20 Lucifer’s Legion

The Lord of Lords

The “Orion King,” (who of course is an imposter and not a king at all, except in his own mind), son of Queen Nin, the Queen of the Stars (aka Queen of the Orion Empire), and stepson to King En.lil Sr. (who is originally from Arcturus, but was also connected to the former Sirian Empire), goes under many names here on Earth. However, none of them is his true name. He is the Serpent in the biblical Garden of Eden, where he is also known as Satan—the Adversary. This title is appropriate, as he is the adversary of his mother, the true Goddess of the Universe—the Divine Feminine (see the Wes Penre Papers, The Second Level of Learning and onward). In the Urantia Book and in the Bible, the self-anointed King of Orion is called Lucifer, the Light-bearer or Shining One.[478] These are quite interesting titles, taking into consideration that the Universe of Light is En.ki’s 3-D creation. The Overlords are also known as the Shining Ones. Beyond visible light is the KHAA—the Spiritual Universe.

However, there is another adversary, who later became the self-anointed Lord of Earth, in the absence of the original Satan. His name is Marduk, the son of the Great Serpent. Marduk is currently administrating the Earth, and he is known in the Urantia Book as Caligastia, the Devil. The Great Serpent is known in the Urantia Book as Lucifer, the Fallen Angel. Lucifer is, of course, the equivalent of Lord En.ki, and he is Marduk’s father.

In the Wes Penre Papers, I wrote about the Orion civil war, when Lucifer rebelled against his parents and attempted to overthrow them.[479] He was a very proud being, but quite self-centered; hence, Queen Nin and Khan (King) En.lil put him at a lower rank than his younger brother, Prince Ninurta, who was extremely loyal to the Orion Queendom and his parents’ galactic empire. Lucifer/En.ki thought he was unfairly treated and decided to rebel against his parents and the entire Orion Empire, located in the KHAA. Lucifer gathered an army of discontent members of the Orion Empire—beings whom he successfully had managed to manipulate because his tongue is forked and he is a master manipulator. In time, and with great cunning, he also managed to recruit star beings from other star constellations to participate in what has been termed Lucifer’s Rebellion aka The War in Heaven. Lucifer was defeated, however, and his brother, En.lil Jr., (Prince Ninurta), threw Lucifer out of Orion together with the surviving rebels, which on Earth are often referred to as the Fallen Angels. Lucifer is not allowed into the Orion Empire again until he has repented and made amends, but it’s doubtful that he will ever be allowed back after the hideous deeds he has done here on Earth and elsewhere.

The Queen and Her Helpers (of whom Prince Ninurta was one) had created our solar system as an Experiment and a Living Library, located in the KHAA before Lucifer rebelled, as discussed briefly earlier in this book and at length in my papers. Earth, also known as Gaia, was a very precious experiment for the Queen, and she chose to let a part of Her divine spirit essence dwell within this pristine, fertile planet. In order to take revenge for his mother denying him kingship of the Orion Empire, Lucifer decided to create his own rebel empire. As a result, he and his DAKH warriors invaded our solar system, killed the Orion and Vegan Observers, who were still here at the time, or they were taken as prisoners, while a very few, including the Queen, managed to escape, before Lucifer closed the Saturn stargate, which leads to a galactic web string, directly connected to Orion.

In our ancient records, Lucifer is also known as Samaël and Samyaza, and in the Sumerian text his name (or title, rather) is En.ki. In the Orion language, “En” means “comes forth from;” in this case Orion, and “Ki” can be translated as “Earth.” Thus, this title could be said to mean “he who came forth from Orion to Earth.” “En” can also mean “Lord” in the sense of a lord working for the Court of Orion—the Queen’s own Court. However, the Overlords have distorted the definition of the title to simply mean “Lord,” “Overlord,” or “King,” in a very masculine way, not mentioning the Divine Feminine as being the original universal force. According to the Overlords, it’s a masculine, or at best, a neutered universe. En.ki, in their terms, therefore means “Lord of Earth.” As the reader can see, it’s the same title Satan has in Christianity, and it’s the same title Lucifer’s son, Caligastia/Marduk, inherited from his father.

In the Akkadian-Babylonian texts, which are more recent than the Sumerian texts, En.ki is known as Ea, the “Lord of the Waters,” also called ‘The Water-Carrier.” The water, in this sense, refers both to the VOID (the KHAA), which is called the Ocean by many star beings, and also to the waters of Earth. Ea and his cohorts have bases deep under the oceans of the Earth which is why people see UFOs ascending from the sea to the sky or vice versa. In Rome, Ea was called Neptune, who of course was the Lord of the oceans. In Greece he was called Poseidon. We also see the name Ea as the root of the word Earth.

Lucifer is known by many other names, and some of them were brought up and cross-referenced in the Wes Penre Papers. In this book, however, we are going to call him En.ki and Lucifer for the most part—only because these are the names I used for him in the Wes Penre Papers, and not because he deserves the title En.ki; he is no longer a lord in the Queen’s Court.

What is En.ki’s character in relation to humans? Some people are firmly convinced that he loves his “creation” (us) as we do our own children, and they put En.ki in a positive light and consider him the father of modern mankind. Historically, however, it shows that he has no genuine fatherly love for the current crop of humanity he genetically manipulated into existence to serve his empire. To him we are simply “lulus,” which means “workers,” although we’re more like slaves to En.ki and the other Overlords. En.ki does not hesitate to kill large numbers of humans, whether it is in wars or by other means. As his “workers,” we humans have suffered on this planet since he first manipulated the original human race eons ago.

I haven’t found any references in the public record that En.ki has shown any true love for his creation; he created us mainly as a distortion of his mother’s original creation in an attempt to humiliate Her. At the same time, he had tasks for us; we could work for him, so he and his people did not have to do it. He is controlling us much the way we control farm animals, and because he considers us to be his creation, he believes he has a right to treat us any way he chooses.

I think that on some level, however, En.ki is proud of the species he created, and therefore he has at times protected us to some degree (to serve his insane, imperialist agenda). When the Orion Council decided to let a big part of the Experiment become extinct in the Deluge, by just letting the Great Flood run its course, and without warning humanity, En.ki went against the decision of the Council and indirectly warned his hybrid son of the first generation, Noah, known as Utnapištim in the Sumerian texts, by telling him to build an “ark” to save the “seed,” i.e. the DNA of the species of Earth. En.ki wanted to secure what he had captured and converted into his colony in a vast empire of stars and constellations. The Orion Empire, however, who hadn’t been able to intervene in En.ki’s dominion of Earth because he had manipulated mankind to support him, and also according to the universal Law of Free Will, Orion had no right to interfere, unless a large part of mankind asked them to do so. Our ancestors never did ask for help, but the Deluge was in a way a natural occurrence, and by not interfering with it, the Flood would wipe out much of the Atlantean Empire. En.ki couldn’t do much about it because if he did, he would go against the decision of the Court of Orion. The Court saw an opportunity to be able to indirectly intervene, by letting the Deluge run its course, and under these circumstances, En.ki had to swear an oath not to interfere with the Flood. En.ki obeyed, but he was very clever and bypassed his oath by going to Utnapištim’s cabin, and instead of warning his son directly, he spoke to the cabin wall (thinking out loud) what was about to happen while Utnapištim was listening inside. Thus, En.ki could save his genetic experiment without having to literally break his oath.

Why, then, would the Orion Council want to end the Experiment on Earth? The reason was because shortly before the Flood, they got a chance to see what had become of their original Experiment—perhaps by sending scouts into the solar system, past the Quarantine En.ki set up to control who came into the solar system and who was allowed to leave it.

The Orion Empire was shocked over the decline of the Queen’s original Experiment and how much the Overlords had made the originally Namlú’u emotionally and spiritually suffer as well as endure being genetically degraded. In spite of this, they couldn’t do anything to intervene, until they saw that a Flood was imminent. En.ki had created an abominable variety of monsters and strange creatures, who had either become cannibals, or were preying on others and abusing them. Many of these creations were also used as sex slaves of the gods. The Queen saw how Her Living Library was totally destroyed and wanted to terminate the Experiment and bring these tortured human souls home to Orion. She knew that 3-D was an electronic prison, created by her eldest son En.ki, but little did She know how badly Her distorted and beloved species had been treated—a species that once was multidimensional and free to roam the KHAA was now being held hostage and tormented.

