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Science and Immortality

In an earlier book, which Ray Kurzweil wrote together with Terry Grossman, MD, called, Fantastic Voyage: Live Long Enough to Live Forever, it states,

"Whereas some of my contemporaries may be satisfied to embrace aging gracefully as part of the cycle of life, that is not my view. It may be 'natural,' but I don't see anything positive in losing my mental agility, sensory acuity, physical limberness, sexual desire, or any other human ability. I view disease and death at any age as a calamity, as problems to be overcome." [Fantastic-Voyage.net and RayandTerry.com.]

Arguments such as this will definitely attract many people and severely affect them. Many people will think that for the first time in history we can defeat death. Of course, it depends on how we define life and death, and if we think that being stuck in an SBC is life, then these authors are correct. However, there is a natural soulution to the AIF Life-Death Program that I will go into later in this book.

Dr. Kurzweil explains that we already have the technology to manipulate our genes in a way that inherited illnesses will be bypassed and made inactive. Heart disease, Diabetes Type 2, and strokes are typical example of serious conditions that can be avoided or reversed with technology, he writes. Part of this technology he came up with himself, and thus cured his own Diabetes Type 2 some thirty years ago. [The Singularity is Near, p. 171.] New drug therapy now also exists, according to Dr. Kurzweil, to “precisely target key steps in preventing cancerous tumor formation and the metabolic processes underlying each major disease and aging process.” [Ibid. op. cit.] This is why you see David Rockefeller, amongst other people in power, live past the 100-year mark and still appear to be active.

AI Prophets are convincing us that science now can reverse the aging process, but how does it work? Dr. Kurzweil uses the analogy of maintaining a house. If you do nothing, or very little, to repair the house and to maintain it, it will decay with time and eventually break down permanently. The same thing applies to the human body. If we maintain it by preventing illnesses from occurring and by replacing non-functional body parts, we can virtually live forever—at least this is the idea. If it works or not, I suppose we need to ask the Overlords for permission to use it, because they are the masters of technology.

With cell therapy, scientists in the near future will be able to replace aging or defective cells with cells from the person’s own DNA when that person was young, so in reality an entire cell structure that represents a certain organ, for example, can be replaced with a younger version of itself and thus rejuvenate itself and once again, the defect organ will be young and healthy. This is what reverse aging is about in a nano nutshell. This procedure can and will be done without surgery. Scientists call it therapeutic cloning.

Thus far, it sounds like a great way of keeping our current bodies alive forever, but we need to remind ourselves that although there was no death before the AIF scientists trapped soul fragments in these inferior bodies, there was also no oppression at that time. Now, on the other hand, with mankind being slaves to an alien invader force, enhanced longevity and immortality is no longer equivalent to freedom, it is actually increased bondage. I want to emphasize that there is nothing wrong with developing cures to serious diseases to increase our overall health while we are alive, and in a better world, this would be desirable. However, under the circumstances that we live in, with further entrapment, I feel no excitement in “immortality.” Also, the therapeutic cloning is not as innocent as it sounds when we have nanobots inserted into our bloodstream, whether we want them there or not. Nevertheless, it’s easy to see how these programs will be quite easily sold to the public.

For example, no one wants cancer, so should people who develop the disease and do not want any part in the Singularity process undergo therapeutic cloning as one exception to save their immediate lives and not participating in any further transhumanistic cures? Alternatively, should people say “no thanks” to such treatment, knowing that he or she will die? If people say yes to treatment, should they also say yes to treatment when their heart begins to fail? Where do we draw the line? It depends on how afraid the person is to die, of course, and then there are social factors involved, such as the suffering of loved ones, who will see this person decline and die, unless something is done about it. I still believe that education on the subject will make the inquirer see the bigger picture and therefore let life and death become natural processes (as natural as it can be under the circumstances). On the other hand; the cure for cancer has been known, at least since Dr. Royal Raymond Rife found it many decades ago, but his research was suppressed. [rife.org.],[rense.com.]. There are hardly any questions why his research was suppressed; the Controllers did not want Dr. Rife’s particular cure to be used, but would rather wait for the transhumanistic version, planned to be released closer to the Singularity. In the meantime, millions of people have suffered and died from cancer.

However, there is more to the picture…

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