17 When Robots Surpass us a Billion-Fold

The End of Privacy—Once and for All

The Singularitists want us to get used to the idea that we should artificially evolve our biological form to a much more solid, artificial form. They want to make our thinking process more digital and “logical” for our own good. This is left-brained to the extreme, and where art and music are concerned, Kurzweil is quick to say that we don’t need to buy CDs or download music anymore—any song we want will be performed inside our heads, and if we want to experience a certain kind of art, it will be downloaded to our brains. This means, for example, that musicians or rock bands will upload their music and their ideas to the SBC, and from there, anyone on the planet can download the music and hear it in their heads.

Is the reader beginning to see that humanity’s future is in the hands of lunatics? With the following Kurzweil statement, where he uses twisted logic, I will not only close this chapter but also end Part 1 of this book. Part 2 will dig deeper into the ET aspect of AI and the Singularity,

"If humans lived many hundreds of years with no other change in the nature of human life, then, yes, that would lead to a deep ennui [boredom]. But the same nanobots in the bloodstream that will keep us healthy—by destroying pathogens and reversing aging processes—will also vastly augment our intelligence and experiences. As is its nature, the non-biological portion of our intelligence will expand its powers exponentially, so it will ultimately predominate [prevail]. The result will be accelerating change so we will not be bored.

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