Fig. 20-1: En.ki holding up a human.

Most humans and strange creatures—including most of the giants—succumbed either in the Flood or in the aftermath of it, in which a world-wide famine developed, and illness and death spread across the planet. A few humans and other species survived; however, the species we call Bigfoot was one of them. Bigfoot would probably have succumbed as well if En.ki hadn’t intervened once more.

When the Deluge swept over the planet, En.ki and his team left Earth and stationed themselves elsewhere in the solar system, which was still under quarantine. The Orion Council had hoped that life on Earth would eventually disappear because the Flood was partly happening because of a larger heavenly body coming into the solar system, slightly distorting Earth’s orbit causing a shift in our planet’s axis. Some claim that the interfering celestial body that caused this entire disaster was the planet Nibiru—the Planet of the Crossing.

This would potentially have destroyed all life eventually, but En.ki used his scientists to terraform Earth again, and in the process, he saved whatever life was left on Earth. In addition, he still had the seeds that Noah had saved, and therefore, he could recreate selected species that had succumbed in the Flood, and thus, he could create a new symbiosis and a new Living Library on the planet. This all happened behind the backs of the Orions, who thought that En.ki, bound to his oath, had not intervened during the comsic catastrophe. However, the way he bypassed his oath was done in such a manner that it couldn’t technically count as a violation of his oath, although the intent was clearly there.

It seems as if the intention of the Orion Empire was to leave our solar system alone after the catastrophe, believing it had become a solar system without any third dimensional life in it anymore. As such, it was no longer of any interest to the Orion Empire—the Experiment was over, and if the Queen wanted to recreate Her Experiment, She would probably do so elsewhere and under more secure circumstances. Unfortunately, the human soul group hasn’t done very well, and is easily manipulated, which might be an indicator for the Queen not to attempt a similar Experiment again.

En.ki soon rebuilt his Earth colony, transferring the surviving Homo sapiens to Mars, and created a new species from the scientific material he’d been able to secure before the Flood, thanks to his son. The new species became Homo sapiens sapiens—us.

Because the solar system had been rather secluded during En.ki’s rebel reign before the Flood, the Orion Empire did not know everything that was going on here. Some of the human souls were probably able to return to Orion at that point in time, but eventually En.ki had constructed his electronic frequency prison that prevented most of us from returning, and he now began recycling the same souls to repeatedly incarnate into his new species. Although the number of souls returning to Orion were less than the souls the Queen had let inhabit the primordial man, She also understood that many of the original souls had been too destroyed and corrupted to even considering going home to Orion. It was a great loss and, unfortunately, this had to be taken into consideration. However, the Queen did not know about En.ki’s new deceit, and more souls could possibly have been saved if she’d known that En.ki had captured the majority of them.

After the flood, En.ki had less soul splinters at his disposal to inhabit 3-D bodies because some had escaped and returned to Orion. Although, he sometimes captured souls from elsewhere in the Universe, the human soul splinters that were still under his command could be split into more units, and subsequently, each soul splinter had to reincarnate more often than before the Flood to accommodate the growing Earth population.

When the Orion Council found out about En.ki’s betrayal, it was too late. Once again he had humanity in his grip, and Orion’s hands were tied for the moment. Since the Flood, the AIF have done their best not to break the Law of Free Will, and instead they have bypassed it by manipulating mankind through religion, nationalism, economics, etc. into agreeing to be servants to them again. Keeping this part of our history in mind, it’s easier to understand why there has to be a mass awakening of the human species in order break our invisible chains. When enough people have woken up, we will be able to ask for help as a mass consciousness, and other benevolent forces, such as the Orion Empire, will be able to assist us more openly.

The Lord’s Return and the Battle of Armageddon

People are discussing an upcoming “alien invasion” and how this coincides with Bible Prophecies and prophecies in other religions, as well. However, technically there will not be an alien invasion; the invasion already happened approximately 425,000 years ago! The Alien Invader Force (AIF) is already here, so hom could they invade again?

The Overlords come and go as they please; there are no humans who can effectively stop them from doing that, so the ETs are not about to invade Earth for real. What might happen, and what looks as if it is happening, is the buildup to a fake alien invasion based on holograms; people have been talking about Project Blue Beam for at least a couple of decades now.

The only reason the Warlords will play the alien invasion card is to unite the Earth population into a One World Government. Holograms in the sky depicting attacking alien spaceships with laser beams will horrify the population, and world leaders will unite their people and group together with the rest of the nations of Earth in a common effort to defeat this “invasion” from outer space (as seen in movies such as Independence Day). Almost everybody will forget their petty indifferences and join together on one timeline as a human race pitted against the common ET enemy. The destruction will be real as well as the weapons, but the entire scam may be produced by the Controllers and part of the MIC, who are both taking orders from the Warlords En.Ki/Marduk, etc.

The details of such an invasion can vary, and they may change a few times before the Battle of Armageddon actually happens, but I would assume that some real laser weapons will be used in the battle; the Minions might even use weapons of mass destruction.

Fig. 20-2: The Battle of Armageddon (Project “Blue Beam).”

Just as in a science fiction movie, there will most likely be a “black moment” when everything seems to be lost and humanity is doomed—the hostile ETs will be overpowering. Then, out of the blue (literally), another ET armada will enter the stage and start attacking the invading force with great success. Like a cosmic cavalry coming through the clouds, the “good guys” will ride to our rescue, and the invader force will be defeated. Humanity (or what’s left of her) will thereby be saved!

The “good ETs,” who are just the same Overlords who ordered the space war in the first place, will take credit for saving mankind, and they will be praised as our space saviors. This group will offer to protect mankind against “threats from the heavens” for a “thousand years.” However, in the meantime, humanity will be taught how to fight enemies in space by this same “benevolent” group.

When the Singularity is a fact, Posthumans will soon after be taught advanced warfare by the Overlords, so they can go out in space and fight other, “hostile” civilizations. Thorough preparation will follow in order to start a war against the Orion Empire, where Posthumans and other beings from other civilizations within the Luciferian Empire will be cannon fodder and act as shields for the Overlords.

This is the reason why humanity needs to become caught up in virtual realities, from which the Overlords can “grab” the soul/mind/body complex and prepare them for war. This can’t be done while the soul composite is stuck in a biological or cyborg body because the Orion Empire does not exist in 3-D but only in the KHAA. The only way to get there is with the soul/mind/body complex. The cyborgs will be left on Earth as stabilizers.

By now you can probably see how the Overlords are mimicking Queen Nin’s original Experiment, in which the Namlú’u could exist in both the Gaia dimension, living on a planet in the KHAA, and simultaneously explore other dimensions in the VOID. The difference is that the cyborgs are under total control of the Warlords and are contained in a strict 3-D frequency.

The plan of En.ki’s team is to put En.ki on the Throne of Earth, and from that peak position of power as our Savior, he can manipulate mankind into believing that the Orion Empire were the invaders and that they will come back one day with enhanced forces, unless Posthumans do something about it. Posthumans will take this idea with them into the Singularity, and there it will all be transformed into knowledge and become part of the Posthuman mass consciousness, aka the SBC. The rest of the process, from En.ki’s viewpoint, will be a piece of cake. No further manipulation will be needed. Humans will willingly participate.

The above is only one scenario of what might happen. It may all be played out, or only some parts of it will. Only time will tell for certain. Perhaps none of this will transpire—it’s difficult to predict. All we can do is to take the Prophecies, which we know are going to be played out one way or the other, compare that with the knowledge we have, and try to put the pieces together. We might fail catastrophically to put it in the proper context and could be taken by complete surprise in the future, but even if that were the case, we should at least attempt to be prepared for that, too!

