

Others think they are abandoning their fellow human if they refuse to incarnate here again and that it would be a rather selfish thing to do. Homo sapiens sapiens is one species, belonging to the same soul group and mass consciousness, and therefore it’s all for one and one for all, as Alexandre Dumas wrote in The Three Musketeers. If most of humanity gets lost in AI, all humanity should share the same outcome; there is no escape.

This is also the opinion of James Mahu and the WingMakers; we are here on Earth as a human consciousness, and we are to evolve together. Those who decide to leave the ship are thought of as traitors or cowards, getting the glimpse of blue sky while their fellow man or woman suffer in the coal mines, figuratively speaking. Again, it’s all for one and one for all.

When we hear statements, such as these, we need to understand where they come from. Who do you think the WingMakers are? Listen to the name; Wing…Makers… The makers of wings; the wing wearers… Someone who wears wings is in human consciousness considered an angel, and who are the angels of the Bible and in other Holy Scriptures? They all are the AIF, or the Anunnaki, as many choose to call them. This same force is undoubtedly behind the WingMakers material as well—there is AIF signatures all over the material, and the symbolism is definitely that of the Overlords. Anyone who knows anything about “Anunnaki symbolism” can immediately see this.

Hence, should we listen to these beings and once again be deceived, or have we woken up enough to see through wings and vagina portals hidden in their artwork?[498]

The Overlords want as many as possible to stay here on Earth even the next time around to safeguard a place in the Singularity. Now, those who are aware won’t come back for the Singularity (or the Grand Portal as the WingMakers call it, another way of becoming One, supposedly without AI, but most possibly with AI, although this is not being mentioned in their material).

It’s a very noble thing to want to return to Earth and help their fellow man build a new society alongside the Singularity. The only way to achieve this is to create a local universe with a local community of likeminded souls, who will raise their vibrations to a point that the AI eventually won’t affect them. They will become Homo Nova.

Is this doable? Well, those who feel the urge can definitely choose this option, but I am not so sure anymore if it’s possible to incarnate into a human baby body without using AIF technology, unless we know how. Do we know how to accomplish this when we roam in the astral, or do we actually need to go through the AIF recycling center in order to be born into a new baby body again?

In the afterlife, which is basically AIF domain, they beam the souls down with technology and attach them to a body of choice; it’s not done by the individual. Where do you think the so-called silver cord that attaches the soul/mind/spirit-body with the physical body comes from? It’s put there with technology, of course, to keep a soul splinter attached to the physical body. Hence, is it possible to bypass the AIF recycling center and reincarnate in a body of choice all by our own, without assistance from technology? And if so, would that bypass the amnesia that always follow upon a new birth?

If we discuss the last question first, the answer is no. The amnesia is built into the human DNA, making it very difficult to remember our past incarnation once we enter a baby body. This means that the brave soul, who wants to return to help humanity, has to do so while being affected by the usual amnesia that affects everybody who is born on Earth. Will this person even remember what his or her mission is? Possibly, when this person notices what is going on around, he or she would vaguely remember their mission. Memories of other lifetimes might be lost, but the person’s sense of ethics and the drive to help those who are heading in a positive direction will probably be strong in such an individual.

Their chances of success also depend on what happens in the recycling center before their next incarnation. Once the AIF realizes what this person wants to do in his or her next lifetime, will they accept it, or will they increase the level of amnesia before that soul is beamed down again into a new body? Unfortunately, there are many important questions left unanswered. However, that doesn’t mean that a person who wants to do this shouldn’t do it. I only want to include the risks so that the person can ponder them beforehand. Perhaps someone who decides to do this comes up with a solution that I haven’t thought of—after all, if someone puts the intention behind something and has a passion for it, solutions often come up.

I personally believe that there are those who will choose to come back because they want to create a new species, Homo Nova, The New Human, the human who is conscious beyond any precious humans, with the exception of the first human beings of the Queens experiment, the Namlú’u—the Primordial Womankind.

A logical question would be whether the Overlords will allow Homo Nova to be created, or will this new species be eliminated in order to only let Posthumans roam the Earth? Is Homo Nova doomed already in her cradle, or will she endure and evolve in parallel with Posthumans, without having any real interaction?

