Vaccinations, Chemtrails and Nanobots

I am personally against vaccinations, including flu shots because I understand that many of the various vaccines not only contain poison, but also contain so-called nanobots—extremely small artificial particles the size of blood cells, inserted in certain vaccines and prescription drugs. Once inserted, the nanobots will forever run through our bloodstream. Ref: Raymond Kurzweil, The Singularity is Near, Chapter Five, p. 183ff. Yes, you read that correctly; there is allegedly no way to remove these particles once they are there. Thus, Big Brother has most of us covered already, but just to make sure nothing is left to chance, nanobots have supposedly also been put in chemtrails, which means that most people around the globe are breathing them in from various Pleiadian lectures. These nanobots work as “antennas” that can receive commands remotely, are self-replicating, and will be used both to transmit and receive information (something we will discuss later). However, the purpose is to have nanobots replacing our immune system and to reverse aging. “The Singularity is Near,” (e-book version), pp. 36, 39, 197. Interestingly Bill Gates is advocating for vaccines and health care in an effort to reduce the population in this video. I suggest you watch the full video, but if time is an issue, fast forward to 2 minutes into the video for the relevant reference. These are his own words, and they sound like a contradiction, perhaps, but not in Bill Gates' world.

The first two years of a child's life, he or she gets more than twenty vaccinations! This is outrageous, and even if the vaccines would not contain any harmful products (which they do), they would still bypass and deplete the child's immune system, making him or her more prone to serious illnesses.

The immune system, in many cases, then would continue being depleted throughout adulthood—particularly when we, as adults, get even more vaccinations. We build our immune system in early childhood, and if we have that process tampered with, the immune system in adulthood will not be fully developed.

Insiders with Opposing Opinions

Bill Gates' actions, in general, do not show that he is pro-humanity on the Singularity subject, in spite of what he tells us. Population control via vaccination is part of the Overlords' agenda.

In the video mentioned above, Bill Gates is discussing Global Warming as being caused by environmental issues, although this phenomenon is happening in the entire solar system because the Sun is in a cycle when it's getting warmer - “The Solar System is Heating Up” The environmental Global Warming effect (which is minimal) is nonetheless important for the Controllers to over-emphasize because it justifies many of the actions they need to take in order for the Singularity to take effect; population control being only one of them. Bill Gates' role here is obviously to push the environmental Global Warming Agenda together with other people in high positions in the societal structure, such as former Vice President Al Gore.

Kurzweil and Gates are two examples of people who are part of the same agenda, although their messages at times seem opposed to each other. Things are not always the way they seem, and celebrities and others, who have the ability to influence the masses and are allegedly propagating against the AI agenda, are often just told to do so as part of the agenda; they are just expendable puppets to the Controllers and better do what they're instructed to do. Although more and more people doubt Bill Gates' intentions in general, he is also looked upon by others as the little man who made it big, and this is a part of the American dream; a concept deeply rooted into the psyche of the average American. People have a tendency to admire those who succeed in life from having started with two empty hands. Historically, many people also like when public figures take their side (whether it's in an honest effort or not), and unfortunately, they give their power away, believing that these celebrities will solve the problem for the rest of us.

Of course, that will never happen. We are our own saviors, and if we don't make up our minds where we stand on these issues, we will inevitably end up exactly where the Overlords want us—in the Singularity.

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