The Alien Invader Force in 3-D and Artificial Intelligence

Very advanced beings, living in the KHAA, don’t need technology to travel from one point in the Universe to another, and neither do many of the Rebels (En.ki included), but similar to us, the Overlords have to a large degree become more and more addicted to technology over time. When they manifest in 3-D, they need technology to do so.

There has always been infighting between different factions of the AIF, and when one faction produces and uses technology to become superior to another faction, the other faction needs to create even better technology, and because of this, technology became, and becomes, more and more advanced. The Overlords also become more and more dependent upon technology to make their own 3-D bodies work within the 4% Universe.

From my perspective, Nibiru, just as any other celestial body in 3-D, exists both here and in the KHAA simultaneously. The Nibiru that has allegedly crossed our path every 3,600 years is of course the 3-D version of that planet. However, because of its multidimensional properties, it is also inhabited in different frequency bands. It was in 3-D bodies that the Nibiruans, with En.ki as their Lord of Lords, visited Earth and humanity during Sumerian times, as well as before and after. Zecharia Sitchin was probably correct when he wrote that the Anunnaki were giants (something that is also supported by the pictures in the Sumerian cylinder seals), and it makes sense because Nibiru is many times larger than Earth. Thus, in order to adapt to a larger planet, the inhabitants had to be larger in stature. Incredible as it may seem to us, I have heard (from the Pleiadians and others) that the Overlords could be 300 feet tall or taller, and some of their genetically engineered offspring here on Earth were just as tall, but more commonly, they appeared as only slightly taller than the tallest human: 8 to 12 feet. At the time when the gods shared the Earth openly with humanity, the 3-D world was less dense and supported many species of much larger life forms (dinosaurs being a prime example), but after the Deluge, En.ki slightly changed Earth’s frequency, and 300-foot-tall beings could no longer live here.

Sitchin claimed that the Anunnaki needed gold for Nibiru’s atmosphere. Although, this could be correct to some extent, highly-refined, mono-atomic white gold is also needed to keep the Overlords’ physical bodies more or less immortal. They may also need to use some AI technology to keep themselves physically fit for millions of years in this 3-D Universe, and processed, powdered white gold may be used in addition to that.Dr. A.R. Bordon used to tell me that the Anunnaki snorted gold the same way humans snort cocaine. He claimed they were addicted to it. It reportedly also enhances one’s ability to actively enter other dimensions.

It’s important to remember that the Overlords exist in both 3-D and in the KHAA simultaneously, in a much more conscious way than we do. Their existence follows the same principle as that of everybody else in the KHAA. These beings are their own holographic soul splinters; one or more fractal/splinters may operate in physical bodies in 3-D, while other splinters operate in the Spiritual Universe. Unlike us humans, the Overlords are aware of all their soul splinters, just as you and I are consciously aware of our own thoughts. Our thoughts might change from one subject to another, but so long as these thoughts are conscious thoughts, we are aware of them and consider them to come from us. This analogy could be applied to explain how the Overlords are in control of their soul splinters.

Dracos, Reptilians, Grays, Insectoids, and Nordics

At least since the Deluge, we humans, in general, have thought we are at the top of the totem pole here on Earth and that there are no living beings greater and more intelligent than us. That was never true, and it’s not true today either, and I’m not comparing us to the AIF now.

During the Atlantean Era, Neptune/En.ki and his scientists went wild creating new life forms on Earth. Some of these abominable creatures no longer exist, but there are many different kinds of beings living in the honeycombed Earth beneath the surface. Some of them can be hostile, while others are more benevolent, in general. Perhaps, the oldest of the species living underground are the Reptoids. These are, as the name indicates, reptilian in nature, and were created by En.ki and his scientists during the reptilian epoch or shortly after. They are an older race than Homo sapiens and Homo sapiens sapiens (us), and some of them claim legal rights to Earth, thinking that humans should not have the privilege, as we are a younger species. Although this species can’t compare with us in numbers, they are supposedly very intelligent. It it appears that there a few cold-blooded predators amongst them, but most of them are peaceful in nature. These are the kind of reptilian/humanoid beings that people have sometimes seen coming out of caves at various locations around the world. These Reptoids are fully biological beings, just as we still are (at least for now).

Unfortunately, there are other factions of reptilian beings that have been encountered on Earth, and these beings are often taller, stronger, and much crueler than the Reptoids. These other Reptilians are very physical and very 3-D, and they do not originate on Earth; nor are they biological beings. Just as the Grays that people often encounter, the Reptilians and the so-called 9-15 feet tall Dracos are AI, employed in the Overlords’ service. These beings were created in order to intimidate and to distract attention from the real Overlords. The same thing applies to so-called Insectoids, the so-called Nordics, and others. They are AI, and as such, they are very sophisticated. To a human, it’s very difficult to realize that these beings are not biological entities, but cyborgs. I would presume these kinds of AI beings are widely used by the Overlords; both when they are conquering other worlds and when they bring order to their colonies. They are programmed to operate according to the AIF agenda. I would also suggest that these are the beings that Dr. Bordon and his team encountered onboard spaceships orbiting Earth. Bordon, and his team of scientists in the LPG-C, brought back reports from meetings they had with multiple alien species on these spaceships, and sometimes here on Earth, as well.[480] These species told the LPG-C that they originate from different star systems.

The Nordics are an interesting “species” in the sense that they can look identical to humans, yet they are cyborgs. Many of them have already infiltrated governments, business, education, and other departments of society, and very few people know about it and cannot distinguish between them and regular humans—not even the people who work with them. These Nordics may act as if they are emotionless, hyper-logical and always to the point. It seems to me that they could be the prototype for Posthumans.

The bottom line is, just as I argued in the Wes Penre Papers, that ETs are interdimensional, while we are 3-D. Hence, if an “ET” is really solidly third dimensional (and not a shapeshifter, who is an interdimensional being who can create a 3-D hologram out of thin air by reconstructing her Fire/soul composite), we need to question if this is actually an ET or Artificial Intelligence, created either by humans or interdimensional beings, i.e. the AIF. I think this is very important to keep in mind. I know that this will not sit well with some UFO researchers who want ETs to be physical, but this is where my research has led me. The same thing applies to UFOs. If a UFO is made of “nuts and bolts,” it’s either manmade or made by the AIF in order to transport 3-D materials (including 3-D humans) between solid planetary bodies, intra-planetary (Inner Earth), or inter-planetary. In these cases, AIF technology is involved. The UFOs that are phasing in and out of sight (between dimensions) are in most cases AIF interdimensional technology, but in some cases they can be benevolent or curious interdimensional beings, who are entering our frequency band so that they can be watched by observant humans. Most observers believe that all, or the majority, of such sightings are spaceships of some kind, but on the interdimensional plane, these ships and beings become one and the same—they can restructure their Fire composite to create any shape and form they want—they can rearrange their Avatar into a “vessel” if they want or need to. Therefore, the UFOs we sometimes see may very well not be spaceships as we perceive spaceships, but beings taking a certain shape and form in interdimensional space.

It is a very complex situation we are contemplating here, and I’m sure we have only touched the surface of what there is to know. However, what we’ve learned thus far might be of value when we see how things develop around us. Instead of panicking, we can stay calmer than our chaotic Earth environment and help out where we can, and most importantly, make the right choices so we don’t fall into the ultimate trap ourselves. As Utu (Marduk) told me back in 2011, when referring to me, he said, “You are just a ‘lulu’”! [481] What he meant was that whatever I say or do, I am still his property. However, I beg to differ. I’m a sovereign being, and so are you, and so are the rest of the souls that comprise humanity; we just need to remember who and what we really are and declare that every day with conviction and pride.

Is Time Travel Really Possible?

Time travel is still a controversial subject, even within the truth movement. Is time travel possible, and can we travel both forward and backward in time?

The MIC has worked on time travel projects since the 1940s, when the infamous and disastrous Philadelphia Experiment took place,[482] and the Nazis reportedly worked on it before that. The Philadelphia Experiment is now known to the public, but since then, nothing substantial has been revealed by the American Government, or any other government, on this topic.

