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Will Destroying a Robot be Considered Murder?

Jake Anderson, who writes for Antimedia, made an important statement in a January 2016 article:

In the future, the question may change to whether it is murder to shoot a sentient Amazon delivery drone out of the sky (or a sentient military drone). I submit to you that it will be and that corporate and government-owned artificial intelligence robots will enjoy more secure human rights than humans themselves — because with AI, there will be money, proprietary source code, brand recognition, and possibly national security information on the line and these are demonstrably more important to the powers that be than human rights.

In a world in which machine automation is slowly but surely taking over the human workforce and corporations continue to consolidate unprecedented global control, I can’t reach any other conclusion but that in the near future working-class humans will rarely live as anything more than indentured servants, peasants in a new feudal order of corporate AI. [J384 U.S. Patent 9,311,911, Method and apparatus for live call text-to-speech op. cit.]

I believe this is inevitable. AI will be the main workforce for the corporations, and to in anyway disrupt, or God forbid, destroy a worker robot, will be considered a serious crime in the near future. There is little doubt that machines will be more valuable than humans and will therefore get more rights than we do; the way things are going, it’s a logical conclusion.

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