15 Bring in the Universal Soldier!

The Future is not Peace — it’s War!

When we discuss cyborg soldiers, our minds probably go to Roddenberry’s Borgs in Star Trek. These beings would, in today’s world, be called cyborgs, AI, and super soldiers. The Borgs don’t know fear, don’t stop for anything, and their society is completely robotic. If you haven’t followed the Star Trek series on and off over the years, you might have missed some “prophetic” tidbits, and these prophecies, embedded here and there in the programs, are profoundly describing the time we live in today, a few decades after the programs were broadcast. We need to remember that nothing that is released to the public by the Film Industry is merely to entertain us — the main purpose must always be to prepare us for the future or to trigger our subconscious mind to react to something that is happening in the now.

A typical example of the latter is all the war movies, in which famous actors commit marvelous and very heroic, violent acts to save their fellow man or all humankind. After a series of such movies and TV shows, young people’s subconscious minds are so triggered that they join the military — they want to be the larger-than-life hero that they saw on the screen. If you are of my generation, you probably wanted to be a gun-slinging Western hero when you were little, and you went out and shot your friends with toy guns. The principle is the same.

This is how the subconscious mind works when watching TV series and movies.

Another wonderful example are the new episodes of the X-Files. The Controllers get a little sweaty sometimes when they notice that there are people who are actually figuring things out. Hence, they need to recondition their minds and prevent people from coming up with workable solutions. Hence, the Film Industry produces something such as the X-Files, and the top-controlled film producers include all these things that people have figured out in the series. It’s the Revelation of the Method again, but the puppet producers also tell those of us who have figured things out that some of what we’ve learned is true, and they basically say, yes, this is how it is, but what are you going to do about it? Arrogantly, the Controllers then sit back in their chairs and smoke their cigars with a devious smile. Let the public have their truth, but also show them how powerless they are.

Fig. 15-1: Borg from Star Trek.

This concept is embodied and portrayed perfectly by the arrogant Cigarette Smoking Man in the X-Files, who gives the impression that he knows the answers, but he will take the secrets to his grave, and nothing is going to change that. Those who watch the series hope that the Smoking Man will reveal everything in the end, but deep down they know he won’t. His role is just to keep us in suspense and tell us how hopeless it is to try to solve anything. He despises Mulder and Scully for even trying; he seems to be thinking, “what can you little mice do?” That is exactly the message these programs want us to receive! We are the mice, running nowhere on a treadmill.

The X-Files also always includes the following slogan; The Truth is Out There. This is a hypnotic phrase, and if repeated over and over (which it is), it sticks in the subconscious, and it gives us the feeling of being the donkey behind the carrot. We are never given the solutions, only problems that the Film Industry presents in a way that they seem unresolvable; “we will never know” is the empty, hopeless feeling we are left with.

The Borgs are a blueprint for the Posthuman. We will of course become cyborgs, we will be controlled by AI, and we will be super soldiers.

At this time, people find it difficult to comprehend that future space wars will not be fought in 3-D but in other dimensions! It might be easier to comprehend if we understand the following: as we have discussed many times: the goal that the AIF has set for Posthumans is to invade and defeat the Orion Empire. I’ve also mentioned previously, in this book and in the Wes Penre Papers, that the Overlords want our spiritual bodies! Our spiritual bodies are the keys that unlock the Gates of Orion. The AIF separated our spiritual bodies from our spirit/mind in order to trap us in 3-D, but now they want to release this same spiritual body from our physical body, without us understanding that this is what is happening.

The Overlords seduce us into living in their new virtual realities of video games, the Internet, and smartphones in general, until most people spend more time on their devices than they do here in 3-D (which is already about to happen). Then, with the Singularity, the AIF will trap us in a very similar way that they trapped the Namlú’u once! Are we going to be fooled the same way again? We already are! Just look at the people around you in public — the great majority can’t sit in a waiting room without being fixated on their smartphone. They get withdrawals after half a minute if they don’t pick up their smartphones! I actually was in a waiting room the other day and saw this phenomenon played out over and over as new people arrived. When I looked around, everybody, without exception, was on their smartphones, save one — me! Most people are already trapped to some degree in virtual realities created by the AIF.

In the post-Singularity world, people will leave their bodies to live in virtual reality, but they will still be grounded in their 3-D cyborg bodies and vanish into a virtual reality, controlled by AI, and ultimately, the AIF. In this virtual reality world, which is fluid and ever-changing (a mirror of the KHAA), people will be operating in their spirit/mind/body complex again, just as they do in the astral after their 3-D body has expired. People’s astral body is their spiritual body, but people don’t understand this concept and, therefore, they are trapped. They think they still need a physical body to be “alive". Without the physical body, they think they’re “dead". What a scam, when the truth is just the opposite!

By creating these virtual realities, where the 3-D bodies are not necessary in order to be able to operate, the Overlords can have our composite spirit/mind/body to travel through multiple dimensions, using technology. Having their minds controlled by AI, there is no chance for Posthumans to rebel even when they have been temporarily freed from their physical bodies, and they will be at the mercy of the Warlords.

Using the Posthumans’ spirit/mind/body, run by AI from the cyborg body connected to the SBC, the Warlords have complete control. Now they can program their interdimensional super soldiers (the Posthumans) into a war mode. They might try our capabilities first, by invading a star system somewhere to see how we’re doing, but once they see how well we perform, they will have us prepare for the war of wars — the invasion of the Orion Empire and the ultimate coup d’état. This war will of course be fought in the KHAA — not in 3-D.

Thus, what was once a promising species in a promising Experiment, initiated by the Queen of the Stars, Posthumans will now turn against their own Creatrix, trying to defeat Her. That will be the end of the human soul group once and for all. I don’t think the Posthumans will ever be able to defeat Orion’s MAKH warriors — the Defenders of the Queendom of Orion.

What does this scenario remind you of? Isn’t this a mirror of what happened eons ago, when Lucifer rebelled against his own mother; his Creatrix? Everything comes full circle, and what once was the Primordial Womankind will perish, but the Warlords couldn’t care less. The Queen would care, but what choice will She have other than to destroy the Posthumans in the process? By then, we are Lucifer’s warriors — Lucifer’s Legion — and we are expendable! This is how serious the Singularity is and how imperative it is to avoid it with all our might.

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