However, in August 2014, Nature.com ran an article where they claimed that it may very well be possible to travel backward in time.[483] The Mind Unleashed website picked up on it and explained the otherwise highly-scientific information in layman’s terms.[484]

In the latter article, the reporter revealed that Australian scientists created a computer simulation in which quantum particles move back in time. With this experiment, the scientists say that it seems absolutely plausible that time travel can occur on a quantum level; something that was suggested already back in 1991, but it may have been more or less confirmed now.

What is interesting with this Australian experiment is that the way it was performed simulates what I have been writing about in the Wes Penre Papers regarding time travel, namely that there are different ways of travelling in time. The two most commonly mentioned principles are the same ones that were performed in the experiment.

1) This is also called the Grandfather Paradox—a term based on Einstein’s general theory of relativity, which in turn is based on physics more directly related to the macro cosmos rather than quantum mechanics. In this case, we imagine a particle moving from the future and back on the same timeline whence it originated, e.g. in our time. This is when this future particle (or particles) can change the outcome of events that are happening around this time. In theory, you could go back from the future and kill your own grandfather, which would also terminate your own existence on that particular timeline. [Wes’ note: The question is, if I travel back in time from my own future on the same timeline and make sure that my grandparents never met, and logically I would not exist after that, why wouldn’t my interference just create another potential timeline, and I would still exist on the “original” timeline?]

2) In the 1991 theory, it was proposed that travelling back in time is possible without changing events in the past if it’s done on a quantum level because on that level the properties of quantum particles are not precisely defined.[485]

Time travel is not as much of a science as it appears to be, however. The “particle” or “particles” mentioned in the above hypotheses, in order to either affect or experience what we call the past, must be controlled by something or someone. You and I are travelling back in time and into the future all the time on a daily basis just by thinking ourselves there. Most of us are not even aware that we’re doing this and we just think of this as “daydreaming” or simple “thinking,” when in fact we are travelling in time. Think yourself back to a certain time in your childhood, for example, and you will be able to go there in your mind. At first you may only get a flash of what happened at that point, but if you want to experience it more vividly, you can close your eyes and recall who was present, what smells were around, what you heard, what you saw, what you could feel with your hands, and what you were thinking/feeling. In other words, you return to that precise time. If we practice and get more skilled, we can also re-experience the movements of the incident and follow the incident forward in time with full perceptions. This is part of the nano-travel that was discussed in the Wes Penre Papers, meaning that you can simply split your soul (composite of fires) into “x” number of splinters—each one experiencing different things in different time/space. This is how you basically travel between dimensions and densities and experience the Multiverse—a Multiverse that allows time travel, as all time is ultimately simultaneous anyway. There is only one big “now” that we move through in a linear way or jump around in. - If we, as a species, train ourselves to nano-travel (travelling via thought), the Grid and the Quarantine are lifted from our solar system, and our amnesia is lifted, we will be able to more freely travel across the Multiverse and experience each instance of our being just as “physically” as we do now, regardless of where or when we travel. We can create what we want, and the result is in the “eyes” of the beholder. Using nano-travel, a being can move freely from one point to another and still remain in the same time as when he or she left, or a being can decide to travel backward and forward in time, through a parallel time, or in any direction whatsoever.

In the Wes Penre Papers, the Third Level of Learning, I argued that some of the entities that are channeled by mediums are us in the future, coming back to change their own timeline to regain order in their own chaotic time in the future (the future from our perspective). This would be an example of time travel option number 1 above, carefully trying to avoid terminating their own selves, or their ancestors. We will discuss this more in a moment.

The End Times

As a biological human species, we are now on the brink of extinction. This is indeed the End Times, but what does End Time mean? Does it mean that all life will be destroyed and what remains is only a desolate planet? Or does it mean that this is the End Times as foretold in the Bible, that the Savior is now returning and a resurrection will occur, where selected God worshippers will be brought to the biblical Heaven?

None of the above is plausible. Instead, as I have concluded with my many years of rigorous research, it’s the end of the human race as we know it. Humanity will split into at least two main species—Posthumans and Homo Nova, as discussed in my e-book, Beyond 2012—A Handbook for the New Era. Homo Nova is the multidimensional human, who is able to create her own reality, free from the chains of slavery and manipulation—a being of higher awareness, free to travel across the Universe, the Multiverse, and the dimensions. Unfortunately, it looks as if the majority of todays’ Homo sapiens sapiens—a species that will be extinct in just a few decades if events turn out as planned by the Cosmic Outlaws—will choose to follow their ET Masters into eternity, stuck in artificial bodies and an almost eternal life as property of a gang of imposters. Only a small minority of Homo sapiens sapiens seems to be ready, willing and able to break out of their bondage, but even those who intend to do so need to be very alert and careful in the days ahead. There are traps we want to avoid, and perhaps one of the biggest of these traps is related to the Pleiadians, channeled by Barbara Marciniak. Before we discuss what I mean by that, we need to go over some background data.


Let us discuss timelines for a moment. I have often touched on the subject of a multiverse where all time exists simultaneously, while here on Earth, the Overlords manipulated us into thinking that time is linear and that is all there is to the concept of time; there is only one past, one present, and one future. The latter, if we follow the Overlords’ manipulative logic, we know nothing about because we’re not there yet.

Linear time is very convenient for the Overlords when they are dealing with us because it’s easier to control us. In a multidimensional environment, we could be all over the map and nearly impossible to track and keep in check. Without linear time, we wouldn’t be stuck here.

Let’s look at this from the Warlords’ perspective. They operate interdimensionally and multidimensionally. They can look at us and our time from “outside,” as a child would his Lego city. Although we are programmed, humans are sentient, relatively intelligent people and can move at random and do random things; even learn from their mistakes and correct themselves; all while the Overlords are watching what’s going on. In the eyes of the Overlords, humans are both predictable and unpredictable because we often do unpredicted things.

We humans are creating timelines from our 3-D perspective. In theory, at the beginning we were all on the same timeline until we started making choices. When a human chooses between two things, the other option creates its own timeline, even though the person didn’t choose to go that path. The unchosen timeline becomes inactive as a potential timeline. This timeline, however, can be activated again at any time. Let’s say that somewhere down the line, this person intently begins thinking about a potential choice/option he never made/accepted and begins to activate that timeline in his “mind’s eye.” In the process, there’s some extra soul/fire/energy put into the previously stagnated energy, containing the dormant fragments of that unchosen timeline.

Let’s pretend that the timeline the person actually chose in the beginning ended in a disaster—it may have destroyed the human race and/or created havoc amongst the Warlords. The disaster didn’t occur just because of the choice of one human. It became an active timeline because of the choices the majority of the human mass consciousness had made up until the point of the disaster. We are individual soul/sparks contained in a collective cosmic fire, and what we think affects the overall collective fire of the human soul group.

Although multidimensional, the Warlords are interacting with human consciousness, and what we do and decide also affects them. Therefore, the damage is done!

What do the Warlords do to get out of the jam? Humankind made unpredictable decisions which had unwanted consequences, and now this has to be corrected. Here the Warlords sit in the future, in relation to when the disaster happened, and are having a difficult time. The best solution may be to go back in time, which means that they, from a multidimensional perspective, insert themselves on the human timeline just before the disaster happened when humans made their unpredictable decisions.

From that exact point, with linear time as a reference (because that is what the human mind current lives in), the Controllers start manipulating these timelines. Some are creating traumatic mass events, such as 911, school shootings, “natural” disaster (often created with technology), epidemics, wars, genocide and other horrible events. When the majority of mankind becomes traumatized because of a major mass event, we tend to focus on one timeline only—the timeline where the orchestrated event happened. Thus, we create a common major timeline right there. Very quickly, the Controllers begin to manipulate us in the direction they want us to go, instead of the direction we went in the other timeline that created the disaster, adversely affecting the Warlords.

Even after an event such as 911, when many people merged into the same timeline, we all quite instantly branched off because of new individual decisions and choices. However, the major/dominant timeline will still be the 911 timeline for most people because that’s what is now keeping the human consciousness together—we feel that we have that in common. Let’s say that at some later time, the Controllers orchestrate another event to once again direct the mass consciousness in a certain direction. In this manner, they can manipulate the population to make different choices than those they made when they created the disaster that affected the Overlords in the “future.”

