19 The Ancient Race

The Builder Race

In this chapter, there will be fewer footnotes as we go along because what is discussed here has been extensively outlined in the Wes Penre Papers, and all those papers are richly footnoted. Thus, if the reader wants more references, perhaps, to connect the dots on his or her own, I would refer back to my papers. This chapter will partly be an overview of the ET situation on Earth as it stands today and how it ties in with Artificial Intelligence. However, there will be new material as well.

Lately, many have started discussing the so-called ancient Builder Race. [Not to be confused with the Builders that I described in the Wes Penre Papers, the Second Level of Learning]. Some claim that certain breakaway groups within the Military, operating inside and beyond the solar system, have discovered very ancient cities and artifacts on most solid planets and moons (including our own).

These artifacts have been dated back millions, if not billions of years. The people working within the Secret Space Program (SSP) (a Black Budget Space Program—or Programs—that the general public doesn’t know anything about) allegedly don’t understand, who this Builder Race is. Unfortunately, there is no time and space to go into details about the SSP. Initially, I planned to include it here, but changed my mind. I might bring it up in my papers or essays in the near future.

I can tell the reader with certainty, who this Builder Race is. It was not a mysterious race that came here in the ancient days, stayed for a few thousand years, and then suddenly disappeared from one day to another, leaving only ruins behind. The Builder Race were the beings I call the Overlords or the AIF, plain and simple—the Builder Race belonged to some of these same star races.

Our mythology tells us that the AIF arrived in the solar system about 500,000 years ago, or perhaps more exactly, 425,000 years ago, from our time perspective. This is when they drove the Orions and the Vegans (from the constellation of Lyra) away from their Experiment. However, Gaia is far more than 4.6 billion years old, which is evident.

Archeologists have found artifacts (and even preserved footprints) that are millions and even billions of years old! [See Dr. Joseph P. Farrell’s excellent books, “Genes, Giants, Monsters and Men,” and “The Cosmic War” for references]. Civilizations lived in our solar system billions of years ago, probably before the Namlú’u (the Primordial womankind) were brought into manifestation in the KHAA by the Queen of the Stars.

The visitors who were here billions of years ago were not necessarily En.ki and the Cosmic Outlaw Gang we are dealing with now, but they mostly belonged to the same star races and their offshoots. [Pleiadian lectures, 2015], [Anonymous source.] Many of them were warlike creatures.

Some of the ET visitors in ancient times were branches of the Sirian and Arcturian Empire—warrior races who once were at war with Orion, but later created a bond between the empires and merged them, as told in the Wes Penre Papers. Khan En.lil, the Queen’s Arcturian consort, entered into a marriage with the Queen of the Stars as a sign of good will between the two empires. This is why we distinguish between the MAKH warriors (Orions and the protectors of the Orion Queendom) and the DAKH warriors, who are the Arcturians and their allies from other asterisms.

When peace was established, the DAKH army became an extension of the army of the Orion Empire. Peace was now established, and the DAKH warriors, who were also excellent builders (and still are), were often visiting Gaia/Earth and our solar system. They were the ones who built the artifacts that are now being rediscovered as ruins from eons ago.

Allegedly, it looks as if some of the ancient cities and artifacts all over our solar system were bombed into ruins, indicating that those who were here were involved in an interstellar war long ago. This is true. There were intruders in the past, long before Lucifer’s Rebellion, and the DAKH were still the protectors of the Queendom. However, many of the ruins probably stem from the Titan War, after Lucifer rebelled.

Some parts of the destruction that have been noticed in the solar system are likely to have happened when En.ki and his DAKH warriors invaded the solar system and drove the Orions and the Vegans out 425,000 years ago, destroying the planet Tiamat between Mars and Jupiter in a nuclear attack, and killing many from the peaceful team of the Orion Empire, who resided here at that time.

Readers may wonder how we can find footprints on Earth that are billions of years old when the Physical Universe apparently was “created” by En.ki and his scientists approximately 200,000 years ago, when the first Homo sapiens were engineered into being. Or was it?

This is a rather complex issue that requires us to stretch our imagination and our neurological pathways to the maximum. An entire chapter could be dedicated to explaining this, and I only understand the basics of it.

The simplest explanation is that when En.ki manipulated 3-D (the 4% Universe) into existence, he did not do so, when Homo sapiens was created; the Physical Universe was already in existence by then. En.ki and his cohorts “created” it many billions of years ago, after Lucifer’s Rebellion, when he and the Fallen Angels were cast out of Orion. Metaphorically, we can look at the Physical Universe as a crust or an overlay that covers what already existed in the KHAA, the Spiritual Universe.

In the KHAA, everything is fluid and can easily be created, shaped, reshaped, and changed by using thought forms, and En.ki conquered a fraction of the KHAA (approximately 4%) and solidified it and froze it into a smaller, denser frequency band that we call the Third Dimension (3-D)—the Universe of atoms and molecules wikipedia. Hence, what we see through telescopes, in pictures, and in videos, etc., is basically a “frozen” version of what already was there in the KHAA.

