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Consciousness can never be Duplicated, says Scientist

Apparently, there are only a few quantum physicists who have come to the insight that human consciousness can never be duplicated into a machine brain.

Professor Daegene Song is a young Korean quantum scientist who recently published a paper where he wrote that there is something special with human consciousness that can never be transferred over to a machine. [Gnosticwarrior.com, “Consciousness Does Not Compute (and Never Will)”] What he is talking about is of course the human soul. Memories stored in the brain of 7 billion people can, with technology, be stored in a computer brain, but not our consciousness because it exists outside of this holographic physical universe. Albeit, this is obvious for many readers, this is not necessarily obvious to scientists, and therefore, it’s an important point that Song makes.

The AI scientists, in general, are not interested in trapping the soul directly into the SBC, anyway. They want us to keep our own cyborg bodies and have the souls stuck in those instead, so that everybody can draw individually from the common database, and as each person computes and learns, more information gets stored into the SBC database.

Many people have wondered why the Overlords allowed the human population to increase to such an “unmanageable” number as 7+ billion people, and we discussed a few reasons already. Although there are many casualties of war and manmade diseases, poisonous foods, chemtrails, and medicine, the population continues to grow. Some readers may have guessed another possible reason why they let us reproduce on this level. The reason is the more people who can connect to the SBC, the more information that can be uploaded to the SBC.

Hence, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if the world population is still at a high number by the time humanity plugs into the SBC. What will happen after that is uncertain; will they keep the population on a leveled-out high, or will they go ahead and reduce the population significantly after the Singularity? It is highly doubtful, in my opinion, that the AIF will kill people off after humanity has been “connected". It seems to me that the GMO and everything else that is bound to make us sick and die is just a temporary solution to keep the population from expanding irrepressibly. The measures being taken are still too lame and are probably not meant to reduce the population, but to maintain a certain increase until a desired number of people are on the planet when the Singularity starts. After that, there will be strict birth control measures as we discussed earlier in this book.

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