Fortunatley, we have a world population that is slowly but surely waking up to what is going on behind the scenes—people are becoming more aware. We sometimes call it the truth movement. The truth movement needs to be addressed by the Overlords as well, because an increasing number of people are refusing to get stuck in the timeline the Overlords are continuously having us create through sustained stress trauma, deceptive distractions, and mass manipulation. Because awakening is “contagious” and affects the entire mass consciousness, the portion of the population that are awake or are awakening have to be controlled. The Overlords do want more knowledgeable and aware beings in order create a knowledgeable hive-mind with the Singularity, but they only want an awakening that’s under their control. The Outlaws are going to let us eat from the Tree of Life, but our access to the Tree of Knowledge still needs to be restricted. They only want to give us the fruits they find appropriate; they don’t want us to eat as we please.

How can the Overlords control the mass awakening? They address the issue from many angles. The Internet is a tracking device, but it’s also a study in mass consciousness. The Internet is of course not created by humans, and Bill Gates had little to do with it, just as Ray Kurzweil has had little to do with the Singularity—they are both just puppets and front persons. Although humans built the computers and the MIC created the Internet, these ideas were implanted into certain humans by the AIF. Bill Gates and others may actually think they came up with the ideas themselves when they really didn’t. To halt the awakening, the Controllers hire Intelligence operatives to spread disinformation on the Internet to utterly confuse the truth movement. Some of these agents write books that are pure disinformation, but they easily attract curious minds. Curiously, this disinformation has truth in it as well, which together with modern science fiction attracts the truth movement. Soon enough, the truth movement is divided into different factions; some believe this and others believe that, and never shall the twain meet. Instead of people looking inside themselves for answers, they become too busy to do so because they feel compelled to urgently browse the Internet and read books seeking an authority figure to give them the “right” answers until everybody is so confused about what’s true or not that they are no longer a threat to the Overlords. Instead of having people in the truth movement creating a new “dangerous” timeline, or timelines, that can affect the Overlords in a negative way, from their viewpoint, they steer the truth movement, although intentionally divided, into one or two major events, and have them concentrate on those. Such events are the fulfillment of Prophecy and the New World Order. By concentrating their energy on these events, they actually assist in creating them. It was all a setup to begin with.

There are other ways to utterly confuse us as well. A very successful way to do it is through channeling. Today, channelers are a dime a dozen, and they all have their slant on what is allegedly accurate information. Some say they are channeling Jesus, others claim they channel Ashtar, Sirians, Arcturians, Grays, friendly Reptilians, Praying Mantises, Andromedans, Pleiadians, the Ra People—and the list goes on. Although most channeled material contains truths, which is what attracts people, most of it is hogwash—including the origin of the channel. Very rarely are these “beings” extraterrestrials. More often they are sophisticated AI; high tech initiated by the Overlords. They target people who have wide open chakras, willing to take in anything that comes in their direction. Some of these people become “psychic” channelers, specifically targeted by the Overlords and their AI network. In this way, more disinformation can be spread on a regular basis to a wide range of the population.

These are all distractions, preventing us from doing our inner work, which is what will help humanity get out of this jam. However, after the Warlords have succeeded in distracting and dividing the truth movement, the movement needs to be united again, but only toward a preselected goal, created by the AIF.

This is where some of the channeled material, such as the Pleiadians, come in. Barbara Marciniak was chosen as the vehicle for the beings who claim to be from the Pleiades. These entities are not AI, by the way, but actual entities from elsewhere. They are here to connect enough people of the truth movement so they can affect others telepathically, in order to change the major, dominant timeline we are on right now as a human soul group.

Invading the Pleiades

The Pleiades is En.ki’s territory—let’s make that clear from the beginning. In the Wes Penre Papers, we discussed this at length, and in fact, Marciniak’s Pleiadians have said many times over, for the last two or three years, that their “teacher” is Lord En.ki. The first time I heard them saying this in their lecture, I almost fell off my chair! I really did not expect that. Now, however, it’s become natural to me because they are telling us their story from that perspective.

When we discuss the Pleiadians, by the way, going forward, I am always referring to Marciniak’s channeled entities, unless I state otherwise.

The Pleiadians endorse Zecharia Sitchin’s work, and when Sitchin died in 2010, they honored him in a lecture shortly after his passing, saying he was a man who enlightened mankind and helped us understand our path. This is not correct. Sitchin did one good thing, perhaps, and it was that he put our attention on the Sumerian scriptures and the Sumerian gods, so that curious people could begin to do their own research (soon finding out that intentionally or not, Sitchin often gave his own slant on the original texts to fulfill an AIF agenda). Sitchin also always referred to En.ki as a relatively good guy, while En.lil was the bad one. The records actually show the opposite is true, but to figure that out, one has to read between the lines and connect the dots. This was done in the Wes Penre Papers—references and evidence included. As readers of the Wes Penre Papers know, a much more accurate history is presented in these papers. Sitchin and the AIF wanted En.ki to look good, so we would embrace his return as the King of Earth—modern mankind’s savior and father/creator.

However, when we dig deeper, we find another, much more interesting story, which I revealed in the Wes Penre Papers. When the true story surfaces, En.ki is exposed as the imposter that he really is. Enûma Eliš[486] (the letter “š” is pronounced “sh” as in sheep), the Babylonian creation story, speaks volumes for those who want to analyze them. We know that the winners write history, and in this case we could say that the Overlords were the winners because they were the ones in charge. Enûma Eliš, and other Sumerian cuneiform, and all the major religions were what they left behind as their legacy, but why would we believe that what they told us in the written form is the true story of the so-called Anunnaki? In fact, the gods wanted to leave records behind that we could interpret in a way that “predicts” our future—the End of Days, which are the days we live in now (2016 forward). They made the real Creator Gods and Goddesses appear to be the bad guys, and those who invaded Gaia, the AIF, became the good guys.

Teachers from the Future

One thing most channeled materials have in common is that the alleged channeled entities tell us, that they come from the future. Most of those in this category claim they are here to prepare mankind for big changes; some say, bluntly, that they have come to save us from our evil governments and the ETs covertly here on Earth, while others say they are here to help us help ourselves. Moreover, the majority of those who claim to be from our future also emphasize that they are us in the future—our future selves. Hence, only a few of the channeled entities claim to be ETs in the sense that they come here from other star systems. They may reside in other solar systems in the future from where they contact us, but they tell us that their real origin is here on Earth, interestingly enough.

The question is if they really are from our future, and whether they are our descendants. As I’ve argued many times now, very little channeled material is genuine; most of it is AI, and most of them are not who or what they claim to be. They are boldly lying about themselves and who they are. Their messages are highly deceptive to further manipulate the masses.

What about the Pleiadians? They also say they are from our future, and in a way, they say, they are our descendants. However, their story is a little different from other channels. They say that their ancestors took part in creating Homo sapiens in antiquity; they are indeed some of those whom we call the Fallen Angels in the Bible. Their ancestors were those who created the Nephilim—the human/alien giant hybrids, by mating with human females. It’s likely that they did mate with human females, but the Giants of renown—the Nephilim—were created in laboratories. Also, if we think about it, there is no way that an average human female could physically give birth to a Giant, seven to thirty feet tall.

I have listened to different channelers, and the difference between the Pleiadians and most of the others is the clarity in their message. The Pleiadians (the Ps, pronounced pees, as they call themselves) deliver a very consistent message most of the time, and they are straightforward when teaching their listeners and readers what they want them to know/think. They always start their sessions with an approximate ten-minute lecture on one or a couple of subjects, and then they let people in the room ask questions. The question may, or may not, be on the subjects the Ps began with. The answers to the questions, more often than not, coincide with my own research from elsewhere.

Regardless of this, and in spite of them being a very clear channel, more often than not they are telling the truth about the world situation behind the scenes, and in most cases, they are also telling the truth about the Anunnaki and their agenda.

