16 AI in the Animal and Plant Kingdoms

Atlantean Genetic Experiments in Disguise

Atlantis fell because the genetic engineering and manipulation of species during that time under En.ki’s leadership as Poseidon/Neptune went haywire. Prince Ninurta (Prince En.lil), En.ki’s brother, with the full authority of the Orion Council, cornered his rebel brother En.ki and let the Deluge take place in order to wipe out most of the Earth’s population at the time—strange-looking creatures created in laboratories and modified humans alike. The Living Library—The Orion Queen’s human Experience—had been totally destroyed and either needed to be terminated once and for all or be restarted.

This was about 13,000 years ago.

Now we are almost in the exact same situation. We are putting human stem-cells in pigs and other animals to make them more human-like, officially, in an attempt to harvest organs from this manipulated animal genome and then implant them in humans that need new body parts such as livers, kidneys and new hearts. This has been wildly protested against by certain factions of government around the globe, where representatives are worried that animals are going to become more and more humanlike in their behavior; maybe even grow hair and get increased intelligence [Technologyreview.com, Jan. 6, 2016, Human-Animal Chimeras Are Gestating on U.S. Research Farms] (this echoes the gods’ argument regarding the human race a couple of hundred thousand years ago).

For people who are waiting for transplants that take forever because of the increasing demand for “donated” organs and who are getting sicker and sicker every day they wait, genetic research, such as that described above, may be a blessing and a lifesaver. I understand this, but it’s what is not communicated to the public that I find more troubling. It’s important to the minions that we accept that they are doing this kind of research, and therefore, a beneficial outcome of the same research will be used to improve people’s lives. However, thanks to the AIF, for far too long now nothing on this planet is as it seems, and there is always a deeper, more devious, and more dangerous agenda behind these beneficial results. We already know that AI is a fact, and that they are reengineering mankind, but what few people discuss is what the plan is for the animals.

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