13: Genetic Laboratories - Atlantis Revisited

The Fall of the old Atlantis — What Happened?

According to the Pleiadians, Gaia is a genetic laboratory. Hence, they say, genetic engineering and genetic manipulation have always been a part of the planet’s history and still is to this day. They add that Gaia is a Living Library, and therefore, it’s justified for star races to experiment with genetics on this planet.

If this is true, and the Goddess Gaia was a genetic laboratory already when the Queen’s Experiment started, is today’s genetic manipulation also justified, and are the Overlords, in collaboration with human scientists, totally free to do whatever they want in their underground laboratories? Moreover, who says that it’s a genetic laboratory for anyone to experiment with?

This was not the way it was meant to be when the Queen set up the Experiment eons ago. Gaia is the property of the royal court of Orion, if anything, and we humans were meant to live here freely, to explore, to learn in, and to enjoy this beautiful planet, which was even more beautiful before it was invaded. Lucifer and his rebellious team, on the other hand, never had permission to manipulate the Queen’s creation — this planet was taken from Her by force.

The old Kingdom of Atlantis could be said to have been setup shortly after the AIF won the War of the Titans, approximately 425,000 years ago, and it perished in the Deluge. Although there were huge landmasses that sank in what is now the Atlantic Ocean, these landmasses were only small parts of Atlantis. Atlantis was En.ki’s Kingdom on Earth, and it included the entire planet, not just one gigantic continent, or a few smaller islands in the Atlantic. Hence, the Kingdom of Atlantis was Planet Earth from the time the Alien Invader Force arrived and up until the Great Flood. During the Atlantean Era, En.ki, as Poseidon/Neptune, and his scientists, engaged in genetic tinkering in the most bizarre manner.

Sometimes they created beings that they used for sexual pleasure, other times they created strange beings just for fun, and when they got tired of them, they just left them alone in the midst of the Living Library. In other cases, they created ruling races, such as enormous giants that ruled over mankind when the AIF were absent. Smaller giants were created for warfare, and other creatures were made for slave labor and transportation (such as centaurs).

Eventually, when a Flood was imminent and the Orion Empire became aware of this, the Orion Council saw an opportunity to intervene in an experiment that had gone terribly wrong. They forbade En.ki to interfere and save the lives of Gaia’s creatures that he had created — Homo sapiens included. At that time, the Living Library was so distorted with all these erratic beings running around, killing and eating each other, practicing cannibalism, and destroying everything that was of value that the Orion Council had had enough. Therefore, they deemed it best to let nature have its way and let the souls who had been trapped here on Earth by En.ki return to Orion. The Orions told En.ki to let the Deluge wipe things out and allow his creations to perish. The Experiment the Queen had instigated would then be finished in all dimensions.

In a situation such as this En.ki had little choice but to abide because he could not in this situation use Free Will as an excuse to interfere with a natural disaster. Therefore, En.ki abided — or so it seemed! As the creator of the beings in the Third Dimension, he had DNA samples saved of these species in laboratories on Mars, and perhaps elsewhere, which is logical. Nevertheless, En.ki left the planet just before the disaster hit (possibly cloaking himself in order not to be captured and brought to justice).

The metaphor for this is of course the story we read in the Bible about Noah and his Ark (based on an older Sumerian scripts), which was not a ship that sailed the oceans of the world, but a spaceship that sailed the oceans of space.

When the Flood subsided, many parts of the world were barren and devoid of sentient life. Although the Deluge did not cover the entire planet, contrary to what the Bible tells us, there were also earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions, creating a poisonous atmosphere. These phenomena, put together, wiped out most of the remaining life on the planet, which is called the Younger Dryas by modern science. It was a huge catastrophe, and it has been suggested by many that the reason for the catastrophe was the passing of Nibiru.

However, En.ki was not willing to give up Gaia. He slightly changed the frequency range of the solar system, which made it difficult to locate for those who didn’t know exactly in which frequency band it was now hidden in and concealed from the rest of creation — at least for some time.

Probably before the Flood had even entirely subsided, En.ki was back on Gaia and started reseeding Her. He also found that a small fraction of Homo sapiens and other creatures had survived. Again, he managed to manipulate the survivors, most likely blaming the catastrophe on the Orions, who he claimed were the enemies of humankind, and that he, En.ki, was the creator of Homo sapiens and now also their savior. Because of the major trauma that must have resulted in the survivors, and because of the change of planetary frequency, there is a good chance that the human survivors did not remember much from the time before the catastrophe. Thus, En.ki could probably just fill in the gap with whatever information suited him at the moment.

This is more or less the story that En.ki maintained from thereon. With the human Deluge survivors backing En.ki up, Orion’s hands were once again tied by mankind’s decision to support En.ki/Lucifer. Much of this story is retold in the old Sumerian texts.

Unfortunately, the majority of the soul splinters whose bodies perished in the Deluge never returned to Orion. Most of them became victims of the frequency change as well, and were most likely, just as their surviving brothers and sisters on Earth, told that the Orion Empire was behind the disaster, and that the Empire now wanted to harvest the human soul group for ill purposes. Being already manipulated for such a long time, the human soul group was probably not too difficult to convince. Those who stayed with En.ki and the rest of the Overlords were again recycled when new human bodies were seeded and developed.

The Deluge was the beginning of the end of Homo sapiens. Soon En.ki would create a slightly enhanced species of humans who could function better in the New Atlantis that he was now planning. After the Flood, Homo sapiens sapiens was genetically manipulated into being. [Refer Wes Penre Papers the Fourth Level of Learning, for more info.]

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