This might make it seem as if they were one of the very few channels that are genuinely on humanity’s side in all this, but regardless of all the good indicators, it is not likely that the Ps can be trusted, either. This is for a few different reasons.

They embrace Zecharia Sitchin and his teachings, and there seems to be a reason for this. To be fair, they also say when they refer to the old Sumerian texts, “according to the translation of the Sumerian texts,” and they sometimes add, “the way the gods have you depict history,” hinting that there is more to the picture than what’s in the scriptures and that the scriptures can sometimes be dubious. Still, they continuously refer to Sitchin’s translations. It seems as if the reason why they so consistently refer to Sitchin is because he has the good guys and the bad guys already defined. Erroneously, the Ps are referring to En.lil as being YHWH—the “evil god” of the Old Testament. This is remarkable because a little research shows that YHWH/Jehovah was a composite of two gods; En.ki and Marduk. Furthermore, they present En.ki as the one who is scheduled to rule in the Age of Aquarius, but that there is a power struggle amongst the Anunnaki; therefore, it’s still uncertain who is going to take the lead. Marduk, En.ki’s son, is unwilling to let go of his Kingdom, but I believe the story was the same after the Age of Aries, when Marduk was the top controller of mankind.

The Ps tell us that they are here to teach us the truth about ourselves and our true history. However, in the next breath, they are revealing that they are reporting to their own teachers as well, who grade them on the results from teaching us. Therefore, we must ask, who are their teachers? Fortunately, they let us know that as well. Their teachers are the entities they call the Keepers of Time, and they explain that the Keepers of Time are the Anunnaki—but the good ones, they are quick to add. The reason why their teachers are called the Keepers of Time is because that’s what the Anunnaki do—they keep our linear time in place! As the icing on the cake, they also reveal who is their head teacher—Lord En.ki aka Saturn/Kronos—the God of Time!

They say, correctly, that En.ki’s main abode is the Pleiades and that it has been for quite some time. He fled to the Pleiades a long time ago when things were heating up. I wrote that in the Wes Penre Papers already in 2010, which was long before the Ps revealed where En.ki’s current home address is (although, he might not be home at the moment). The planet that is considered the Keeper of Time is Saturn/Kronos—the most important planet in the solar system. This is where Father Time (En.ki) set up a powerful technology to create an electronic frequency fence around our solar system. The Rings of Saturn play a big role in all this in that they show us the type of energy being emitted (much like iron filings placed on a piece of paper over a magnet). The Keepers of Time are therefore, En.ki and Marduk.

The Ps say that En.ki once went to the Moon and mapped the constellations in the night sky, and from there, he created the Processional Cycle, which also, of course, is part of linear time. David Icke has now come to a very similar conclusion regarding Saturn as I have, and which was discussed in the Wes Penre Papers. In one of his lectures, he emphasizes that Saturn plays a dominant role in maintaining the matrix we currently live in because it broadcasts the frequency band that Earth and the rest of the solar system is stuck in. That lecture is well worth watching.[487]

The Pleiadian story is fascinating, however. They claim that we humans, as cyborgs, will come to the Pleiades in the future because we want to meet our creators (and who is the creator of the cyborg society if not En.ki, the “Pleiadian?”). Instead, this pending encounter we are predicted to have with the Pleiadians ends in an invasion. Our military trained army of cyborgs goes to war against beings in the Pleiades and win the war, and thus, they create tyranny in the Pleiades. The group of Ps who are contacting us in present time are allegedly a rebel group that meet in spirit in a secret time/space in the future, where they relatively safely can communicate with us.

This group figured out that the tyranny they live under in our future has its origin on a certain timeline that came out of the nano-second on Earth (1987-2012). This is also the time when there was a breakthrough in the creation of the Singularity. On the main timeline, stretching all the way from the 1980s to the time in which the Ps live, humanity as a mass consciousness will become cyborgs and eventually, super soldiers. This highly trained army of space soldiers will then invade the Pleiades. The group of rebels (supposedly), that Marciniak is channeling, is now reaching out to earth humans in an attempt to teach us metaphysics and the truth about the Machine Kingdom, AI, and the Anunnaki, hoping that some of us will choose another timeline aside from that which leads to the Singularity. It doesn’t have to include the majority of the human population for the Ps to succeed, they say; it only has to include as many people as it takes to put energy on an alternative timeline. The Ps then hope that they can change things around on their end and “jump timelines” to the one their human disciples choose, on which no invasion takes place. That will again create peace in the Pleiades—or at least, that’s what they apparently hope.

This is the reason why the Ps have to tell us the truth, or as much truth as is necessary for their agenda to succeed. In other words, some humans need to be educated up to a certain point. This is what they are doing in their lectures; enough people need to realize that what the gods are doing will take us to places we do not want to go.

They don’t go out on the Internet or put the channeled material on YouTube because they don’t want to risk that someone dubious is changing their message by editing the material. Still, there are a few people who have posted certain lectures on YouTube, which definitely annoy the Ps and Marciniak alike. The Ps are only interested in teaching those who gravitate to their message, which become the chosen few who can help them change the timeline. The Ps add that this is a give-and-take that will benefit both humans and Ps. We get educated and can avoid the Singularity, and the Ps can regain their freedom.

At a first glance, this seems like a fair deal: we help you and you help us. The Ps have occasionally said that doing this for us is not their main reason for being here; they do it for themselves first of all, but it just so happens that it will benefit us, too. That makes their mission the more noble, as they see it. This, of course, leaves us wondering what would have happened if their agenda would not have benefited us; would they in that case have deceived and manipulated us to get what they want? Well, to be honest, I think that’s what they are still doing, but now I’m getting ahead of myself.

Let us analyze this. The first thing that comes to my mind, if the Ps are telling the truth is, what will happen afterward with the people who succeed in helping the Ps to create the particular main timeline they are hoping for? Will En.ki come and personally thank these people for helping out, or does he just look at them as another bunch of lulus, who just did their duty as his labor race and then put them in the fold again? Will En.ki really set them free? Historically, that’s just not his style.

I have listened to the Ps lectures, and nowhere are there any promises of what will happen to the assisting humans when this is all over, and there are no suggestions of what will happen to the rest of us when this is all over. They just give the silent impression that “everything will be just fine.” Nowhere are they strictly saying that En.ki and his team will reward humans for assisting them. However, they proclaim that those who help the Ps automatically will free themselves, too, from their current boundary. Even if this is the case, no one says that En.ki can’t put them back into slave labor again afterward, once these humans have slipped out of their boundary.

Another question that arises is how this cyborg hive-mind that will be the result of the Singularity and the SBC can invade En.ki’s domain without En.ki’s knowledge or his ability to stop them. After all, it’s En.ki who orchestrated the entire Singularity Agenda. Will Posthumans run amok in the future, becoming robotic rebels against the Luciferian Empire, starting to invade and cross their creators instead of abiding and obeying them?

In fact, there is a slight possibility that this could happen. I hear from many different sources that there is a power struggle within the Luciferian Empire and a civil war is raging.[488] Upon that, beings on the different Luciferian colonies are starting to rebel against the tyranny of the Warlords. In present time we do not know the outcome of this struggle or if any civilization has succeeded, although I have heard rumors that some of them have managed to escape the 3-D entrapment. Apparently, the Luciferian Empire is currently shaking in its foundation, as portrayed in J. R. R. Tolkien's fictional universe when Frodo made it to Mordor and was about to throw the Ring of Sauron into the volcanic lake in Mt. Doom, blinding the all-seeing eye and making the Evil Empire fall.

In addition, it also looks as if there is at least one (maybe more) fairly advanced civilization of Reptilian or Reptoid beings, living beneath the Earth’s surface, who are at war with the Overlords. This could very well be part of what the Middle East wars are really about; some whistle-blowers are saying that there are civilizations under the surface with whom the U.S. Military is at war. If the MIC is at war with beings from the Honeycombed Earth, the AIF is, too: (in the movie The Matrix—the rebel city of Zion was deep in the Earth). Are these beings then automatically on humanity’s side? Not necessarily; as mentioned earlier, these previous experiments that En.ki created, don’t agree that humans will inherit the Earth—Singularity or not—because the Reptoids were here first. There are other beings beneath our feet as well—some of them benevolent and peaceful, others not so much. That subject is another can of worms that we unfortunately don’t have time to cover here in any great detail.

