19 The Ancient Race

ETs in the Solar System

I believe there is substantial evidence, that there is extensive ET activity in our solar system. In the Wes Penre Papers, I showed structures found on the Moon—both pictures and a video, but there are others, who have done an excellent job finding anomalies out there—including activity of intelligent life on Pluto. Pluto is in fact an AIF base for mining and an outpost for guarding the solar system, although there are more planets outside Pluto, and now a giant ninth planet has been discovered, looking and acting suspiciously similar to Nibiru, also having a similar size and orbit habit as Nibiru supposedly has.

A friend of mine, who has spent a significant amount of time looking into anomalies on the Earth and the Moon, is researcher and radio host Robert Stanley, Unicus Magazine and Unicusmagazine, digital deception and unicusmagazine]. He has made some amazing discoveries of what certainly appears to be ET activities in the ocean just outside Malibu in California and on the Moon. Evidence of such activities can actually be studied on Google Earth (which allows us to also study the Moon and Mars).

Mars was once a paradise planet, before the AIF nuclear war that destroyed the planet Tiamat changed that fact. The remnants of Tiamat became what is now the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. In this enormous explosion, the entire solar system became affected, and Mars was depleted of most of its atmosphere and oceans. Life on Mars at that point was destroyed as well—only a few resilient species survived and still live there up to this day.

Mars has been used since the Alien Invasion as a genetic underground laboratory by En.ki and his team, but the planet is basically assigned to Marduk, who is the god Mars. Today, the planet Mars is still used for genetic experiments, away from public scrutiny, but other activity takes place there as well. Underground cities exist there. This is where the AIF oversees the abduction of Earth humans (scientists and other “valuable people”) and an older human race that also resides there (this race being Homo sapiens, the forerunners to Homo sapiens sapiens—the current version of humanity).

The older race, who lived on Earth before the Deluge, have now divided themselves into two groups, discussing whether they consider themselves Martians or Earth humans. Some of them want to go to the now almost mythological Earth to find their roots, while others look at themselves as Martians because they have never known another existence.

It is true that NASA was told to stay away from the Moon after the Apollo Missions by the Overlords, but high ranking military officers, regular soldiers, and scientists have been commanded (and sometimes abducted) to go to the Moon and are secretly stationed there now, doing the Overlords’ work.

Aside from other activities, mining is still going on in the solar system—both by humans in radiation-protected areas and by the AIF. The Overlords are also using hollowed-out asteroids of various sizes as spacecraft with fusion-powered field-propulsion systems, both for traveling within the solar system and beyond. For interplanetary travel, they use portals in order to bring the hollowed-out asteroids and planetoids with them across the dimensions.

These very-large objects, comprised of solid rocks or naturally occurring tempered metal ore, are effective warships that are usually highly weaponized, but can easily blend in with the billions of asteroids in the galaxy when they need to hide in plain sight. I explained this, and much more, in the Wes Penre Papers, and I argued that the AIF (or those of them who are qualified) navigate the VOID in these “death-stars” to travel from one point in 3-D space to another when they need to bring 3-D equipment or warships with them. In these instances, portals come in handy.

There are many discussions these days about sleeping giants, and some say they have found giants in stasis; well-preserved and still biologically alive, but as though they are in a deep sleep. Some of these giants are the offspring of En.ki’s Experiment, when he put giants in charge of humanity before the Flood.

These giants simply went underground when the Atlantis Empire was destroyed 13,000 years ago and were put in stasis by the AIF, only to be awakened again when the time is right. Other giants, larger in stature, are the Titans (Vegans and Orions), some of them are allegedly also in stasis mode; imprisoned by En.ki and Marduk after they won the Titanomachy (the War of the Titans). It’s unclear why the Olympians/AIF kept some of the Vegans and the Orion giants in preservation, and it’s also unclear when or if they will be re-animated again. Time will tell.

There is a space treaty between the AIF and the MIC, and the Military and the ETs work together in space in a Secret Space Program (SSP); which is a subject with too much information (and disinformation) to be included in this book. Some humans have even been allowed to travel to other star systems within the Luciferian Empire, some sources claim.

There is much discussion and anxiety about the weaponization of space, and it seems as though some factions within our human military are declaring war upon some groups of “negative ETs” by shooting down their craft. In reality, no such war is going on to my knowledge. Some craft have been shot down by the military—particularly in the 1940s and 1950s—but as we know, the military is compartmentalized, and one hand doesn’t know what the other hand is doing.

As a result, some of the ships have been “accidentally” shot down when violating our airspace. The ships that have been targeted were always 3-D ships—some of them used by the AIF, while others were used by higher levels of the MIC, or a combination of the two. The little Gray aliens can probably be found in both the AIF ships and the MIC ships because the Grays are nothing but artificial intelligence (part biological and part machine) used by the AIF and the part of the MIC that is in liaison with the Overlords.

It makes me wonder how many times the military, after having shot down a craft, have found dead humans from their own military onboard. If so, that would have caused quite some confusion amongst the un-initated military personnel that shot them down.

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