Therefore, 3-D already existed when En.ki invaded our solar system and conquered it. We were not the first and will not be the last star race that En.ki intends to conquer, but the Namlú’u—the Primordial Womankind—was probably his most important conquest because we were dear to our Creatrix the Queen of Orion (En.ki’s mother), whom En.ki wanted to take revenge on, and we also hold the key for En.ki to potentially invade Orion (more about that later).

The conquest of our solar system happened in the KHAA—the Spiritual Universe. Although the Namlú’u and AIF lived on Earth simultaneously, they did not necessarily interact to begin with; the Namlú’u resided in different dimensions from the Overlords, who had now solidified our solar system and included it in his/their 3-D Universe. However, it was not until after En.ki created the first physical human body, which eventually became Homo sapiens, that En.ki could seduce the Namlú’u to try these bodies and then trap Queen Nin’s star race into them by separating the Namlú’u’s bodies from their spirit/mind, giving them physical bodies and introducing the concept of death.

For the first time, the Namlú’u experienced a world of separation. The Namlú’u’s universe now became much more solid, and they found that they no longer could travel freely between dimensions. They were held captive in 3-D! We are, of course, the same soul splinters that En.ki captured at that time, but more Namlú’u souls got trapped here later, and all these soul fragments put together became the human soul group or the earth-humans’ mass consciousness.

When En.ki solidified our solar system, the overlay we were discussing earlier, recorded everything that had happened on the planet in the KHAA from the beginning, but these memories were now captured in a denser, lower frequency wave. This means that it also captured interdimensional footprints and other curious things. In our terms, the footprints and artifacts are indeed billions of years old, but in the KHAA, time is not linear, which makes things more complex. I will not go much deeper into this here, but you, the reader, can explore these thoughts on your own or discuss it with other like-minded souls.

The same principle applies to the ruins that have been found all over the solar system. Some of these ruins are from the Titan War, but others are from wars that happened billions of years ago, in our terms, and the ruins are “frozen in time,” i.e. they have quite literally turned to stone in En.ki’s dense universe. In reality, the majority of the wars that occurred, leaving these ruins, happened in the KHAA. Only the most recent ruins are remnants from space wars that happened since the Physical Universe came into existence.

Because En.ki (Lucifer) was cast out of Heaven- the Orion Empireafter his rebellion failed, he wanted revenge. [The word Anunnaki is an Overlords’ play on a much older Orion word, defined as Heaven the Orion Empire. This is the realHeaven the Bible and other ancient scriptures describe] His pride was deeply hurt. AI was made by the AIF to merge with humankind in the Singularity and create Posthumans, and these cyborgs will eventually be prepared for war and become the AIF’s galactic foot soldiers.

Ultimately, Posthumans will go to war against the Orion Empire, if En.ki’s intentions are played out as planned. Thus, Posthumans will be manipulated into a devastating war against their own Creators. In other words: Lucifer and his son Satan (Marduk) are planning to take Heaven by force. As it says in the Bible,

Matthews 11:12: And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.

En.ki, in his Luciferian Pride and overconfidence, has always believed that he has everything under control, and according to Pleiadian lectures, the Overlords have done the same thing on other planets in their Empire that they’re now doing to us. Indeed, they had already conquered other constellations in the KHAA, and manipulated star beings into entering his physical domain, before he conquered our solar system.

The way the AIF ultimately controls the species they conquer is to give them technology advanced enough for the conquered species to build their own prison—a Machine Kingdom of Artificial Intelligence. Unfortunately, there is a saying that sums up this scenario: humanity and other star races have been given “enough rope to hang themselves.”

However, again according to the Pleiadians, the Luciferian Empire is shaking in its foundations. Lucifer’s slave races from the many star systems he’s conquered across the galaxies are rebelling, and so are apparently some of the AIF as well. Not everybody who used to be in cahoots with En.ki, and who helped him in his Rebellion, now agrees with him. As expected, there are civil wars going on within the AIF’s empire, and there are other powerful Overlords who want to sit on the Throne of Earth and on thrones elsewhere, and apparently coups are in the planning.

Being a King in the realms of the Overlords is not a secure thing. These Kings, who are kings over designated star systems or constellations, are constantly stabbed in the back, and their power is always threatened. A coup could happen anytime (see the Wes Penre Papers, the Second Level of Learning).

There are allegedly also a third category of Overlords, who supposedly have begun to repent and now want humanity to be free. They hope that by helping mankind to free themselves, these Overlords will also become free by possibly acquiring amnesty from the Orion Empire and be allowed to come back. With all that’s going on in his Rebel Empire, En.ki certainly has his hands full.

It is my understanding that the CERN project has been highly successful. The LHC has already opened portals—it was most likely done years ago—and many of the DAKH have come in. [Pleiadian lectures, 2015] The CERN scientists are probably working on other projects now at the LHC; projects that I know very little about at this point.

Because the MIC built the LHC, we invited the Warlords into our environment, and the AIF again consider their hands clean; they let us do the job, and we willingly did it. I admit it was not a democratic decision to spend all these billions of dollars to build something such as the LHC, but very few people protested either, which is interpreted as if we, as a human race, agreed.

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