There is always a possibility that En.ki loses the civil war and another branch of the AIF takes control and decides to let Posthumans invade En.ki’s domain to hammer down the last nail in his coffin. If this is the case, there is no doubt about why En.ki is behind the Ps and wants to change the timeline so that his enemy’s hive-mind AI army (Posthumans) will not invade to begin with. The winner of the civil war between the Overlords could be Marduk, who then wants to solidify the coup and take over his father’s Pleiadian Kingdom as well, so he plans to use Posthumans as his foot soldiers. This is a plausible hypothesis. If this is true, En.ki, from a future perspective, is actually working with humanity, attempting to wake us up in order to save his own Pleiadian Kingdom in the constellation of Taurus. According to the Ps, the Seven Sisters, which are seven of the brightest blue stars in the Pleiades, are part of En.ki’s Realm and thus are also part of the Luciferian Empire. The Ps are speaking very badly about Marduk.

In the last few years, the Ps have been talking about En.ki’s Gift, which supposedly is something embedded in our DNA that can’t be tampered with. This Gift was hidden in our genes when En.ki genetically manipulated mankind. According to the Ps, he put it there because he didn’t fully trust his cohorts, and he wanted to safeguard the human race so that we would eventually evolve on our own (which is what we’re doing now). The Ps say that because of their own teachings and involvement with mankind on a present time basis, that will help activating En.ki’s Gift.

Whether this is true or not, I don’t know, but for it to make sense that En.ki, from a future perspective, wants to activate this part of our DNA now, in our time, it would be because he wants us to create the alternative timeline (or timelines) that his disciples, the Pleiadians, are teaching us about. From what I can conclude from listening to the P’s lectures En.ki’s Gift was activated during the nano-second and was a part of our relatively sudden awakening; this is in conjunction with the increased energies we received through the alignment with the Galactic Center around 2012. However, on the timeline that will lead to the invasion of the Pleiades, this so-called Gift was then transferred into the SBC with the Singularity, so that the Super Brain Computer would have more information to work with. It is my impression that this was the real purpose of En.ki’s Gift to begin with. Now, he apparently wants those who are awakening (the ones he can gather around him) to take his “Gift” (that is already activated) and create this new timeline instead.

In their books from the early 1990s, the Ps are also saying that they want our “code,” which most probably means our genetic code, although nothing is said to explain what they truly mean. It is very plausible that the code is what they now call Enki’s Gift.

Some of the human participants, who are more or less standard participants in the Pleiadian lectures when they are held in Raleigh, North Carolina, seem to have read my papers because the Ps now get questions about whether it’s possible to escape from the between lives Anunnaki trap and just get out of here and not reincarnate again. The Ps get slightly irritated when they hear this, and they respond that we are here to reincarnate in order to help build a new reality—a new Earth. Of course, this is what they want in order to have more souls creating the alternative timeline. Only a few years ago, they denied that there was an Anunnaki recycling center, but lately they have admitted that there is, and they say we have to evolve in order to avoid going into the AIF soul trap after death. They claim that we go in accordance with our awareness level and meet others who vibrate similarly to us, and when we arrive there we will be in charge of our own destiny and can reincarnate from a conscious level instead of getting trapped in the Anunnaki recycling technology. However, it’s all about getting back here to Earth because this is where we belong, according to the Ps. Although they told us a few years ago that some souls incarnate on other planets, most go back to Earth (those who incarnate somewhere else certainly do so within the Luciferian 3-D Empire, so there’s no escape by doing that. It’s possible the AIF just want some souls to do their work somewhere else).

In fact, there are at least two ways of getting trapped after death. One is to get seduced into entering one of the recycling centers; where the soul is recycled immediately into a random body. This mostly happens, as I understand it, to people who don’t have any awareness or knowledge about what is really going on around them while being incarnated on Earth. I’ve read somewhere that there are souls who are so evolved that they don’t need to go to the Between Lives Area, but take a new body directly after death. This is disinformation and a spin on what I just wrote—some souls don’t go to the Between Lives Area because the AIF decides they shouldn’t, and instead they are recycled right away. In these instances, the soul has no say in the matter.

The other trap is that we go where our belief systems take us. If we believe in Jesus and Heaven, that’s the virtual reality we go to, and if we’re faithful Muslims we go to a Heaven where we can have 72 virgins as a reward for our faith, or perhaps more correctly, — these could be 72 demons that delight in tormenting us.[489] —

Nonetheless, after a certain time, we will again be recycled into a body here on Earth, but we have more choices where we want to go (in general, the Overlords want us to go where we can be of the most use to them).[490] All souls who go into the trap will have a life review. That’s where our most recent lifetime is played back for us, frame by frame. We’re shown what we did that was “good” and in line with our goal for that lifetime, and we also are being shown what we did that diverted from it—including the “bad things” that we did to others and what others did to us. Then we discuss the matter with our Spirit Guide, who is either one of the AIF members or a relative, friend, or someone farther back on our timeline, who’s been manipulated into helping out. Although, the good things we’ve done are discussed after the life review, the bad things in particular are pointed out, and because we are basically good-intentioned beings, we feel guilty and perhaps embarrassed and ashamed when we see the negative things we’ve done being played back to us (psychologist B.F. Skinner termed this process Behavior Modification). Hence, it’s easy for the Warlords to convince us that we need to go back to Earth and make amends for what we’ve done. This is what we call karma. It’s a fabricated process, coined by humans, perhaps, but made up by the AIF. There is no need to go back and experience the other side of our wrongdoings; all we need to do is to forgive ourselves and forgive those who did us wrong. If the souls in question, who we were negatively involved with, are present in the afterlife environment, it would be a responsible thing to talk the matter through with him or her, but if that soul is not available to talk to, it’s more a matter of discharging the subject on a soul level and letting go of the energy that’s stuck in that area as negative, emotional energies. This is easier to do when we’re in the astral and not trapped in this solid 3-D world, unless we’re letting ourselves be manipulated in the afterlife by Overlords to face our karma. Karma is a perfect tool for the Overlords to trick us into agreeing to go back into a new body and have a new “learning lesson” in a heavily manipulated and deceptive world. It doesn’t benefit us—it only benefits the Outlaws.

In the afterlife environment, there are at least one (but usually two) mandatory meetings with a Council of Elders, before whom you need to confess what you learned in your recent lifetime and what you need to work on and improve in the future. Then, the final goal, or goals, for the next lifetime will be determined. The first meeting with the Elders usually happens in a relative early stage in the afterlife process. Then, normally, you will see the Council again just before it’s time to go back to Earth, and that’s when the goal, or goals, are set. After this meeting, you are escorted to a “control room” with a control panel, some screens, and a chair where your light body (avatar) can sit. Here you can see your next lifetime played out for you on a screen. It will show the most probable direction your life will take, but it may vary, of course, because of decisions that you make in life. However, while watching your future life on the screen, you need to decide when, where, and how you are going to “exit” (die). You will have a few choices when you want to vacate your body, and one of these choices will become the day when you die; you’ll subconsciously choose the final one while you’re incarnated. If you think back on your life, there may have been times when you were in serious accidents, or you may have miraculously avoided a serious accident. You might have been very sick and close to dying, but you recovered. These moments might have been moments when you could have chosen to vacate your body, but decided not to.