As a last note on this option; does anybody really want to remain in the 3-D reality? Even if Homo Nova would be able to rise from the ashes, reproduce, and become a new, enhanced species, is this the place where Homo Nova wants to evolve?

Why would we want to remain in the Physical Universe (the 4% we perceive with our 5 senses), when we have the chance to go back to the Spiritual Universe (the 96% or the KHAA/VOID)? The Physical Universe is, after all, the domain of the Warlords—the Physical Universe is their Empire. This means that everything that is physical and can be perceived with our 5 senses is our prison! To put it bluntly—everything made of atoms and electrons is the Physical Universe, i.e. the domain of the Overlords. The KHAA is not built of atoms and electrons![499] If we think in these terms, it’s easy to distinguish what is what. There are no atoms involved in our thought processes, isn’t that correct? Our thoughts are not of the Physical Universe (unless it’s AI thinking for us).

David Icke’s latest research is coming closer and closer to my own research, which is good news; particularly because he is reaching a large audience with his lectures. He is now saying that to be able to get out of the Archon’s (i.e. the AIF) holographic universe, we need to exceed the speed of light. In other words, he says that beyond the speed of light is the real universe and the real “us.”

I would agree with this, although that’s only part of it. In Genesis 1, “God” says, “Let there be light,” and there was light. This is, creating the Physical Universe—the Universe of Light which we can perceive with our 5 senses. The rest of the Universe lies in darkness, from our perspective, because we have the majority of our “light switches” turned off in our DNA—thanks to’s genetic experiments that resulted in our 3-D bodies. Therefore, in our present condition, everything that is lit up in this Universe belongs to’s 3-D Universe. By lit up, I mean not only everything we can see with our eyes, but also everything else we can perceive with our physical body. This includes mass sightings of UFOs, regardless of how they look like. They can be nuts-and-bolts UFOs, they can be transparent UFOs, they can be cigar-shaped, triangular, phase-in-and-out-of-our reality craft, or they can be strange objects out in space. These vessels either belong to the human MIC or the AIF—no exceptions. On rare occasions, people with “psychic” abilities that are more developed so that they can see beyond the realm of light, might get a glimpse of something in the KHAA, but in general, what we see and experience is of the 3-D Universe—’s 4% Universe.

With all this in mind, I personally believe that Option #3 below is our only option. However, before you make any decision at all, think about these options long and hard. This will be the most important decision you make in this lifetime! We only have a limited window of time to make this decision before the Grid closes again because of the Singularity, and we need to make our decision before we die, so we know what to do afterwards.

Option #3: Leaving the Battlefield

There is a third alternative for those who have had enough of the 3-D experience. This alternative was also discussed in detail in the Wes Penre Papers, but it is so important that I need to repeat this information in a new way, although nothing has changed; the information is solid.

Our blue planet is surrounded by an electronic Grid. This Grid has been solid for many thousands of years, keeping souls who don’t belong here outside the Grid and the human soul group inside the Grid. For a long time, the Grid has prevented us from leaving the electronic prison, which the AIF so boldly think that they own.

However, fairly recently, holes began to open up in the Grid, and after some time passed, more and more holes opened. Now the Grid looks almost like Swiss cheese.

This is the main reason why we hear of Interdimensional Entities finding their way to Earth in our current time; the Grid is breaking apart and it is doing so because some of us, by raising our consciousness and awareness, also raise our vibrations. Everything an individual does affects the rest of the soul group on a mass consciousness level, and now, enough people have begun to see through parts of the deception. Hence, the Grid has become unstable. If this were allowed to continue, the entire Grid would come down, and the illusion of solidity would disappear. The Overlords are not overly concerned, however, because they know that the Grid will repair itself when the moment of the Singularity arrives and the goal of human consciousness will no longer be to reach for Total Spiritual Freedom. This is what I mean when I mention that we only have a small window of time to achieve Option #3, which you will realize by the time I’m done explaining it.

