13: Genetic Laboratories - Atlantis Revisited

Existing Technology for Posthuman Space-Travel

How far will the genetic engineering go and what can AI really do when it's very advanced? An example of what is now possible was revealed by rocket scientist, David Adair. He is the scientist who reportedly built the fastest rocket on Earth, powered by the first electromagnetic fusion containment engine. The following excerpt is from Robert Stanley’s free e-book, Close Encounters on Capitol Hill (p. 110), where, during an in-depth interview, Adair revealed that;

“When I flew my second prototype, it landed in one of the world’s most top secret Air Force bases in history, Area 51. [In 1971] My life changed forever when they took me underground and showed me that alien engine; the damn thing was still alive! It was a symbiotic engine; an intelligent machine that could interface with biological entities, humans or alien. It worked very similar to the Soviet heads up technology featured in the movie FIREFOX."

Stanley continues by stating that the Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute and the Honda Research Institute announced already in 2006 that they had developed a brain machine interface, enabling;

“the decoding of natural brain activity for the near real-time operation of a robot without having to implant sensors in the head and brain. The technology breakthrough offered amazing possibilities for the control of machines by brain waves alone.”

I find the following paragraph in Stanley’s book (p. 111) most interesting:

Adair explained that the alien brain/machine interface he saw in the early 1970s allowed the pilot and the engine’s artificial intelligence to become symbiotic. He believed it was a perfect way to travel through space – the space craft and the pilot were essentially one.

As the reader can see, it’s not only me; my conclusions are backed up by a rocket scientist as well, and this was in the early 1970s! Adair destroyed his project after this, when he realized that his discoveries, in his own field of research, were going to be used for weaponry.

Fig. 13-1: Rocket scientist, David Adair

There we have it. By reverse engineering what they already have in their possession from a number of ET spaceship crashes, scientists can build spaceships capable of travelling through 3-D space, perhaps using wormholes and Einstein-Rosen Bridges to travel from one location in space to another. Add to this a Posthuman cyborg, looking identical to the Grays, and you have Posthumans conquering space, just as Kurzweil predicted. However, it seems as if his “prediction” preceded him; the technology to accomplish this was available already in the 1970s!

In addition, has it ever occurred to anybody why there have been so many UFO crashes over the years? Are these beings really so clumsy that they let the human military, with their relatively primitive weaponry, shoot down their craft, one after the other? Also, are they so bad at navigating through the Earth’s atmosphere that they lose control over their vehicles and crash-land?

Of course not! These craft crashed on purpose in order for the military and their scientists to be able to reverse engineer these UFOs. The same thing applies to the dead aliens, aka the Grays, who we are told were found dead (and sometimes alive) on these craft. The dead bodies have been carefully examined and they have of course shown to be cyborgs, run by AI. Again, these cyborgs can travel in space; thus, these cyborgs can be reverse engineered, as well, and cloned for future use as 'space suits'. This is all AIF technology, but they need humans to develop it on their own in order to save their own skin. I wrote about this in the Wes Penre Papers, too.

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