When your exit points have been decided, an “operator,” with help from technology, then beams you down into the body of choice. I want to be very clear, soul recycling is not a natural process; it’s done with technology. It is described in detail in Dr. Michael Newton’s books, which are based on more than 5,000 cases of people that have participated in regression therapy, telling very similar things about the Afterlife. I have read the books, and just as Dr. Newton emphasizes, he is not asking any leading questions; the person in therapy is more than willing to tell his or her “afterlife” stories. It is a very interesting study Dr. Newton has done, and it’s well worth reading his books; Destiny of Souls[491] being the most detailed one. After having read that book, there will be no doubt that there is a recycling center for souls, controlled by beings who possess high levels of technology and who can beam down souls into selected bodies here on Earth (and elsewhere, if they decide to). I also have no doubt that the Council of Elders that the departed souls need to meet with once or twice between incarnations are some of the Overlords. These souls are often very nervous when meeting with them.

This is the recycling center in a nutshell.

We all have a choice; those who want to experience one of the two options above can easily do so—after all, we’ve done this probably thousands of times, but there is another option for those who don’t want to participate in the Warlords’ games anymore, and I will discuss that in the last chapter.

Many say that En.ki has compassion for humanity, and that’s why he saved us from the Flood. To be honest, I would prefer to call it prideLucifer’s Pride. He is proud of the species he has created, and in addition, he needs lulus. He needs some of us to be his super soldiers that stay in line and don’t revolt. If we look at our history, I see very little compassion from the AIF when it comes to how humanity has been treated. This is also the reason why I believe that if we manage to help the Pleiadians (and En.ki) with creating their timeline, En.ki would still not release us from our prison. In all fairness, it definitely seems as if we’re in a real jam—a Catch 22. Some readers may find other solutions, but personally, I can only see two solutions to the dilemma we are in, and only one of these solutions is something I would recommend. However, it’s really up to the reader to decide. I will address them both in the next chapter.

In Summary

We have now almost come to the end of this book, so let us take a moment to summarize the main agenda of the Overlords, based on my research. There are many sub-agendas involved as well, and I could write an entire book, or more, only about those, but I want to focus on what seem to be the immediate points of importance:

1) The market is now being bombarded with new technology, and AI is introduced in the media. People are getting used to this new reality of electronic devices, run on Wi-Fi. People are using these devices to communicate with other people rather than having face-to-face communications—text messages are becoming more common than talking on the phone or talking to someone directly. Many are calling people friends although they have never met these persons—only on the Internet.

2) We are introduced to robot sex, and AI robots that can satisfy our most intimate desires, which may be of a nature that we don’t even want to mention to our human partners, are promoted. “Robots don’t talk about it with anybody else” (except perhaps with each other through an inaccessible cloud that only robots will have access to). Also, the robot is available whenever it’s convenient and can be put aside whenever a person doesn’t want it around. Real human relationships and real marriages will become rarer and rarer; instead people will marry their robots, which will be accepted by law.

3) Genders will become more and more obsolete. The media are promoting gay sex, and being transgender has become more accepted as the new normal. In at least one university, students get lower grades if they refer to a person by gender, according to Barbara Marciniak, who heard about it first-hand. When the Singularity is in place, the plan seems to be to lean toward androgyny. Sex will only be for pleasure, and usually with androids in virtual reality games. It’s not being mentioned to any extent, but having offspring will probably be a very controlled, technological process.

4) Androids will be walking down the same streets as we do at the same time, and they already do to some degree covertly. We will have a hard time knowing who is an android and who is human, and soon the androids’ behavior will not reveal the difference. Eventually, after mankind has become Posthuman, they will blend with the androids and become androids themselves.

5) Robots and androids will take more and more of our jobs, something that has already begun; Amazon.com being a perfect example, where robots sort items that are for sale and put them on the correct shelves. This is one of many tasks that used to be done by humans.

6) Huge promotional campaigns are designed to introduce us to Transhumanism. Pros and cons are being presented, but the pros (positives) are often being emphasized, even in articles that seemingly oppose the AI agenda. It doesn’t matter in what manner the AI subject is presented in the media because the content of the articles is biased and will stick in our subconscious and play an important role in the near future, as the Singularity is becoming a reality.

7) Nanobots are increasingly being spread via different outlets, such as chemtrails, medications, vaccines, and possibly GMO food and other food with a lot of additives; so-called “processed food.” Hence, if you eat natural organic foods that don’t have additives you stand a better chance. The goal for the Overlords in this matter is to have our blood cells replaced by nanobots, which will also take over our immune system and successfully fight serious diseases, such as cancer, heart disease, viruses, and diabetes.

8) People are addicted to electronics, which is the AIFs’ purpose for giving them to us in the first place. As usual, we pay money for our own entrapment, which is the height of arrogance on the Overlords’ part, and the height of stupidity on the part of humans. Our minds will disappear more and more into our devices, which many already keep by their side 24/7 and can’t do without. This is for the purpose of preparing the entire world for the Singularity, where being in the same virtual reality is crucial-.

Try to turn off all your computers, smartphones and other electronic devices for a week and refuse to use any of them under any circumstances (except at work, where you probably have no choice). Notice how long you can go before you tell yourself, “I’m just going to check my Facebook really quick,” or “I’m just going to check out this or that website,” etc. In most cases, people won’t be able to stay off their devices for a week. Those who can’t are already addicted to electronics and experience withdrawals when turning them off for an extended time. It’s not a matter of telling yourself, “Well, I can do without electronics for a week;” it’s a matter of actually doing it! I challenge the reader. If you actually are able to do it, congratulations! You are an exception. I would still advise such readers to be careful. Electronics can be more addictive than heroin.

9) By 2045, if the Controllers were to be on schedule, humanity will connect to the Super-Brain Computer (SBC), which is almost ready to be put in place. When humankind is connected, it becomes a hive-mind that can still think individually, but will draw information from the SBC, which is the collection of the knowledge of all living human beings, in addition to those who have lived in the past. The Internet will be obsolete and an artificial Innernet will replace it. The SBC will be the new Internet, with the exception that via the SBC you need no search engine; all information is available and customized for you instantaneously. The SBC and the human mind will merge and become one. Thus, man and machine becomes one and AI will overtly take control.

10) Posthuman will become next to immortal because of the nanobots that are much more effective than the biological human’s immune system and can fight off virtually any disease and virus effectively. The human body will also be able to rejuvenate itself and not only stop the aging process but reverse it. An individual can then stop the aging process at an age he or she feels comfortable with—most will probably look and feel as they did when they were in their 20s or early 30s. Aging body parts will eventually be replaced with newer cells from the particular aging body part or from some other body part where cells can be used. Each body part will be kept alive with nanotechnology. Humans will be more and more artificial and thus transform into Posthumans—half human and half robot (cyborg).

11) At first, the Singularity will appear to be a great gift to mankind, and people will live in beautiful, clean cities with wonderful, nanobot-infested plants and trees. However, AI will be running the SBC and eventually determine how Posthumans should act and think in a more unified way. Posthumans will lose more and more of their emotions and compassion and become more and more AI-like. They will be introduced to the Overlords’ agenda, which is to be trained as super soldiers—not only in 3-D reality, but in a virtual reality, which will eventually take the soul/mind/body complex into the KHAA and then to the Gates of Orion. This is why we’re being trained to have our minds disappear into technical devices, which are virtual realities that work similar to splitting your mind when traveling to different dimensions. Thus, what humans can train themselves to do naturally, Posthumans will do with technology. However, the main problem is that Posthumans will be controlled in their thinking and actions and will gladly go to war on other worlds and other dimensions!

12) When the time is right, Posthumans, in conjunction with other hive-minds, on other Luciferian controlled planets, will go to war against Orion. Humans have the key to get in there because this was a Gift from the Queen when we were initially created by her to participate in her Great Experiment. Our uniqueness will be perverted and used against us and against our Orion Creators.

13) How this will end for Posthumans is an open question. We don’t even know with total certainty whether the Luciferian Agenda will play out or not; and if it isn’t, at what stage will it stop, and what will happen after that? These questions are impossible for anyone, including the Overlords, to answer at this time.

Based on my research, the Singularity seems to be the most likely future for a majority of mankind, if the AI Prophets get their way, and it certainly looks as if they will. Therefore, while we still have time, educating our selves is essential, and acting upon what we learn is the logical consequence of learning. As I mentioned, there are only two ways to handle this, as I see it. We will address that subject in the final chapter.

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