This is a great opportunity for souls who want to leave this Experiment. Planet Gaia/Earth is perhaps one of the most beautiful places ever created by the Queen of the Stars, but it’s infested by a relentless invader force, whose Minions are destroying this once extraordinary Experiment. There is still a chance for those who want to choose Option #2 above, but there are clearly risks involved, and a passion to dedicate themselves to a long and often tiresome journey must be present. With enough passion and dedication, that option may work—if the person wants to stay in 3-D. I also want to remind you that there is no such thing as ascension. Ascension is an AIF concept designed to deceive us. Even if there will be an ascension of sorts, it will still only be within the Realms of the Overlords and, therefore, it will do us no good. However, in a sense, there is a real ascension, but only one. This one ascension option will lead you out of this 3-D trap and back to the KHAA. This is the only real ascension there is. Period. Once a soul leaves the AIF trap and enters the KHAA, they’re already fully ascended. The rest is just a series of exponential learning experiences.

Therefore, for those who think they have been here long enough and wish to experience something entirely different, there is a way to pass through the Grid once this lifetime is over and experience the real universe in the KHAA, with all its dimensions. There is an opportunity to leave Earth behind and become like the fictional character Q of the Q Continuum in Star Trek.

Those who have watched the Star Trek series certainly remember Q, the ET who, with his thoughts, could create entire worlds at will out of nothing and manifest them as solidly as if they were planet Earth herself. He could do it in an instance, but also undo his creations whenever he wanted. He could also suddenly manifest on the spaceship Enterprise faster than a nanosecond. He would appear as solid as the rest of the crew, only to disappear in thin air just as suddenly as he arrived. The Producers of Star Trek had inside information; they knew about many of these things. Also, as I mentioned in the Wes Penre Papers, Star Trek was based on channeled material, called the Council of Nine,[500] which of course was a channel controlled by the AIF. Star Trek is another typical example of the Revelation of the Method, with truths being there in plain sight. Q was a film version of someone who is living in the KHAA, manifesting in 3-D. Q was traveling with thoughts, and he was creating objects with thoughts that appeared as solid as anything in 3-D. These creations were not made of atoms. Once Q—again with his thoughts—decided he no longer wanted his creation, he simply made it disappear by thinking it away.

This ability is something we humans share with all the star beings out there, who reside in the KHAA. We humans once had this capability when we were Namlú’u; before the Luciferian Legion came and took over, making our existence very physical and very solid. We were cut off from our birth rights as free souls and became subjected to the Overlords’ rules and regulations in a universe of force, where surviving became the main objective.

As the only star beings who are capable of both living on a planet and exploring the Universe at the same time through nano-travel, we are very unique. We were made this way by the Queen as a totally new Experiment, and we could experience this reality with no strings attached; we were welcomed back to Orion at any time. In that sense, humankind is a royal species. Even if we now would choose to leave this Experiment once and for all, we still have the ability to live on a planet in the KHAA if we wish, and at the same time nano-travel out in the seemingly endless Universe. If we wish, we can also travel back to Orion—our cradle—and reside there. Those who read this and have understood the profound implications of this information will qualify to go back to Orion, while those who choose the Singularity won’t.

While we were living in the KHAA as Namlú’u, all humans were welcome back to the Orion Empire, but as things have developed, the door is closed for many humans because of their behavior. Orion wants to remain a peaceful place, and the AIF-manipulated humans, who in their ignorance make destructive decisions, cannot be allowed to reside in Orion and will be stopped at the gate. On the other hand, those who don’t qualify wouldn’t want to go there anyway; they’d rather have a mechanical eternal life at the hands of the Overlords in a constructed, physical universe where everything is limited—even ET life. The only alien life that exists in’s universe is under his control because the existing species have been conquered and manipulated, just as we have. His Empire consists of conquered, mind controlled species, many of them infested with AI. More or less, the only beings who are not AI are the original Fallen Angels, who rebelled together with a long time ago and are still with him. Those who choose the Singularity, wittingly or unwittingly, will choose to live an “eternity” in this kind of environment. I guarantee that this is not a pretty future. However, Posthumans will be ignorant about their fate, once in the Singularity, so in that sense they will not suffer.

