19 The Ancient Race

A Fake Alien Invasion before the "Real Deal?"

New Age, Ufology, and general research into the paranormal often has most people agreeing that there are both good and bad aliens, seen from our perspective; albeit, there’s nothing that is entirely good or bad. By now, most of us have realized that there are ETs who want to manipulate and dominate us, while there are others who want to help in whatever way they can; often waiting for us to give them a signal that it’s okay to provide some assistance. A third category of ETs are neutral, i.e. they are only here to observe, without intervening in any way.

It’s important to the Overlords, too, that we believe in polarities because it fits their agenda. It’s long been discussed that there will be a fake alien invasion, which will depend upon special effects, such as holograms, instigated by humans, not aliens, with the purpose of uniting mankind under a One World Government, just as President Ronald Reagan mused publicly in some of his speeches during the 1980s. It is quite plausible that something such as this will be staged before the Overlords make their presence known. These will be confusing times to the extreme, and people will go over the emotional edge into fear and confusion.

At that point, it is important for us, who have gained some knowledge, to become stabilizers for others, who have no idea what it is that’s coming. Space wars, terrestrial wars, and a mix of them both will seem to take place simultaneously, and we will be taught that our only chance is to unite as one humanity and fight the invader forces together. We will be told to forget all internal conflicts between humans and join together despite differences in religion, skin color, and political viewpoints.

The Battle of Armageddon will unite the mass consciousness and stress it into operating mainly within one timeline, and once the wars are over, we will merge into the Singularity. Again, whether Jesus/Marduk will show up before the Singularity or after is anybody’s guess. We will discuss the Battle of Armageddon in more detail later in this chapter.

If this scenario is going to be played out, world leaders will advocate for a New World Order and a One World Government, possibly through the United Nations and the Vatican, putting all countries under One Flag in order to defeat the Anti-Christ forces from “Hell,” who are now trying to invade Earth. The Vatican will help usher in the One World Government and at the same time emphasize that the most important reason it is being done is to prepare people for the return of Christ the savior. When he sits on his throne, it will be to rein over One World united. The Vatican will announce that Jesus will be returning from space as authorized by his Father in Heaven.

The above is one of several scenarios that may be played out. The problem, as I understand it, is that Marduk is quite unwilling to pass the Keys to the Kingdom of Earth back over to his father in heaven, En.ki, even though it is En.ki’s Age that’s coming up—the Age of Aquarius. It’s often been that way in the past, as well. When the time comes for a regime shift, the previous king is not too happy to turn his kingdom over. Hence, there could also be an internal space war taking place for control of the Earth.

Regardless of which scenario is going to be played out, when push comes to shove, only one “god” is going to sit on the Throne of Earth and rein over a global brigade of cyborg soldiers—Posthumans. When this happens, the New World Order will be complete, and humanity will be poised to experience an entirely new future. The end of a Processional Cycle is at hand and a new Processional Cycle will begin, with a new species inhabiting the Earth—part biological and part machine. This will be the beginning of the Machine Kingdom.

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