13: Genetic Laboratories - Atlantis Revisited

How Cloning is used on Humans

When we think of cloning, we think of a person standing next to us, being our exact copy.

According to our special AI Prophet, Dr. Ray Kurzweil, cloning mainly means cloning body parts in order to achieve immortality. Science wants to clone young cells from individuals, which will make the body look and act younger.[The Singularity is Near, p. 175]

After having shared Kurzweil analogy with the decaying house earlier in this chapter, let’s now explore how it’s done scientifically. In very simple terms, they take a blood test and look for a young cell in the blood and use it to clone an entire organ. This organ can then be rejuvenated remotely via the nanobots in the bloodstream, and the patient now has an entirely new organ that is young and functioning well.

When body parts break down, don’t think that they will be replaced by metallic, robotic material, as we’ve learned from Hollywood movies. Becoming a cyborg is slightly different from becoming a robot, in a technical sense. Instead, they will, as explained above, be replaced with a younger version of that organ that will look identical to the original organ, but will be much more vital. However, once the organ’s been cloned, it is kept under control by nanobots, which are kept in control by the SBC, once it’s implemented. Nanobots can also self-replicate, just like biological cells.

We need to understand that these scientists are helping the Overlords to incrementally diminish the power of the "fire" (soul essence) in the body by replacing our cells with nanobots. Each cell in the body contains a certain “quantity” of fire, which in conjunction with all other fires in the body (in other cells) keep us vital, emotional, and unique. Nanobots lack all this and are 100% artificial. Eventually, after x number of years, each cell in your body has been replaced, and you become your own clone, without your own life energy and thinking capabilities; the SBC does all that for you. Ask yourself, where did the fires go once every cell in the body is replaced with nanobots? As the expression goes, “they went out the window,” or to put it in Kurzweil’s words (my emphasis),

…By that time, we're approaching the Singularity, with the real revolution being the predominance of non-biological intelligence. [p. 180, op. cit.]

A human being is a biological computer, which can house a soul (billions of small fires). The life expectancy of this bio-computer cannot exceed 120 years, according to science. By then, the vital body parts have begun to malfunction, and the body dies. By exchanging body parts, science can extend life considerably, and with time, the person’s body “goes back in time” to when it was let’s say twenty-five years old. If body parts will only be cloned when they are old or sick, it will take a few hundred years — perhaps — before the entire body is replaced, and in the meantime, the person will be classified as a cyborg. When the entire process is completed, we don’t have a cyborg anymore, but a complete artificial body, built up by nanobots instead of biological cells. The justification for exchanging cells with nanobots will be that nanobots don’t deteriorate — cells do! People will start finding this to be acceptable, logical and rational. Once the entire transformation of cells is done, we have a being that is totally taken over by AI, and there is nothing left of the original soul fragment that is still conscious. The soul/mind/body will still be there, but asleep for an eternity. Because people are unaware of what a soul/mind/body is, they cannot perceive the long-term danger with AI and the Singularity!

The AI Prophets will protest and say that you will feel more vital when your body parts are replaced, not less. This is true, but what is it that makes you feel vital; is it the rejuvenation of body parts, or is it the energy being pumped into the nanobots, giving the soul an increase of energy, added remotely with technology? They will do anything to keep the illusion alive until the Singularity is a fact.

Another question is; will the Overlords actually wait until people’s last organs fail in order to be replaced, or will the day come when people are told that it’s easier to replace all organs at once and become young again altogether rather than wait for each organ to be exchanged? Again, the latter will most likely be the case. If so, Posthumans might not remain cyborgic for very long; it will only be a short phase in their “development".

Now, however, we’re getting into something really creepy.

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