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Famous Astrophysicist Michio Kaku on the Singularity

Michio Kaku Ph.D is a famous astronomer who has written a series of books for the general public on parallel universes and an array of other space-related topics. He is also a host on many radio and TV shows and has been selected a spokesperson for the astronomy and astrophysics communities. He is very popular, but his information is always slanted toward mainstream science, although he tickles us with some “new” information that will keep us on our toes. He is a typical puppet for the Minions, and he debunks or ridicules almost everything that has to do with alternative science. Often, his arguments are so silly that it’s a miracle that he gets away with them.

In the following video, he is speaking on the subject of the Singularity:

Multimedia 17-2: Dr. Michio Kaku on the Singularity.

In summary, Kaku begins by saying that the Singularity is inevitable, regardless if it will happen in twenty years or a thousand years. Uncontrolled, it will have catastrophic consequences. He continues by saying that human intelligence will surpass everything we can imagine, but alongside us, the machines will have their own goals. They will stop at nothing to fulfill them, and they will eliminate any obstacles in their path—humans included.

This is how Kaku used to think, he adds. However, now he has changed his mind, interestingly enough. His new attitude is that the Singularity should be embraced. Even more interestingly, Kaku points out in this video that he’s an optimist and not a pessimist, and that it is optimists that have made history, not the pessimists. Where have we heard that before? Oh, that’s right, from Dr. Kurzweil! Thus, we have another AI Prophet in Dr. Michio Kaku, which is not surprising to me. Cleverly, he first presents the real scenario and the real threat, but then turns things around, as if the threat is actually the solution. This is typical psychological warfare. By listing all the key threats that truth-sayers have warned about for some time now, and embracing it all, just to turn it around in his next breath will make the public think that the truth is definitely just conspiracy theories, spread by pessimists and negative people, who do not want humanity to progress. This brainwashing technique has always been a safe card to play because it usually works well on the general public.

What is Dr. Kaku’s solution to robots taking over the world and surpassing us in intelligence and capabilities in general now that he’s changed his mind 180 degrees? What made him allegedly change his mind (I’m sure he never did—I dare say that he has been a Singularitist all the time)? According to what he says in the video, his “brilliant” solution is to “merge with them!” He continues talking about how we already, with an MRI, can scan every neuron in our brain and thus make it digital and store it in a Super Brain—a vast database of all human knowledge. “By merging with machines, we will enter a new super-human existence,” he says, stunningly enough. He continues, “In the post-human era, we become Human Superior.” Finally, how Kaku ends the video by cheering up the audience by urging them into accepting the Singularity as their salvation is truly disgusting, in my opinion.

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