It is my absolute conviction that each individual is his or her own savior and that it is the individual’s responsibility to save him or herself. If an individual also can, by example, help by assisting someone else in the process that would be wonderful, and a bonus, but ultimately, each person is responsible for his or her choice regarding “salvation.”

As we become wiser, we may want to share what we’ve learned, and that is absolutely advisable, but only if the other person is receptive. Never force your knowledge on somebody else. If someone reaches out and asks you questions, do your best to discuss the questions with this person, but the person needs to show that he or she is ready for the information—try not to overwhelm anybody. Be smart and tell them in increments what you have learned. This will also make the person more curious.

Another way to assist others to become aware is to bring up a few daily issues that people read in the news and discuss them. Every now and then, we can throw in a few comments or questions that will make the other person think outside the box; help them consider that there may be something bigger behind the news than what’s written in the newspapers or reported on CNN. If the person is not willing to look at things from a bigger perspective, it’s a good idea not to bring issues up again until that person is ready—if ever. Many prefer to live in denial within their comfort zone.

It can become extremely difficult when you realize that one or more—perhaps all—of your relatives and loved ones are resistant to learning anything of what you have to say, and instead they spend all their time on the smartphone. It’s very tempting to almost force the information down their throats, but regardless of how difficult it is and how much it seems to break your heart, you might need to let it go. Everybody chooses their own path.

If you decide to leave’s prison by escaping through the Grid, you need to follow a few directives in order to be successful.

Once you die and leave your body, you will experience 360° vision, but if you consider your expired body as lying below you, what you need to do is to look straight up, and you will see the Grid above you. You will also notice all the holes in it. Without hesitation, focus on going through one of the holes, and immediately you will find yourself outside the Earth’s atmosphere. Depending on your degree of willingness to open your mind, you will see the Universe the way it really looks like. You will see that there is very little empty space; you will become aware of the entire Universe when it’s fully “lit up.” This will probably be shocking at first, until you get used to it, but with the information you have been given, you will understand that what you are now experiencing is the KHAA! You will also see our solar system the way it looks like from a much fuller perspective, which I’m sure is magnificent.

The next thing that will apparently happen is that you merge with your own Oversoul (the original fire/avatar/spirit-body). Everything you’ve experienced across the lines of time here on Earth as this particular soul splinter will remain in the Oversoul as experience, and so will you—as a personality. Instead of keeping your ego, the ego will transform into experiences, and you will be able to look at your personality (your mind) as external experiences. The mind is not you; it’s what you experience. The real you is the Oversoul. The rest of the soul splinters, who are still on Earth, in different space and time, will be absorbed as well in the Oversoul after their current lifetime on Earth is complete. After that, you as the Oversoul will be complete. Because you, as a soul splinter, returned to the Oversoul, the rest of your splinters will automatically return once their physical body dies.

However, before all the above occurs, you—the soul splinter—has gone through the Grid and merged with your Higher Self. You are now truly interdimensional and multidimensional, and you are ready to move on. The way you travel in the Universe is to first imagine where you want to go; then you put a thought (an intention) to go there, and you will get to your destination instantaneously. These three steps should only take a second once you’re skilled at it.

However, what it takes is focus. It’s a very good idea to start meditating right now and learn how to discipline and direct your thoughts. It’s time to stop thinking “sloppy thoughts.” Whatever you think and whatever you say matters! Here, in this solid reality, the effects of your thoughts and words may not be instantaneous, but out there in the Universe they are instantaneous. If you’re dispersed, you may end up in places you never intended to go because your thought was not focused. Focus on one thing—one destination—and go there. All of us are dispersed to some degree, but once in the KHAA, we will eventually get it, but it’s much better to be prepared. It’s like learning how to ride a bike—you fall a few times, but then you learn how to focus better on being balanced and off you go; you never forget how to ride a bike, once you’ve learned how to do it. Learn how to throw out all insignificant thoughts and focus on one thing and keep that thought there. Ultimately, via meditation, learn how to not think at all—just be there comfortably without any judgment or any particular thoughts. Just become a spectator and observe what is happening, if anything. The optimal goal is to be able to do this instantaneously in all situations, but that’s most likely not necessary for a beginner to navigate the Universe. Regardless of where you end up, you can always rethink your destination and try again; this time being more focused until you can do it flawlessly. If you wish, think yourself to the Gates of Orion, and you will get there. Orion guards will guide you further.

