13: Genetic Laboratories - Atlantis Revisited

The Rise of the Machine Kingdom — the New Atlantis

En.ki’s dream of a New Atlantis secretly came into fruition in 1776 with the assistance from the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry and the Rosicrucian Order. When the United States of America was formed, and the Declaration of Independence was signed, the New Atlantis was established.

It’s only been 240 years since this new experiment started, but we are already in the midst of an extensive genetic manipulation spree that will soon be the end of Homo sapiens sapiens. A new race of cyborgs will take their place and inhabit the Living Library as One, run from a super-brain computer. This was the true purpose of the New Atlantis from the beginning. Homo sapiens sapiens — the thinking man — was just a temporary species, who En.ki used to accomplish his goal to create the New Atlantis.

The general population is not aware of this, but huge funds from a Black Budget are being funneled into genetic research. DNA testing has been done for a long time, and human behavior has been carefully studied on the Internet via smart devices and TV sets, etc. There is also a website called Ancestry.com, where you can research your genetic lineage several centuries back and make your own ancestry diagram. This is not only for our own amusement, but we help the Controllers and the Overlords in their research to discover who is who, and who belongs to which bloodline. Thus, you can see advertisements on the Internet for Ancestry.com when you browse the Internet — it’s suddenly showing up everywhere. People are tremendously interested in this, and the number of people who use it is rapidly increasing. Many people are curious to see whether they have any famous ancestors that they can be proud of or in awe over. At the moment, smartphones and Ancestry.com are probably the tools to use for those who really want to help the Minions in their own research that will lead to humanity’s extinction. Both smartphones and Ancestry.com are addictive and obsessive.

Before we dig into present time genetic manipulation, I want to bring up ancient genetic manipulation for just a moment. If there are still readers who may doubt that genetic tinkering happened in our very distant past, recent research may convince you. Other researchers and I have often discussed how the AIF deactivated 95-96% or more of our DNA in the ancient past. This made the original, highly multidimensional human species extremely dumbed down. Scientists of today can do the same thing!

Phys.Org, Mar 24, 2016 recently ran an article titled, Microbe with stripped–down DNA may Hint at Secrets of Life. It begins with this eye-opening revelation:

Scientists have deleted nearly half the genes of a microbe, creating a stripped-down version that still functions, an achievement that might reveal secrets of how life works.

This is quite stunning information, which clearly has very ancient connections. It becomes even more stunning:

The genome is not some one-and-only minimal set of genes needed for life itself. For one thing, if the researchers had pared DNA from a different bacterium they would probably have ended up with a different set of genes. For another, the minimum genome an organism needs depends on the environment in which it lives.

And the new genome includes genes that are not absolutely essential to life, because they help the bacterial populations grow fast enough to be practical for lab work.

The genome is "as small as we can get it and still have an organism that is ... useful," Hutchison said.

One goal of such work is to understand what each gene in a living cell does, which would lead to a deep understanding of how cells work, he said. With the new bacterium, "we're closer to that than we are for any other cell," he said.

Reading this is almost like flying back in time. En.ki and his scientists must have thought in a similar way 200,000 years ago; they only developed the new species to a point where they became 'practical', just as this article reads. Human scientists are now rediscovering the procedure of genetic manipulation used when En.ki created the first Homo sapiens. Of course, this technology does not come from brilliant human scientists; it has extraterrestrial origins.

Much of the current AI research is still Top Secret, but to prepare humankind for what is coming, some of it has been declassified and handed over to the mainstream media. The same thing applies to genetic tinkering; although, people who haven’t studied ancient history and mythology can’t make a connection and will not reflect on it very much until it’s too late. This is again why I have always stressed that learning our history is essential for our survival.

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