17 When Robots Surpass us a Billion-Fold

AI and Equality

So long as we look at AI as robots made of steel, or some software program that can answer questions in real time, we may not feel much of a threat coming from them. However, as soon as these robots become more and more humanlike, we will grow increasingly uncomfortable. People may want to know if the robots are taking over after all.

We might want to ask ourselves, how long will it take before robots have all the rights of the First Amendment? How long will it be before the law is protecting them? If you hurt a robot, you may go to jail. If this is laughable now, it soon won’t be. It’s pure logic that when the industries and he big corporations have exchanged most, or all, of their workforce with AI, they will do everything in their power to protect their new workers. In other words, in most cases, these workers will become more valuable to society than humans are. This is another aspect of robots surpassing us.

Once in the Singularity, Posthumans may not need to work, as we know work; androids will take their place, while Posthumans are groomed for greater tasks, in service to the AIF.

Some people will protest for a while, before the Singularity is in place. The AI Prophets know this and do everything they can to keep people distracted in these transitional years. Once it is established, lack of jobs and other concerns will no longer be an issue—the trick is just to get humanity through to the point of the Singularity, without them creating an uproar. From what I have seen, the Controllers will have little or no problems achieving this, or as Val Valerian once put it, everything is under control: literally.

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