These guidelines I just gave you might be obsolete. Because we will merge with our Oversoul, that we have been disconnected from for so long while being trapped on Earth, the Oversoul will probably know exactly how to navigate in the KHAA. However, I want to use what I’ve learned to cover all the bases. It’s better to be over prepared than to be underprepared.

Before you get to the point where you merge with your Higher Self, there are a few important things to bring up. With the best intentions in the world to go through the Grid, once you leave your body, fear may get the best out of you. Going through the Grid is something you’ve never done before, and even if you accomplish it because you’re determined, the “new” universe unfolding around you may scare you at first, and you may wish yourself back inside the Grid. Be strong and tell yourself that this is just a learning process, and you don’t want to return. If you do this, you will soon become oriented, and the fear will eventually go away and you will feel the exhilaration of being free for the first time since the Invaders came. Some people might not feel fear at all—it depends on the individual.

Another thing to be very conscious about is not to go toward the tunnel of light that people who have had Near Death Experiences (NDEs) or Out of Body Experiences (OBEs) are discussing. That tunnel leads right into the AIF’s recycling center. Also, there will possibly be Guides or relatives who wish to greet you when you’ve left your body. They may also want to guide you and tell you to follow them. These beings are either deceived themselves and believe that they are doing the right thing, or they are just projections of your relatives and are not the real souls, although the deception can be quite convincing. Either way, you need to be strong and not talk to them because if you do, it’s very easy to be manipulated, and once there is even a slight thought in your mind that you should follow them, they will most possibly have you gravitate toward the tunnel or any other portal into the AIF’s recycling center, as described in Wes Penre Papers, the First Level of Learning. Instead, you must ignore anyone who says they want to help you or guide you and just concentrate on passing through a hole in the Grid, leaving the Guides behind. Why ask for help when you can do things yourself? People who die ignorant are not in bliss. They are confused in the astral, and they don’t know where to go or what to do. Hence, they cling to any kind of help they can get and are likely to follow the first deceptive being that shows up. Fortunately, this is no longer the case for us because we now know better. I repeat, we do not need any assistance to go through the Grid. If someone offers to help you to do it that being is most likely deceptive. Ignore that being and just continue on your own as a sovereign soul, more determined than ever to liberate yourself!

This can be a difficult thing to do, however, because you leave your loved ones behind in the astral without being able to communicate with them. Remember when the time comes that if these beings really are your true relatives and not just projections, they will see what you’re doing, and one day they will, hopefully, realize that there is a way out and follow you. That’s the best you can hope for. Under current conditions, these relatives (or friends) will most likely not follow you through the Grid. There is always the option to send them a thought, saying that you need to continue on your own path, but that you love them and will always keep them in mind.

The astral plane is the real challenge, and there is a chance that you will be tested in the astral. The AIF might try to seduce you into following them by having a fake relative start crying when they see you just to play on your emotions. Do not pay attention to it, regardless of how difficult it might be—it’s a trap!

Once you are free and get comfortable in the KHAA, you can begin to create your own realities and/or join communities already created by others, and you can become a co-creator in such multidimensional environment. The possibilities are endless, and the only limitation is your imagination, and your imagination will increase as you go along. For the first time in eons, you will experience full freedom. In addition, different star systems and constellations have their own universities, where a soul can learn new things. Regardless of how much we know after having spent a long time in the KHAA, there is more to learn, and classes are apparently available for souls, similar to the libraries that people in regression therapy mention are available in the afterlife. However, these libraries, as opposed to those in the KHAA, only teach you what is available in the 4% Universe, which includes the astral plane and some other dimensions.

Some people have asked me if we can’t just commit suicide and get it over and be done with it, so we can join the universal community right away. Committing suicide is usually not a good idea. We have friends and relatives who love us that would be devastated if we decided to take our lives. Most of us have people that are near and dear to us who would not understand if we were to commit suicide. They would be emotionally traumatized and would long to see us again, which makes it harder for us to truly move forward and be free. I, for one, would not want to create that effect. It’s better to live our lives and then go for it, if Option #3 is what you wish to choose.

