16 AI in the Animal and Plant Kingdoms

The Future of Animals

In Atlantis there were centaurs (horses with human torsos and heads), minotaurs (humans with bulls’ heads—the bull being a symbol for the constellation of Taurus, En.ki’s domain), and other chimeras; [Chimera comes from creatures in Greek “mythology” that are part lion, part goat, and part snake] some of them created for labor, others for sexual games, and many just for the fun of it. Now we’re about to do the same thing, but the goal may be slightly different—the animals and plants need to be included in the geoengineering of our planet, and this includes AI amongst animal and plant life.

The following quote is from Technicalreview.com:

… researchers in 2014 decided to begin impregnating farm animals with human-animal embryos, says Pablo Ross, a veterinarian and developmental biologist at the University of California, Davis, where some of the animals are being housed. Ross says at Davis he has transferred about six sets of pig-human embryos into sows in collaboration with the Salk Institute and established another eight or 10 pregnancies of sheep-human embryos with Nakauchi. Another three dozen pig transfers have taken place outside the U.S., he says.

Scientists currently have to be approved by the Government for each transplant, but most of the time it’s just a bureaucratic delay. Eventually, they get their approval when they can show how their research can be of assistance to humans. However, as we can see, history repeats itself. How many “epiphanies” have these scientists had in their dream state? How many times have they been visited in their dreams, fed ideas and solutions to problems they wouldn’t have been able to solve themselves? The AIF can be very active and inventive when people experience R.E.M. sleep.

The above article ends with the following sobering statement:

“We don’t want to grow them to stages we don’t need to, since that would be more controversial,” says Ross. “My view is that the contribution of human cells is going to be minimal, maybe 3 percent, maybe 5 percent. But what if they contributed to 100 percent of the brain? What if the embryo that develops is mostly human? It’s something that we don’t expect, but no one has done this experiment, so we can’t rule it out.” [Ibid. op. cit.]

It’s all experimentation in AI, although it may not be obvious for the average person who has not done the research. Once humanity is connected to the SBC, scientists need to know how to transplant new organs to humans. These organs will eventually not be human organs because the human population will be kept within manageable numbers and also kept alive. Hence, there will be very few human organs to transplant. Regardless if the transplant is from a human or animal organ, it will be infested with nanobots. This is obvious for two reasons: it’s been proclaimed already by the AI Prophets, and we also know that the goal is not to maintain a biological human but to create a new human 2.0—a cyborg.

The goal is apparently to create human-animal chimeras that, when they reproduce, keep the hybridization alive, so that the medical science can harvest the organs they need in order to give humanity eternal life. In the long term, transplants, such as these, will not be necessary, but until Posthumans have been stabilized in their life-extended form, they will need the new organs when old ones start failing, and in order to rejuvenate a Posthuman and give - back -, or keep, its youth.

It is obvious that serious diseases have been developed in laboratories and spread to the population on purpose to make people sick. It is also obvious that existing diseases must not be cured at the moment, and all this is for a particular reason: they want a sick population because that makes people afraid of their bodies and dependent on others (doctors, scientists, etc.) to help the sick people overcome. The AIF wants people to be afraid of their biological bodies and their imminent physical death in order to present the final solution: Posthumans—the new human who is mainly artificial and can’t get sick, old, or die. No longer do people have to be afraid of their “frail” biological nature, which is inferior to AI. We have outgrown our biology, and now it’s time to evolve. Evolution in the mind of AI Prophets and their masters is to transform us from biological human to Posthuman in the near future. This is their social-engineering formula, Problem-Reaction-Solution,at work again. Problem: people get sick and die from negligence of the Minion-controlled scientific community. Reaction: people demand that doctors and scientists do something about it! Solution: AI. The Times also ran an article about regulations to prevent scientists going wild. Full article in PDF] but I suspect they had genetic regulators in Atlantis as well. It didn’t make any difference in the long term, and it’s highly doubtful it will now. Regulators are, at best, concerned humans or, at worst, people who work for the Minions but are just presenting the other side of the coin to make sure they’ve had the mandatory debate Dr. Kurzweil encourages before the final nail is hammered into the coffin of Homo sapiens sapiens.

RoboBees Set the Example

Some animals and insects that are seen often and in many different localities by us humans are excellent to use as drones and spies. One such species is the bee; we see it everywhere, whether we’re in America or elsewhere in the world. As long as it’s not too cold, bees are usually part of the fauna.

It is obvious that so-called RoboBees will be used in the near future the exact way spy drones are used in sci-fi movies. It always gets me that they are presenting this drone technology as if it were something new; drones have been seen by people for years, whether they were prototypes that were tested or not. Now it looks as if they are coming out, presenting these prototypes; not the ready-to-go drones.

The idea is that these bee drones that possibly have been genetically engineered from real bees are going to work in many different environments. Some can be used during ultrasound, where the technician can have a swarm of RoboBees buzzing around the body and give an accurate picture of internal organs.[Smithsonian.com (undated), RoboBees Can Fly and Swim. What's Next? Laser Vision] Others can be set out to browse an apartment to give a seller and a buyer exact measurements of the place.

A scientist from the National Science Foundation says,

“If you can do something on the RoboBee, you can do it anywhere,” Koppal says. “Microlidar could work wherever regular lidar is used. There are all kinds of applications in agriculture and industry where people already use lidar to map the factory floor or farm. In many cases, smaller and cheaper is just better.” [op. cit.]

Figure 16-1: RoboBees at the size of a small coin

There is no mention of bee drones as spies, of course. I would say, quite to the contrary; after the above statement, the Minion-related Smithsonian Society is quick to add:

And remember, these lasers aren’t high-powered zappers. RoboBees won’t be using them to divide and conquer—only to get a more accurate view of the world around them. [op. cit.]

It goes without saying, however, that when the secret government develops drones, it is not going to let itself be restricted by morals and ethics; spying on citizens will of course be one of the major tasks for something such as RoboBees.

Even after the Singularity—at least at first—Posthumans still need to eat, so part of the animal kingdom may still be here for some time. Dr. Kurzweil stresses that after the Singularity, our environment will be cleaned up, and the damage we’ve done will be reversed. In other words; the Earth will be geoengineered—something that has already started, according to some, albeit we don’t notice too much of that yet.

Posthumans will eventually not have the range of emotions that Homo sapiens sapiens have today, and eventually, when AI has fully taken over, we lose our emotions more or less entirely, so we don’t need beauty around us to thrive. We may not need all the wide variety of animal species, either, because they, too, may be considered “useless eaters.” Also, if we geoengineer our environment, perhaps to look different from now, some species will become extinct and others may be seeded here intentionally on Earth to better fit the new situation. The animal species that will survive and the new ones being created can then be genetically manipulated to perfectly fit Posthumans’ needs. There is no need to worry about pets, however, because if they are still around, they will be AI for certain. The number of animals available for food will probably be calculated for, and the genetic manipulation of their genes will make sure that each species only gets as many offspring as it takes to feed a population. No longer does it have to be a natural symbiosis; the AIF and their Minions create exactly what Posthumans need—nothing more, nothing less.

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