15 Bring in the Universal Soldier!

DARPA, War Strategies, and Super Soldiers

It is foremost DARPA that has dominated technological and strategic advancements. DARPA is also testing new technologies inside the MIC before they are released to (and on) the public. This is how it’s been done for quite a while. Now, DARPA has more challenges than ever before, and it is rapidly changing its strategies in order to be ahead of the game. With the AIF turning one country against another with some great assistance from prominent AIF hybrids, such as Henry Kissinger, Jimmy Carter, and Zbigniew Brzezinski (the men who never seem to die) traveling between countries, creating conflicts wherever they go, new defense and offense strategies are urgently necessary in order to meet new MIC demands and challenges.

The new focus of DARPA is now within neuroscience, immunology, genetics, and fields related to these. Example of goals DARPA wants to accomplish can, in very general terms, be summarized by mentioning three targets that will lead toward a certain goal, and here are three major bullet points:

- Accelerating progress in synthetic biology

- Outpacing the spread of infectious diseases

- Mastering new neurotechnologies [Susanne Posel, Mar. 28, 2015, “DARPA in 2020—Advancing Strategy Tech in Soldiers and Weapons”]

In order to accomplish DARPA’s goals, it has created the new Biological Technologies Office (BTO), which will focus on blending man with machine “for the defense of National Security". [Susanne Posel, Mar. 28, 2015, “DARPA in 2020—Advancing Strategy Tech in Soldiers and Weapons”] What they want is to build synthetic soldiers (super soldiers) and thus make humans more advanced through robotics. Of course, making this public, BTO says it is only focusing on military advancements. However, and I repeat, all experimentation when going from theory to practice is first implemented within the military on soldiers and military personnel — then, whatever works, is released to (and on) the public.

Fig. 15-2: DARPA Director, Arati Prabhakar.

Arati Prabhakar is the Director for DARPA, and she told Congress the following regarding super soldiers:

We had quadriplegic volunteers who agreed to have brain surgery, essentially have a small array placed on the surface of their brains, to pick up these neural signals for motor control, and then to use those to control these new, very sophisticated, robotic, prosthetic arms. In a sense we’ve opened a door — a connection between the human brain and the rest of the world. You can let your imagination go wild about where that’s going to take us". [Ibid. op. cit.] [Fusion.net, Sep. 28, 2015. “DARPA is testing implanting chips in soldiers’ brains”]

It’s mostly the last sentence that tells us where this is heading. They are building the Universal Soldier, a term that might first have been coined (at least in public) by the Native Canadian Indian, Buffy St. Marie, in her song, Universal Soldier, from the 1960s.

Much of what Kurzweil is saying about improving human abilities is, and will be, implemented by DARPA. In order to create super soldiers, the following goals must be reached, according to DARPA,

- For humans to create the ability to survive blood loss

- To make the human brain capable of accessing and recalling accurate memories

- To develop technology to enhance the human metabolic system to obtain super-human resilience and immediate recovery from physical injury and disease

- To enhance human vision with cat-like upgrades for seeing in infrared

- To enhance soldiers with robotic limbs that are controlled via thought [Ibid. op. cit.]

Thus, we have the beginning of creating a Universal Soldier. However, we need to always keep in mind that the MIC and the huge corporations are not controlled by any Board of Directors on this world — they are all controlled by the AIF. Lockheed Martin is a typical example of this. Lockheed Martin’s CEO in 1995, Ben Rich, said that “we now have the technology to take ET home".

I don’t think that people who heard him say this really understood the meaning of these words and that he meant it literally. Lockheed Martin/Lockheed Skunkworks and Northrop Grumman are perhaps the number-one and number-two inventors of new war missiles, warplanes and space technology.

It’s difficult to be an optimist in the AI field when we hear and read that DARPA is playing catch-up with “enemy nations” when it comes to robotizing the battlefield. The Deputy Defense Secretary says that there is no way for a soldier with human speed limits and reaction speed to defend himself against AI robots attacking him. The field has to be robotized. This is, of course, very alarming because it will escalate when opposing nations try to outsmart each other’s weapon systems. We already have the technology to blow this world to pieces — what more do we need? However, that’s not what they want; it’s quite the contrary. The Military — in the US and elsewhere — wants to focus on a predetermined target and hit it precisely; right to the nanometer! Will this prevent mass destruction? Of course not! Focusing on a specific target is only the beginning. After that comes retaliation. Next move is the enemy’s move, and in a war-type revenge situation, the enemy will strike back a little harder than it was hit, and so the escalation begins.

The developing of AI in the War Industry is rapidly advancing, contrary to any (non-existing) peace programs. The US is now “nano-minutes” from having, in all fields of warfare, developed technologies that can detect any enemy weapon, vessel, or sentient being from a long distance and create a direct hit on the target. Warfare is going to become nothing similar to what we’ve been used to the last 150 years; the different technologies will wipe out whatever the controllers of such technologies want. In the meantime, huge resources are being used in order to create the perfect cyborgic super soldier, who ultimately can be resilient to space radiation and can travel the dimensions in order to quickly go from our solar system to another with the purpose to kill and conquer. But wait! There are no other beings “out there,” according to Kurzweil.

One of the latest developments for creating super soldiers is something called E-skin. It aims at merging the human skin with that of a chameleon, so that the super soldier can easily blend in with more or less any environment in order to confuse and surprise the enemy. [WhatReallyHappened.com, Sep. 16, 2015, “E-Skin Could Transform Prosthetics, Robots and Gadgets ... And Create Supersoldiers?”]

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