Robo-Doctors and Virtual Reality Vacations on the Horizon

Am I joking? Robo-doctors? No, I’m not joking at all, although I wish I was. In an article, originally from (which now can’t be accessed without disabling your ad blockers),, which has re-blogged the article, it says that robot doctors, virtual reality vacations, and smart toothbrushes are just the tip of the iceberg of what we can expect in the very near future. Again, this is not a conspiracy theory; it comes directly from the horse’s mouth, namely Stanley and Duke researcher and lecturer, Vivek Wadhwa. He was holding a lecture at the billionaire Jeff Greene’s Closing the Gap conference in front of 300 people. He was addressing the gap between the rich and the poor, emphasizing that everything is changing at an incredible speed in these nanotechnological times (my comment in brackets [ ]):

“The future is going to be happening much, much faster than anyone ever imagined,” said Wadhwa, explaining that tech growth has been exponential — meaning as technology advances it does so with increasing speed [Ray Kurzweil couldn’t agree more].

It took more than a century to go from Alexander Graham Bell’s first telephone to Gordon Gekko’s iconic clunker in the movie Wall Street. Just two decades later we had the first iPhone. In 2010, $1,000 would buy a computer with the computational power of a mouse brain; soon it will buy you a computer as strong as the human brain.

“In about seven or eight years the iPhone 12 will have the same computing power that you do,” said Wadhwa. (Read more from “Artificial Intelligence Doctors and Virtual Reality Vacations Are on the Horizon”, Dec. 14, 2015, “Artificial Intelligence Doctors And Virtual Reality Vacations Are On The Horizon

Those who don’t want any part of being hooked up to a Super Brain Computer (SBC) are going to find themselves in quite a sterile, impersonal world in a few decades or less. What is probably going to happen is that likeminded people will join together to build their own world apart from the Posthumans, who will sink deeper and deeper into the virtual reality world of AI. There does not seem to be any alternative; humanity will be separated into two factions—those who follow the AI version and become Posthuman and those who choose to become sovereign human beings. Regardless which path we’re choosing, these are the end days of humanity as we know it. Those who choose the AI version will become cyborgs, and those who choose the more spiritual path will become a new species as well—much more psychic, reuniting with nature. In the Wes Penre Papers and in my e-book Beyond 2012, I argued that by creating our own local universe from inside, we would be able to build new communities that are still consisting of genuine Homo sapiens sapiens, and by concentrating on the reality we want, we will eventually have created an Earth that is quite different from the one the Singularity is now creating. The two would literally be “worlds apart.” However, there are two obstacles on this path. The first is reproduction. Homo Nova will still remain mortal and needs to reproduce with sex, as we’ve done for eons. The problem is that this might not be possible because of nanobots and other reproduction inhibitors that the Controllers have subjected us to. Having offspring will become more and more difficult. The second obstacle is that although it is possible to create another probability, that does not include AI, being stuck here in 3-D makes it quite a challenge to break loose, return to the KHAA, and from there create a new reality. Again, it’s not impossible, but the challenge is almost unachievable. When I wrote my previous works, I was more positive about creating a reality in which we can live in harmony and even nano-travel. However, back then, I didn’t realize all the implications of AI and the Singularity and the momentum it was gaining. Although I’m not as enthusiastic about this option now as I was back then, I still don’t want to discourage those who want to try, but those who choose this path have to be careful.

Fortunately, there is a third option that we are going to discuss in the later part of this book. This option requires determination and the ability not to give into fear and get trapped in illusions, but if done correctly, it will lead out of the trap.

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