16 AI in the Animal and Plant Kingdoms

The Future of Plants

Since my childhood, it has grieved me when I hear that they are chopping down the Amazon rainforests and other tropical forests around the world. The forests—especially the rainforests and jungles—are the lungs of Mother Gaia. Without these forests, there wouldn’t be enough oxygen to breathe, in spite of the algae in the oceans -. In addition, all the beauty of these forests is dramatically diminished mile after square mile by cutting timber on a daily basis; it’s like cutting off a little bit of your own lungs every day. It is not hard to imagine what would happen to you after a while—the same is true for the rainforests and forests in general.

Science says that there is far more carbon dioxide than trees can absorb, and we need to create a total desert with just a few trees to make it break even. But even if this were true, why do these same scientists think there is an abundance of trees and forests in the world, then? For decoration? The Living Library was purposely designed, and everything here has its purpose. There isn’t an abundance of trees because humans were meant to cut down entire rainforests!

However, the Minions have apparently started being a little concerned about the future of our breathing air. Instead of stopping the lucrative timber industry, they want to find artificial ways to remove carbon from the air. One method they want to try is to capture carbon directly from the smoke stacks of power plants [The Washington Post, Jan. 6, 2016, The quest to hack trees and beat climate change] (plants as plants, right?). Others want to collect carbon and pull it from the open air where it’s less dense. [op. cit.] Theoretically, one square mile of super-powered artificial trees (that have to be built) could remove 4 million tons of carbon every year from the air, according to the Center for Negative Carbon Emissions [op.cit]. However, this project, in which the artificial trees at least could be pretty to look at inside city limits, etc., is too costly so, the planners are leaning toward something uglier to look at instead, but much cheaper (after all, in the end it’s Posthumans and AI who are supposed to live with it, according to their plans). “No one” finds it reasonable to stop the outlet of carbon in the air from human activity, anyway, according to a Washington Post article, [op.cit] so the solution is always more technology and less nature. Rest assured that AI Prophets and their Masters consider biology (the Living Library) antique and obsolete in the Brave New World of Artificial Intelligence and Nanotechnology. Beauty and biological symbiosis is not on the list for the future Posthuman world.

What everybody forgets is that trees are not only Mother Gaia’s lungs, but they are also antennas! They start out as deep root systems under the ground and grow to reach high into the air. Trees are both transmitters and receivers of information and were most possibly once a communication system between Orion and Earth—the Plant Kingdom’s “spokesmen,” telling the Queen how the Plant Kingdom was doing. Dolphins, whales, elephants, and other animals have, and had, the same function in the Animal Kingdom. However, before the AIF invaded our solar system, this type of communication happened across the dimensions in the spiritual universe—the KHAA—and not in a contained 3-D environment. Their ancestors did not look as today’s animals, but the principle was probably the same. Now, with the AIF quarantine, the Grid, and electronic “fences” set up in the solar system, cosmic communications do not get through the way they used to, which effectively disconnects Mother Gaia and all life here from the outside Universe.

From an AIF perspective, natural rainforests and other dense forests could be potential settlements for “refugees,” who don’t want to participate in the Singularity—another reason to get rid of the forests and create artificial ones instead.

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