In Conclusion

There may be readers of this book, who have never examined the Wes Penre Papers—the Multiverse Series. For those readers, the ET part of the AI and the Singularity Agenda I have presented here may be difficult to grasp and even hard to believe. If so, what I recommend is that they read the Wes Penre Papers to gain greater understanding of the bigger picture because the level of ET involvement in this entire movement is imperative. Without that information, we can never fully grasp the AI agenda and the acceleration of technology over the last 50 plus years.

The Singularity is definitely on the Overlords’ top list when it comes to Earth’s destiny, and is supposed to be in charge of this entire project once it is in place. I write “supposed” because nothing is set in stone at this point. Civil wars, wars in general, and disputes are currently very common in the Luciferian Empire, and the outcome of these conflicts is still uncertain. Who will rule the New World Order and the One World Government— or Marduk, or someone else entirely? Probably, they don’t even know themselves yet. For humanity, it is of little consequence who will take over—the outcome will be quite the same.

However, with many of their colonies in mutiny, as well as violent conflicts going on with the Warlords’ own lines, and Marduk have their hands full. Their Empire will not last forever, and they know it! This is one reason why they are in such hurry to usher in the Singularity here on Earth. If they will succeed with this (and I don’t see why not), we can probably expect an invasion of loyal Orion forces not too long after that. In case the Luciferian Empire hasn’t fallen by then, it will fall when the War on Orion begins. That will be the end of both the AIF and Posthumans. It doesn’t matter how much they prepare; I have a very difficult time believing that they will manage to take Heaven by force. Orion has a very strong defense system and impeccable military intelligence.

According to Biblical Prophecy, the Battle of Armageddon, will separate the good humans from the bad, and it will be fought between “God” and the human governments. Some say it will be fought in the Middle East, but this battle—or war, rather—will be fought all over the world. The following is from Jeremiah 25:32-34,

32 This is what Jehovah of armies says: ‘Look! A calamity is spreading from nation to nation, And a great tempest will be unleashed from the remotest parts of the earth.

33 “‘And those slain by Jehovah in that day will be from one end of the earth clear to the other end of the earth. They will not be mourned, nor will they be gathered up or buried. They will become like manure on the surface of the ground.’

34 Wail, you shepherds, and cry out! Wallow about, you majestic ones of the flock, Because the time of your slaughter and your dispersion has come, And you will fall like a precious vessel!

followed by Ezekiel 30:17-20,

17 “As for you, son of man, this is what the Sovereign Lord Jehovah says: ‘Say to every sort of bird and to all the wild beasts of the field, “Gather yourselves together and come. Gather all around my sacrifice that I am preparing for you, a great sacrifice on the mountains of Israel. You will eat flesh and drink blood.

18 You will eat the flesh of mighty ones and drink the blood of the chieftains of the earth—the rams, lambs, goats, and bulls—all the fattened animals of Baʹshan.

19 You will gorge yourselves on fat and drink blood until you are drunk from the sacrifice that I prepare for you.”’

20 “‘At my table you will be filled up with horses and charioteers, mighty ones and all sorts of warriors,’ declares the Sovereign Lord Jehovah.

Here we have the usual sacrifices, slaughter, and blood drinking that the gods love so much and superimpose on humans. Aren’t they lovely gods? I wonder if those who welcome will drink blood, too, until they are deliriously drunk, in order to Hail the Lord.

According to the Bible, the Battle will concentrate around the area of Mt. Megiddo (thus, Armageddon), an area in ancient Israel, but that mountain does not exist anymore—if it ever did. It sometimes makes me wonder if the Battle (or War) of Armageddon will not take place on Earth but in Orion. “God” (it should actually read the Goddess) and Her forces will defend Orion against Lucifer’s Legion, of which Posthumans will be the major foot soldiers. The Luciferian Empire will be defeated and Posthumans will be utterly destroyed. Left are the “pure,” which are the Goddess’ people, who did not participate in the Battle. Those worthy of returning to Orion will be those who resisted the Singularity; they will live immortal lives in Heaven the Orion Empire. This is the Heaven we have waited for—not’s fake heaven, which is the astral planes, which are still actually part of his 3-D trap.

