19 The Ancient Race

Briefly on Elon Musk’s “SpaceX” Program

In addition to this, we have Elon Musk; the billionaire who is supposedly creating his own space program, using “his own” technology to take people up in space. To begin with, I want to address his name. I would argue that names are not random—they are decided upon before the person’s birth, and although it looks as if it is the parents who are naming their babies, this is usually not the case. The name of the baby is telepathically transmitted to the parents during their dream state or in the waking state (what we call day-dreaming). In this way, the parents think they are the ones deciding the baby’s name. Names mean something, and they reflect either the personality of the person, the goals that person might have in life, or something else of importance in their upcoming lifetime. On occasion, the parents change the name to something random at the last moment, and the newborn gets the wrong name. Often, when this occurs, the person, when he or she gets older, feels that his or her name is not correct, and the person can’t relate to it.

With this in mind, let’s look at the name Elon—what does that name break down into? It breaks down into “El” and “on” (or An). El means “god” as in Elohim (gods), who we now know are the AIF, and An means “Heaven” or “Heaven the Orion Empire,” as discussed in the Wes Penre Papers, at the beginning of the Second Level of Learning. Thus, Elon stands for the god of Heaven, i.e. En.ki. I don’t mean that Elon Musk is En.ki, but he is running En.ki’s errands at a public level—wittingly or unwittingly—perhaps even assigned by En.ki himself. With such a name, it makes you wonder...

Another thing to point out is the name of his project, SpaceX. “X” is a cross, and the cross is, according to Sitchin and a few others, a symbol for planet Nibiru—the Planet of the Crossing. [See Zecharia Sitchin’s book series, “The Earth Chronicles.”]

Now, if we discuss his SpaceX program, which he says is going to take people to Mars and beyond in a ten times more reliable way than is done by organizations such as NASA, Musk says that by 2035 (which is an interesting time frame, taking the Singularity into account), his rocket ships will be flying millions of people back and forth to Mars in order to build a human colony there. [wikipedia]

Fig. 19-3: Conceptual render of Falcon Heavy at Pad 39A, Cape Canaveral

This is just another distraction. Why would someone build rocket ships when more advanced technology already exists on a secret level that is light years ahead of rocket ships? It can be compared with someone who says he is going to build carriages again to let people travel cross-country in horse drawn buggies instead of jet planes. Who would be interested in that? There may be a few people who would see it as a fun, exotic vacation, but my point is why go backward? Why spend billions of dollars on rocket ships when they are hopelessly outdated and dangerous? The way SpaceX is presented today; it’s just a distraction that’s not worthy of serious attention, in my opinion. Moreover, Elon Musk is all for microchipping the population.[476] This should tell his fans something.

However, Musk is an outspoken anti-Singularitist. [mashable.com]

Therefore, I would say he is only a small player for the Establishment’s agenda, but he’s playing his part.

In the next chapter, we will dig deeper into what the post-Singularity future might bring. What is Posthumans’ fate, and how is their future going to play out according to the plan? To find the answer, we will have to mentally journey to the future and back.

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