19 The Ancient Race

Lucifer’s Emissary

Many things are changing, and they are changing rapidly. What we humans held to be true thirty to forty years ago is no longer true today, or these old truths have expanded. Since the nano-second (1987-2012), when time sped up a million-fold, nothing has been the way it used to be, and skeletons are coming out of the cosmic closest and rattling their chains. Prominent politicians and celebrities are being exposed as pedophiles, and the high priests of the Catholic Church are being exposed as child molesters as well, and famous artists are dying like flies; often sacrificed to keep us on the same timeline because of the trauma a sudden and unexpected death of a famous hero creates within us; the latest star that expired as of this writing is Prince, who allegedly died from an overdose of Fentanyl, a pain medication many times stronger than heroin.

Even our biggest religion is changing. The Catholic Church has its first Jesuit Pope, raised in Argentina, which is a Nazi stronghold and has been since WW II. The Catholic Church has become more “open,” and Pope Francis is playing the role as the Pope of the People. He is taking the game down to the level of the common population, and it has been a success. Many people can’t believe how much the Church has changed for the better since Pope Francis took over after the previous Pope mysteriously retired.

Wait a minute! Retired? Have you ever heard of a Pope retiring? Pope’s have died in office, but they don’t retire. In fact, Pope Francis’ takeover was a coup d'état, instigated by the Jesuits. The Jesuits have covertly run the Catholic Church for centuries, but at the same time been at odds with the House of the Pope. This is the first time in history we have a Jesuit Pope!

The deception is huge. Although people think that the new Pope is a compassionate, peace-loving, down-to-earth person, a plan is being played out in the background, behind the scenes. According to the prophecies of Nostradamus, this is most likely the last pope. However, why would the Catholic Church end the line of Popes; especially when they have one in power who is so popular?

Fig. 19-1: Pope Francis blessing ET.

To understand why, we need to know what role the Pope plays in the Roman Catholic Church. Any devoted Catholic person “knows” - that the Pope is God’s Emissary on Earth—he is the intermediary between God and the people, and no Catholic human can talk to God unless it’s through the Pope. He is the spokesman for God.

But which God?

If we answer the Biblical “God,” that’s correct. This is the “God” Christians and Catholics are praying to and giving their personal power away to. The biggest problem with that is that the Biblical “God” is not the God of the Universe and beyond—the “God” of the Holy Scriptures is a mix of En.ki/Lucifer and his son Marduk/Satan playing the role of God to the people of Earth.

These two beings are the “Omnipotent God” religious people pray to and worship. They are the Sumerian and Atlantean “gods” who walked amongst us in these ancient times. They are the gods of the Physical Universe. They might be godlike in our eyes, but in reality, they are anything but gods. They are deranged, draconian tyrants. War, conquest, competition, technology, and tyranny are their true trademarks.

The reason Pope Francis may be the last Pope is because after the gods return, no emissary is needed anymore. Why would a Pope be necessary if the gods can speak for themselves? The last Pope had to be a Jesuit because the Jesuits have been groomed for this mission; a Jesuit Pope will greet and welcome Lord “Jesus” (Marduk) when he returns during his Second Coming. This time, however, it’s not only Jesus who will return, but it will also officially be revealed that aliens are real, and Jesus will bless them, too.

He will even bring aliens with him, if this part of the Agenda is played out publicly, he will most likely call them angels). As we have seen over the past few years, Vatican astronomers are now open to the idea that there are aliens out there, and the Pope says that if they come, he will bless them because they are God’s Creation, too. Isn’t it interesting that the most powerful telescope used by the Vatican is called Lucifer?

In addition, this Pope, more than any Pope before him, has called for a New World Order. He wants to unite the world, which is imperative for the AI agenda to work. I don’t believe that we need to be One Country under God before the Singularity, but people need to get used to the idea because once the Singularity is in place, borders will most certainly be easily erased—one after the other.

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