I think this illustrates pretty well what might happen. This means that 3-D will soon dissolve and once again be freed to exist as a multidimensional part of the KHAA.

When will this happen? There is no time frame mentioned anywhere in the ancient texts to my knowledge, but if we take into account the Warlords’ anxiety about putting the Singularity in place as soon as possible, I wouldn’t be surprised if the attack on Orion will happen within a hundred years.

Hence, our options are few, and our time is narrow. I have given references to my e-book, Beyond 2012—A Handbook for the New Era, and the Wes Penre Papers. The former is filled with spiritual exercises in order to prepare for what is to come once we move on from this reality. There are of course other great meditations and exercises out there for the reader to explore. It’s extremely important that we learn how to be able to focus our thoughts now so that we more easily can nano-travel once we leave the Grid and the solar system behind, if that’s what the reader decides to do, and if that’s what we need to do (not taking into consideration the skills of the Oversoul—see above). Even those who prefer to return to create a new world for the more consciously aware, it’s essential to learn these skills, as it requires deep concentration to achieve such a goal.

I hope this book has given all who read it some new insights into the AI movement, the Singularity, who is behind it all, and how to survive such an agenda. Whatever your soulution may be—and it can, of course, be something entirely different from what I’ve suggested—I wish you the absolute best and an eternal life without being dependent upon technology. It’s important to realize that whatever “miracles” you may encounter that have to do with technology, you can do it better just by using your thoughts and your imagination.

Some Final Words

The problem is not whether we should believe that the Singularity Agenda is real or not—there is more evidence and proof that it is real than I have been able to collect in this relatively thick book. The problem is what to do about it.

I hope that this book has convinced the reader that there is no use in trying to fight these forces from the heavens to make them stop. They possess weaponry and intelligence that we can’t even conceive of, so a war against them is futile. We need to simply disagree with their agenda, and in my opinion, leave the Overlords’ artificial physical universe altogether. I see no reason for us to stay in prison when we can become free spirits again by going back to the free realms of Creation in which we belong.

However, it is not my intention to impose this idea on anyone; if you follow this advice, you do so of your own free will and not because “I say so.” There is always an option to stay in 3-D and make an attempt to create a new species, Homo Nova, and slightly elevate yourself. You even have the option to choose the Singularity. I am not the judge of what anybody is choosing to do—we are all on a personal journey, and we all do what we think is best for ourselves. My intention with this book is to inform the reader and to give them additional information that can’t be found anywhere else, except in the Wes Penre Papers. This additional information is imperative to help us comprehend the bigger picture.

By no means do I claim to have all the answers, and neither do I claim that everything written in this book is set in stone; it’s simply the conclusions I have drawn during my last six years of research and analysis of the ET and AI problems facing mankind.

Furthermore, I am personally never putting all of my eggs in one basket. I read, I listen, and I watch in order to learn, and I do so from many different sources. From each source, I take what resonates and disregard the rest (which doesn’t mean that I might not come back later and look at it again from a new, fresh perspective). I would encourage the reader of this book to do the same thing; evaluate and re-evaluate everything. Even if you choose to embrace everything presented here, don’t let it become the end of your journey. It doesn’t matter how much it rings true, there is always a bigger picture, and there is always much more to learn. A hundred years from now (if we are still here then), the knowledge we think we have gained now will be superseded many times over. We only have 5-10% of our capacity activated, so how can we possibly “know it all?”

In closing, I hope this book has been of some assistance when it comes to understanding the basics of the AI Movement and the Singularity Agenda. I sincerely hope that the information provided herein has been helpful enough for the reader to make a well-informed decision about his or her very near future; and whatever that decision is they will have thought it through very thoroughly. This is the most important decision any of us will ever make as third dimensional biological humans here on Earth.

I wish all my readers Good Luck in their Divine Journey! We are standing at the crossroads at this very moment, and the road we choose will determine our future—perhaps for eternity!

* * * The End * * *

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