14 Becoming Gods

With Robots in our Brains we’ll be Godlike!

Thus far, we have primarily dedicated our discussion to how the AI Agenda is going to play out, but how would it feel to be a robot?

Again, we have Dr. Ray Kurzweil describe it for us, and this time in the following 2 ½ minutes video clip.

Multimedia 17-1: Ray Kurzweil on how it feels to be a robot.

Kurzweil is an expert at promoting the AI subject in a way that may sound exciting to the uninitiated, but connecting to the SBC the way he describes it requires that our own bodies and brains are loaded with nanobots, i.e. artificial intelligence. Kurzweil’s idea is then to tap into the Super Brain Computer and be able to access information a billion-fold more advanced than we can access with a single brain. This, according to Kurzweil, will help us tremendously to solve problems, and more importantly, to evolve as a species in, what he believes is or will be, a machine-dominated universe with Posthumans as Gods.

Let us pause here for a moment and think about this. If this becomes the new normal in the near future, what do you think will happen? What happens in general when people experience something exciting? Well, they want more of it. People will tune into this SBC more and more often, just to show themselves and others how smart they are, and many will also tap into it, just as we tap into the Internet today and become stuck in all the information that will be available. If we would tune into the artificial mass consciousness right now, without nanobots, it would fry our nervous system. Having our bodies equipped with nanobots, and AI in general, we would be able to tap into it “safely” and survive. Look at all the people, of all ages, who are tapping into computers, iPads, iPods, and smart phones; it’s inevitable that it’s going to be the same, and worse, when mankind has access to the SBC. With the nanobots added to the mix they will create the ultimate mind-controlled slave. Kurzweil and his ilk may preach as much as they want, making this sound benevolent, but anyone who takes a serious look at it can see that we’re in for the ultimate dehumanization process and anti-spiritual process—once a person chooses this path, there is no way back.

CNET brings up this same question about the God complex in an article from Oct. 1, 2015, called Google exec: With robots in our brains, we'll be godlike.. I totally agree with the author, who writes that when he listens to Kurzweil and his predictions, that man will be like God when he’s hooked up to AI, and that we will be more loving, more fun, and limitless, the author gets quite concerned, if not horrified. Here we are, humans who struggle on a daily basis to barely keep our heads above water, but in just a few years, we are becoming gods. Not only that; we will become gods through something as godless as machines and AI. Is there something wrong with this equation?

I can’t help but bring up something I heard about the other day. There is a new smartphone game that was released only about a week before I began writing this chapter (July 16, 2016). The game was named Pokémon GO. It’s of course a virtual reality game, but it’s been taken to a new level. Apparently, your phone is tracking exactly where you are and is duplicating your environment exactly, and you can play with avatars as you walk along down the street. It puts more magic into the player’s life, and as usual, you get points when you complete certain tasks. What the game is about is not really significant; the important thing is that in only one week, a great majority of smartphone users—at least in New York—are walking down the street, playing this game on their phones! They are apparently keeping track of where they are in 3-D by looking at the phone, which is duplicating their environment. Predictably enough, there have been accidents because of this. The ones I know of thus far (and I’m sure there have been more) involved one person who walked into a pond, and a second person that fell down a cliff and probably died.

The following video shows very well how easily we humans are manipulated and trapped. To me it’s very sad and discouraging because I know that this is just a test, and it’s just the beginning of much bigger things to come! If humans are so easily distracted by video games at this stage, there is little to no hope of saving humanity from her inevitable fate—the Singularity. This book is written for those who still are willing to say no to becoming cyborgs living under AI control. The rest of the population will do what it needs to do.

Multimedia 17-1: Pokémon Mania

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